This is a case study of the faceless YouTube channel called The Infographics Show. We will look at how this channel makes close to $5 million per year with simple animated videos.

The Infographics Show case study

What Does The Infographics Show Do?

The Infographics Show channel

From their YouTube channel, which is in the YouTube niche of animation, we can see that The Infographics Show’s main focus is on creating amusing and enjoyable animated motion infographic videos.

They have been creating these types of videos since February 2011 and the channel was started by Andrej Preston.

He is currently the show’s producer and motion graphics designer as well as a team of others behind the scenes. Currently there are about 80 people working on the show.

In that time they have upload and published more than 3,723 videos and this grows daily.

Their goal is to upload two new videos each day and over the years, have stuck on that schedule.

As of this writing the channel has over 12.6 million subscribers and 4,760,903,674 video views.

Their most popular video is a called “what happens after you die?” and has over 26 million views.

Most videos are between 8 minutes and 17 minutes in length and a few over 1 hour long.

Their channel has countless viral videos with hundreds of videos that have more than 1 million views.

How The Infographics Show Makes Videos

The Infographics Show creates mainly animated videos. However, they do mix animation with stock images. You can see an example of this in their video called “Why Are Russian Tanks Failing in Ukraine“.

These videos are not hard to create. It’s simple animation and some mixed with stock images, stock video footage, background music and narration.

You can use any animation software but the software used by The Infographics Show is Adobe Illustrator for working with vectors, Adobe After Effects for animation and Adobe Audition for voice recording.

They get many of their graphics, music and templates from envato elements.

How Much Does The Infographics Show Make?


Using animated video to build a channel is one of the great ways to make money with YouTube without ever showing your face.

Let’s take a look here to see truly how profitable creating these types of videos can be.

According to Social Blade, this channel is doing quite well with their channel. In fact, they’re creating mind boggling types of revenue.

Currently, The Infographics Show is earning up to $420,400 per month which is nearly $5 million per year! This is in ad revenue alone.

Other Ways The Infographics Show Makes Money

We looked through several of the most popular videos on this YouTube channel and most create revenue with ads only.

This may be because the videos are not the type of videos where it’s easy to refer a product to people watching since the videos are simply educational and stories.

There are some videos that do use affiliate marketing to create an additional revenue stream by placing an affiliate link in the description of some videos.

What Can The Infographics Show Do Better?

It’s hard to even talk about what a channel like The Infographics Show can do better especially when they’re making as much as they do.

Their videos use simple animation and are not on the level of professional animated movies. They don’t need to be. It’s what makes the videos fun to watch.

So in regard to the way they are producing videos, they’re is nothing to say about that. What they are doing is working and people seem to love it.

The creators of this channel have also learned that there is definitely a sweet spot for video length as most of their videos fall between 8 to 17 minutes.

Possible Areas for Improvement

There are a few things that we feel might help improve the revenue of The Infographics Show.

More Affiliate Promotion

More Affiliate Promotion

Since most of their videos do not have affiliate links in them, this may be something that can be utilized more.

They mention in some of their video descriptions that they get their graphics from envato elements. Why not mention this in every video description?

Maybe say something like this:

Below are several services and products we recommend. Please consider using them to help support our channel.

Sponsors For Videos

The other area that could help to create even more revenue is to find sponsors for each video.

These would be companies are brands that would be willing to pay for a mention or spot within the video. To do this the beginning of the video might say:

This video was sponsored by and then promote the sponsor.

According to noxinfluencer, they might be able to make $8,554 or more per video for sponsorships. It could be much higher than this with their huge audience.

Create The Infographics Show Merch

Since The Infographics Show has a massive and loyal audience, it wouldn’t be hard for them to create their own merchandise.

Using services like Printful, Printful, as well as Spreadshop. There are also many other merch services. Just search for “create merch”.

They then could sell this merch right from their YouTube videos. Loyal fans would love to buy anything with their logo and brand on it.

This would create additional revenue as well as build brand awareness.

Develop a Web Presence Off YouTube

While The Infographics Show does have their own website which you can see here, it’s really not much of a traffic generator.

Their website looks nothing like their YouTube channel and really doesn’t reflect their brand at all.

It appears they are trying to create on informational website that makes revenue from display ads but it’s not working.

They could easily change this by hiring someone to work on rebranding their website to reflect who they are and what they do. This would be a great way to showcase their brand to sponsors and those looking for their content.

They could even showcase their videos there.

It would also be great if they hired someone who knows SEO to create content that people are actually searching for which would increase ad revenue.

Create A Channel Like The Infographics Show

As you read this case study it’s possible you think that there is no way you could create a channel like this.

After all, you’re only one person and this would take so much time to put a channel like this together.

While this is true, don’t look too far down the line. The Infographics Show has been doing this since 2011 and they started just one video at a time.

How much time would you be willing to put in to make $5 million per year?

Let’s get into the steps to creating a channel like The Infographics Show.

Check Your Skills or Hire Someone

Since these are animated videos, you will either need to have the skills to create animated videos or you can hire an animator.

It’s not hard to hire an animator for decent pricing on Fiverr.

Create Your YouTube Channel

After you have determined how you will make the videos, either yourself or your will hire someone, it’s time to create your channel.

Choose a name that will reflect what you wish to convey to your viewers.

You will need to optimize your channel to make sure that your channel and videos are all working together to get seen on the platform.

To make sure you understand all of the steps you need to take to properly optimize your channel and videos, consider taking our YouTube course. It’s the most affordable course you will find to teach you how to create profitable faceless YouTube channels.

Research to Determine First Videos

Next, you will need to decide on your first set of videos. We suggest coming up with ideas for your first 30 videos.

You can do this by going to The Infographics Show YouTube channel and looking at their most popular videos.

Then, watch the videos and take notes on what you can do to create a similar video but make it better.

Look for new creative angles that you can use to tackle the same subject.

Write Script

Once you have your video ideas for your the first set of videos, start writing your scripts for each video.

If you’re not a writer, don’t worry. You can hire a write on Fiverr.

Create First 30 Videos

Next, you’re ready to start putting your videos together.

You will need to use animation software and they best way to find this is to ask other animators what is the best software to use.

If you’re hiring an animator you can just work with them to start making the videos.

You will need to have your videos narrated as part of this process. You can either do this yourself or hire someone to do the voice over work for you.

Your videos will consist of voice over, background music as well as graphics and video elements.

Publish Videos to YouTube

You don’t need to wait until all of your videos are done to start uploading them. Upload them to YouTube as you complete them.

Be sure that you’re using optimization techniques for each video to make sure they get seen when someone searches and as recommended videos.

If you don’t know how to do this you can learn how in our course. You can see more about this at the bottom of this case study.


The Infographics Show has steadily produced high-quality information and distributed it via animated explainer videos to attract a devoted following of subscribers over the years.

The rate at which they are releasing content suggests that they have a backlog of even more thrilling instructive videos ready and waiting to be released, and that they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

This YouTube channel is so appealing because they provide answers to issues that people only dare to consider and they do it in a fun and engaging way.

What if you could create a channel like The Infographics Show and make $5 million per year? There’s no better time to start than right now.

Take our YouTube course to learn how to start a channel like The Infographics Show and profit from it. This course includes everything you need to develop profitable faceless channels on YouTube.

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