Since YouTube’s inception tons of digital creators have cashed in with hundreds of thousands of subscribers tuning into their content. But not everyone is game to show their face and reveal their identity. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the lucrative market. This guide provides many different ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face.

ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face


These first ways to make money with faceless YouTube videos fall under podcasts. Podcasts are taking over the audio industry as car radios are suddenly split between listening to music and listening to different podcasts. Uploading a podcast on YouTube as is or with extras like infographics and video is a great way to get involved without showing your face.

There are so many ways to make money in this category that do well. There are two ways you can approach this. Be knowledgeable in a particular subject or create a completely new niche genre. Here are a few popular ideas that work now.

Current Events

News and current events are some of the most popular genres when it comes to podcast charts. If you are able to put your own spin on it or fill a current void this can be extremely successful.

IndianExpressOnline does faceless reporting of current events so it is a great way to make money on YouTube without showing your face. Here is an example of one of their faceless current events videos to show you how it’s done.

Life Advice

Do you remember reading Dear Suzy columns? Now podcasts have taken the write-in advice columns and made them into a show entertaining and relatable for all listeners. You can gear your audience to a particular group of people like gender, or different communities. Something that is authentic to you is a great idea.

The video done by Wondery which is a life advice podcast to show you how this can be done. While Wondery is not a faceless YouTube channel, this video will show you how you may create a life advice video without showing your face.

True Crime

While this category may take some expertise, it is one of the more popular genres across the board. With this genre, you may be limited in how you tell a story. For instance, if you plan to include interviews, you likely need to reveal your identity to your subjects. If you want to just break down true crime solo then this is less of a concern.

This video example here is by Podcasts Dirty John by Wondery. The whole channel is not faceless but you can get an idea how to create a true crime podcast without showing your face.


In 2020 there was over 100 billion watch time along with 40 million active YouTube gaming channels. Don’t let that number discourage you from entering this market because there is a lot of room for newbies entering the field. With gaming constantly developing there is new content to explore daily. There are a few ways to make money in gaming without showing your face.

Playing the Game

If you are particularly good at a video game recording yourself kicking butt can be incredibly lucrative. Gamers watching other gamers play is the most popular content on YouTube now. Explaining what you are doing and sharing your thoughts through the process is what audiences love most. Top5Gaming is a good example of this.

Game Reviews

Reviewing the gaming industry and specific games are also a big hit. Doing the research for others so that they don’t waste their time is a popular YouTube channel idea. By offering quality content and a well-thought-out review, you can climb the ranks and outdo those already doing it. Check out MandaloreGaming to see a channel doing this well.

Game News

There are several blogs that are popular dissecting the gaming industry in general and major news such as release dates and company foresight. With PlayStation, Nintendo, XBOX, and other major companies constantly developing this is a great genre to host a YouTube channel about. The channel ASMR Gaming News is doing it well.


Tutorials are a step-by-step guide that is slightly different from classes. There are a number of industries that make for great guides to start on YouTube without showing your face. A lot of these markets center around teaching creative skills.


Some people think that in order to do beauty tutorials you need to show your face. However, there are a number of ways to showcase your skills. And if you aren’t a master that’s OK because often subscribers relate to someone who can simplify things. Check out this faceless video to see how this can be done.

Nail Art

If you could show how to style, cut, and shape your nails so users could save money by skipping out on professional manicures, your show would be a big hit! And the options are limitless for creativity. The YouTube channel cutepolish does this well with over 3.3 million subscribers.

Hair Dressing

Hair falls under the exact same scenario. You can show how to blow out your hair, curl it or straighten it. Or you could go in the niche of braiding it and showing users how to do it themselves! Styling it, cutting it, or adding accessories are all money making YouTube video ideas without showing your face. This double dutch braid hair tutorial will show you how this can be done and then you can create a channel around these types of videos.


