Our world as we know it continues to develop and change quickly as technology improves rapidly. Many of us love hearing about tech developments on popular brands such as Apple, Tesla, and many more leaders in the industry. That’s why it can be a profitable business to run a YouTube channel in this niche. Here is a list of tech YouTube channel ideas you can pursue.

tech YouTube channel ideas

Listicles of Top Tech Products

Make research easier for your followers by providing different lists of tech products. There are so many different avenues that you can run with this, such as top tech products coming out, tech products not to buy, and many more ideas.

This is the vlog format of listicles we see in blogs. They are fun and easy to produce and normally have the viewer watching right through to the end.

You can keep these tech YouTube channel ideas general or get more specific by focusing on one brand. We will get into that type of tech category later.

It’s also incredibly easy to focus on products and remain faceless. You can also focus on genres and sub topics such as products for girls or boys, beauty industry, and so on.

Let’s look at some examples.

Top 10 Zone – Tech YouTube Channel Ideas

Top 10 Zone - Tech YouTube Channel Ideas

Top 10 Zone is the perfect YouTube channel idea for technology (see channel). Top 10 Zone produces videos that focus on different top 10 tech categories.

For example, their most popular video, “Top 10 Most Powerful Electric Bikes to Buy” has more than 1.8 million views.

Their second most popular video, “Top 10 Best Tablets That Can Replace Your Laptop” has more than 1 million views.

Their videos cover the best of everything. For instance, they talk about smartwatches, monitors, and other electronics.

They have been able to build an audience of more than 555,000 subscribers, all while giving anonymous and faceless YouTube content in the tech world.

For numbers like these, they are estimated to earn more than $34,300 annually.

This YouTube niche has plenty of opportunity since it runs similarly to how a news channel would. Staying on top of the products and news to generate these lists is the most important part.

YouFact Tech – Tech YouTube Channel Ideas

YouFact Tech

YouFact Tech is another great example of tech listicles in our list of faceless tech YouTube channel ideas. The difference is that YouFact Tech does not keep its listicles to 10 items.

They find the number that works for the specific product they are talking about. For instance, their most popular video is “15 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Buying”. This video has impressive stats as it has more than 6.7 million within just one year of uploading it.

The numbers continue to impress as their second most popular video, which looks at 16 different cool gadgets, has more than 5.5 million views within one year.

This account, though relatively new, is gaining loyalty fast. So what kind of revenue numbers do they have?

They are estimated to make more than $169,000 per year for their videos and loyal subscribers. In fact, they have more than 505,000 subscribers, which is relatively the same as Top 10 Zone. Having said that, their video viewership earns them more annually.

TechZone (Top Tech YouTube Channel Ideas)


TechZone may be one of the top examples we bring on to our faceless tech YouTube channel ideas. They have fantastic numbers, such as more than 4.11 million subscribers to their channel.

This faceless YouTube channel idea doesn’t just focus on lists; some of their most viewed videos are listicles, just like the two channels listed above. Their most popular video is one too. “7 Unique Small Cars” has more than 19 million views.

Their second most popular video, “Incredible Bedroom and Space Saving Furniture for Small Spaces“, has more than 14 million views.

Big numbers like these bring in big revenue. For instance, they are estimated to make more than $751,900 yearly for their content and faceless YouTube channel.

Some of their other content branches outside listicles. However, it remains in tech by showing some “how to” videos when using products.

Tech News

Another category that is incredibly popular is tech news. Apple is one of the biggest tech companies out there and always has annual and quarterly news to report on.

Keeping it general and reporting on new tech is one way to make money anonymously without showing your face on YouTube. There are a few good examples of this, leaving plenty of room for other channels to make a profit in this area.

You also don’t need to keep things completely general. You can focus on one subtopic or niche that users find particularly helpful. Some people only care about Samsung news because that’s what they use.

Wall Street Journal – Tech News Briefing Podcast

YouTube channel ideas for technology

The Wall Street Journal is widely known as one of the world’s most successful newspapers and organizations. They also have an impressive YouTube channel.

Part of their YouTube channel is dedicated to tech briefings and tech news from all around the world. That’s why they have made it on our list of YouTube channel ideas for technology to model your YouTube channel after.

They post regularly, which is why they have more than 3.96 million subscribers. For instance, a more recent video, “Amazon, Meta, Netflix: Why Big Tech Is Facing Massive Layoffs” has more than 1.4 million views within one month of uploading.

The WSJ YouTube channel is estimated to make more than $739,000 a year. While their page gas other sectors, their tech podcast and vlog bring in a good chunk of this change for its viewership.