Now makeup is a whole separate category because technically you have to show your face. The trick is that you don’t have to show your entire face. You can zoom in on parts of your face such as eyes, eyebrows, or lips. Some people feel this doesn’t give you the full look which is why you can also do the tutorial on someone else’s face or a mannequin . See this video called “basic to baddie mannequin makeup transformation” to see how this is done.


Much like beauty art is a diverse world. Most people love the idea of pursuing their creative side but don’t know where to start. Tutorials from holiday crafts to paintings are a great idea. That’s why wine and painting classes are such a popular idea. Why not host one from your YouTube channel?

While these are just a few examples of YouTube videos ideas without showing your face, the options within the art sector aren’t limited to the ones mentioned here.

Canvas and Drawing

Painting and drawing with a canvas is an easy step-by-step guide. Much like the classes offered you can put your own spin on it or copy the exact idea. It’s a major bonus if you are good at talking and entertaining while showcasing how to paint a particular picture.

This can range from watercolor to oil. There are no limits. Even showing tutorials on coloring books with pencil or markers is an idea.

Check out this video called how to draw hair to see how these videos can be created.


Adobe has a number of apps that range from simple to complex editing. Whether you are working on video editing in IMovie or using Adobe Photoshop there is a learning curve. This is a useful skill as most high schools offer a photo class but end up stopping after basics. Dedicating a faceless YouTube channel to this can be particularly useful. See Spoon Graphics to see a faceless YouTube channel doing this well.


Penmanship and calligraphy are great skills to have especially around the holiday season. While traditional calligraphy may be limited, the more creative options you can provide the better your YouTube channel will be. Look at this beginner hand lettering tutorial by How to Hand Letter to learn more about how to create these types of faceless videos.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms in social media. Where TikTok has tons of creative content, dancing is one of the most popular trends. A lot of users are not only looking for the next trend but how to do a specific trend. Having a channel dedicated to tutorials for popular TikTok’s would do very well.

But if dancing isn’t your thing don’t worry because there are quite a few other artistic trends that comprise music and video compilations. Showing users how to make these trendy videos is in demand.

Home-Improvement Projects

How many times do we try to get something fixed around the house or work on something DIY and it becomes a complete fail? Most of us are complete suckers for improvement hacks and easy instructions to follow on otherwise seemingly confusing projects.

This sector is huge and can range from spackling the wall to holiday decorations. Whatever your YouTube niche is, these are fantastic YouTube video ideas without sharing your face. Here is a great example of how to do this.


While teaching an entire sport may be difficult online, it’s not impossible to teach aspects of sports. You can teach someone a step-by-step guide to serving in tennis. You may want to share tips and tricks on basketball dribbling. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to sport tutorials. A great example of how to do this is this faceless tutorial about how to get good footwork for soccer which has over 230,000 views.


Classes are slightly different from tutorials because tutorials focus on step-by-step instructions to complete one project. Classes are developing lessons that fall mostly around education but can also leak into other areas as well.

School Elements

Any school subject can be taught ranging from all the concepts and subjects within math to all the subcategories of science. History, English, and other subjects are also on the table. You’ll likely need to pick a course level to appeal to a particular audience. This means gearing towards elementary or more college-level crowds. See this example of how to create a faceless video like this.

It doesn’t always have to be a standard class either. It can be as creating as storytelling through history or different ways to incorporate math into the real world. Whatever you feel is a passionate fit will be transparent in your channel.


Language is something that is taught in school but is also a universal desire. Now more than ever our world has become a melting pot. It can be useful for someone traveling to another country or it can be educational through animation for younger kids learning a second or even a first language. Check out this animated example here.


Learning how to develop your own website or app is a great skill for entrepreneurs looking to save money by hiring someone else. With our world seeing a sudden shift from traditional jobs to working for oneself, there is a growing interest in being self-sufficient. From advanced coding to learning how to use Content Management Systems, there is a growing demand for classes. This video called “introduction to programming and computer science” is a great example to show how you can create these without showing your face.


Cooking classes online fall into the top category of tutorials and classes. Think about how long cookbooks have been around. Now having a YouTube channel dedicated to showing how to cook specific recipes and the art of cooking, in general, is the digital version of that. You can focus on a particular genre of food or if you don’t feel like limiting yourself you don’t have to.

You can focus on family meals or quick bites to eat. With many different directions to go in, this is a great way to start a YouTube channel and not expose your face. The channel called Tasty Recipes has many faceless videos with millions of views to show you how this is done. See their video called “Ultimate Cookies ‘n’ Cream Marathon” to see one with over 8 million views.

Health and Fitness

Also popular among the pandemic was finding ways to work on health and fitness during the pandemic. Through a variety of classes you can show your subscribers how to keep up with it. If you are someone who loves to do Yoga, sharing that mindful experience with others can be quite rewarding.

You may be more interested in shaking out your energy through fun dance classes or buffing up with strength. Again, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to start a show on it. While teaching classes do require some experience you can also do a spin-off that showcases your journey as you learn with them.

Don’t limit yourself to the most common health and fitness trends you can get into barre, Pilates, rowing, or any other sport.

Check out this video to see what’s possible in creating faceless videos in the health and fitness niche.

Tour Guides

With tour guides, you can start by filming content and creating a tour guide from your point of view. (Check out this example) Another option is to compile other photos and videos and do voice overs. This is done well by touropia. Whether it is your hometown or the nearest city, tour guides have many different routes and subgenres. They could be centered around food, history, or something like ski resorts. It’s a great way to introduce an area others have an interest in.


Giving an opinion on something takes no new skill development. This is why reviews can be a great option for making money on YouTube without showing your face. Product reviews are among the most popular types of reviews because audiences have a hard time believing whether it is actually worth the purchase. Here is a great example of how to do this here.

Reviews don’t have to just be material products. They can be TV shows or movies like you can see here. They could be music or restaurants. Whatever you think your audience will want more information on is worth a review.


While shows fall closely with podcasts they are a little different in their approach to making money on YouTube without showing your face. Shows more than likely incorporate videos or pictures to watch while there is audio. And just like podcasts, there are tons of YouTube video ideas without showing your face.

Comedy (Jokes)

Comedy is something that doesn’t come naturally for everyone. But if you enjoy making people laugh, comedy is a great way to utilize YouTube. There is nothing that says you have to show your face and in fact, original sketches may be a unique addition to a show. Check out this video by 360 Jokes to see how easy these videos can be to create.

Using Animation

Animation and cartoons have been around forever. Providing a storyline that is original can be a great show targeting whatever age group you feel your material is best for. Anime is becoming increasingly popular along with other cartoon categories. Jaiden Animations does this well with over 10.6 million subscribers.

Bedtime storytelling/ASMR

A big hit on HeadSpace is their nighttime stories. Many people struggle with insomnia and sleeping at night but find it soothing to listen to detailed stories that bring peace to their minds. This can be done with literal storytelling or through a specific path called ASMR. It takes some practice but if you are good at it, it is a field worth exploring. This video 10 minute sleepcast is a great example of how this can be done effectively.


Sports have many different subgenres. You can focus on a broad spectrum covering all current sports or focus on one in particular. There are also genres like sports economics or sports issues and scandals. Sports commentary is a popular way to cover it without having to show any part of your face. Check out this video to see how this might be done.

A Never-Ending List

As you can see from two dozen initial options there are a lot of YouTube video ideas without showing your face that can make you some money. The key to all of them is having a unique or expert view that provides something different. Sometimes users like to just come along for the ride. This is why watching gamers play is one of the most popular categories.

Tutorials are another very great way to get into this industry. People love to feel like they are learning a new skill which is why it can be something complex or simple. Something practical like DIY house hacks to something a little more fun like wine night and drawing.

When people get tired of learning they want to relax and be entertained. If this is more your niche then there are thousands and thousands of ideas on how to do this. Through podcasts and shows, you can cover the news, sports, or even give a bedtime story. Take these ideas and make them your own!

Take a look at our in-depth guide to how to make money on YouTube without showing your face.