Future Tech

Future Tech is a great channel in the tech industry because it focuses on a specific niche that sets it apart from its competitors. They focus on future gadgets rather than talking about the current ones.

This channel also crosses over into a different section, with listicles being some of their most popular videos. Future Tech has accumulated over 651,000 subscribers that watch their content.

Their most popular video, “9 Latest Gadgets and Inventions You Can Buy Now” has more than 1.7 million views.

Next in line for their most popular videos is “Amazing Gadgets and Inventions That Are At Another Level” with more than 1.6 million views.

For this kind of dedicated following, they are estimated to earn more than $31,500 annually.

Brand-Specific Channels

Apple is everywhere. Tesla is taking over the car industry. Samsung, Dell, and many more companies produce more technology daily. That’s why so much content can be focused on just one brand or business for people to watch.

Apple is one of the easiest ones because of the connected experience. Google is also a great idea because of the tech we bring into our homes. And let’s not forget Amazon Alexa and all that.

You are sure to gain a following when you dedicate a channel to helping people uncover the latest news and how to use the latest gadgets. These channels below certainly did. Let’s take a look.

The Apple Circle

The Apple Circle is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to everything you need to know about Apple. Sometimes the content is faceless; we see the brand creator other times.

Having said that, it is a perfect example of a way you can make videos that are faceless since Apple products are everywhere.

This channel has more than 269,000 subscribers. While this may not seem like a lot, their videos produce big viewership.

Their most popular video, “IPhone 14: Big Changes Revealed” has more than 3.8 million views. While this is not faceless, they also have a few mostly faceless videos that are successful. This is by focusing on the products and providing the voiceover.

The most important thing to remember is that the entire channel could be done faceless, which is why there is some opportunity to start a channel like this.

They are estimated to make more than $46,800 annually from their content. That’s why this channel is a great example on our list of tech YouTube channel ideas.

Max Tech (Top Tech YouTube Channel Ideas)

Max Tech (Top Tech YouTube Channel Ideas)

Max Tech is not faceless, but it’s worth taking a look at this YouTube channel. Max Tech can easily be run faceless and covers a lot of Apple news. Because of this, they have more than 1.07 million subscribers making them one of the most successful channels on this list.

Their most popular video is a buyer’s guide for the iPhone 12. They also analyze the Apple Airpod Pros and other products for users to get an idea of how they work before buying the products themselves.

Their top two videos have accumulated more than 6.3 million views between the two of them. For these kinds of numbers, the channel is estimated to make more than $271,000 in annual revenue.

Since this is a fantastic annual salary, it is a great inspiration for those who want to do the same thing facelessly.


Tesla channel

Who better to learn about Tesla from than Tesla itself? Tesla has a great YouTube channel that spans from commercials to learning about the vehicle’s actual features.

This YouTube channel is incredibly popular with some of their most popular videos hitting tens of millions of views.

For instance, “Tesla Introduces Ticket Avoidance Mode for Model S” has more than 22 million views. Their second most popular video, “Full Self-Driving” has more than 21 million views.

The channel itself has more than 2.31 million subscribers. With numbers as big as these the channel is estimated to earn more than $297,100 a year.

This is why it is on our list of YouTube channel ideas for technology. You can also do this with electric vehicles in general and not just Tesla.

Tech People To Analyze

You don’t have to focus just on brands for faceless tech YouTube channel ideas. You can also focus on the brand and company creators.

In fact, one of the most talked about men in the world is Elon Musk, creator of Tesla. Him and Steve Jobs are two of the most well known tech creators along with Bill Gates. Therefore there is a lot of fascination and news around them.

Elon Musk Zone

Elon Musk Zone

We love this example because this YouTube channel does a great job at covering everything about Elon Musk. They have more than 903,000 subscribers and weekly and sometimes daily content.

Just to show users how profitable it is to take on a niche like this, Elon Musk Zone is said to make more than $538,200 per year in salary.

That’s thanks to popular videos like, “I Tried To Warn You; Elon Musk Last Warning 2023” that has over 11 million views. This video is simply a compilation video of Elon giving speeches and warnings on the dangers of AI.

The next most popular video, “Tesla’s New $10,000 Home for Sustainable Living” has more than 7.3 million views. If there is this much curiosity over just Elon, there are many more ideas for YouTube channels around tech to start.

Do you love technology? Do you want to start a YouTube channel around this topic? You can profit from YouTube if you learn how to make it all work. Take our training to get started properly.