This year, some of the most lucrative work at home business ideas include having a YouTube channel. One of the sections that do particularly well is the sports sector due to fans wanting more news and following niche sports subjects. Because not everyone wants to show their face, we have come up with a list of faceless sports YouTube channel ideas to take advantage of.

faceless sports YouTube channel ideas

Sports YouTube Channel Ideas And Examples

Basketball Focused Channels

In this, you can show the best plays of the week in a highlight reel offering slow-mo shots or a simple top 10 countdown. Basketball has many coverage opportunities especially during the NBA season if you want to focus on this. But it’s not just limited to the NBA, you can also specialize in college hoops or even just a favorite athlete.

Golden Hoops
golden hoops revenue

Golden Hoops makes our list of sports YouTube channel ideas because they have over 1.1 million subscribers and make an estimated $5,300 to $84,500 per month. They make this much for their high number of viewers especially for their “NBA Most Heated Moments” segments that get millions and millions of views. You can see our Golden Hoops case study to learn more about this channel.

NBA Zone

NBA Zone takes a slightly different approach to basketball by focusing on being an informant to the public on the inside scoop. Speaking of trade rumors and more they have over 204,000 subscribers. Under their fan favorites section, they have videos like “10 Things You Didn’t Know the NBA BANNED FOREVER,” This is almost like a fun fact section dedicated to just NBA sports and it’s popular! These videos get around 1 millions views and up. Because of this, they are estimated to make over $800 a month!

Latest Hoops

Latest Hoops also gets into the nitty-gritty things you didn’t know about the NBA. This proves that this is an awesome approach for faceless sports YouTube channel ideas. The YouTube channel has over 113,000 subscribers and is constantly growing. In some of their videos, they cross over into the gossip side to keep their channel general and open to audiences.

sports YouTube channel ideas JxmyHighroller

JxmyHighroller gets a special spot on our list of sports YouTube channel ideas because they have an incredible following and offer unique content. They have over 1.9 million subscribers because they offer interesting news and facts about basketball. From naming the 75 greatest basketball players of all time to a personal story of Michael Jordan, JxmyHighRoller is constantly pulling out unique content. Because of this, not only do they have yearly revenue between $22,700 to $362,600, but they have partnerships with people like Draft Kings. They use affiliate links and sponsored posts to get more money for their high viewership. (See our JxmyHighRoller case study for more)

Football Focused Channels

Similar to basketball, the NFL, college football, and pro football just in general are a great avenue in our list of sports YouTube channel ideas. The 2021 Superbowl was just shy of over 100 million viewers which proves there is a big market to crossover into YouTube channels. Let’s take a look at these football YouTube niche channels for example.

NFL Throwback
NFL Throwback

NFL Throwback makes the list of sports YouTube channel ideas because of its unique approach that does particularly well with fans. NFL Throwback sounds like its title by offering fans good moments of history. Through career highlights and the best NFL match ups of the past, viewers can see that some of their fan-favorite videos have over 6 million views with some heading closer to 10 million. Because of this, it’s likely their annual earnings are on the higher estimate of around $316,600 a year, all without showing their face in videos. You can check out the NFL Throwback case study for more.


Next on our list of sports YouTube channel ideas is Touchdown. The channel can be a little scandalous at times but they also provide some good humor and news on what’s going on in the NFL. They have over 198,000 subscribers and decided to take on the sub-genre of football as the title suggests. Some of their videos have reached over 6.2 million views.

Sports Gossip Channels

Who doesn’t love some drama around sports? With different rivals and feuds, as well as who the biggest stars are dating, there’s a lot of news and scandal to go around. That’s why these kinds of faceless YouTube niches are actually interesting for faceless sports channel YouTube ideas. You could keep it to one sport or keep it general. You’ll see that this is a popular genre with quite a few YouTube channels heading in this direction.

NBA Central

Sometimes we like to hate on the biggest stars and other times we live vicariously through them. NBA Central definitely allows its audience to do this by offering videos like, “8 Items Lebron James Owns That Costs More Than Your Life.” Not surprisingly this video has more than 1.3 million views. They’re estimated to bring in between $231 and $3,700 a month on ad revenue alone!

The Sportest

In the opening paragraph at The Sportest, they admit that they love to take deep dives into the lives of NBA stars and all that surrounds them. From checking out the wives and girlfriends of NBA stars to dedicating a whole section to what’s going on with Steph Curry, The Sportest definitely falls under gossip but with a basketball twist. They have over 53,100 subscribers where some of their videos reach over 1.7 million views. Considering they are still a relatively new channel starting in 2020, their estimated yearly earnings are around $41,800 in ad revenue only.

REBOUND YouTube channel

REBOUND is another YouTube channel that has done a great job of getting viewership. With over 1.9 million subscribers, they can take advantage of revenue estimated to be between $57,900 and close to $927,200 a year. With all the activity on their page, it’s much more likely to be the higher earnings number. Their channel falls under gossip because they are constantly diving into the lives of the NBA stars as well. For instance, if you want to know all the stupidly expensive things Shaq owns, then you can head over to REBOUND.

Inspirational Sports Channels

Some people love to listen to motivational speeches. Others love to watch them. When you combine motivational speaking with music and sports moments you get the ultimate videos. This is a niche where it seems like there could be endless video editing opportunities and high viewership because it’s something everyone loves to see regardless of whether you are a sports fan or not.

hooked youtube channel

Hooked is on the list of sports YouTube channel ideas because they offer a few unique videos dedicated to sports moments that are really touching. Most of these have to do with the greatest moments of respect in sport and some of these videos have reached over 87 million views. With over 2.8 million subscribers, they are estimated to have a monthly revenue between $6,000 and $96,100.

Other Niche Sports Dedication Channels

Whether it is soccer, baseball, cricket, or any other sport. You can take some of the examples from above and turn them into a YouTube sports channel dedicated to that specific genre. There are so many sports from all around the world where you could even cover just the Olympic sports and provide information just on that hyper-focused genre.

NonStop Football

NonStop Football is a growing sub-channel that is a spin off of the popular NonStop Sports channel. This falls into the list of sports YouTube channel ideas because it shows dedication to football lovers around the world. No, we are not talking about American football but instead soccer. While they only have just over 37,000 subscribers, they are bringing fans over from their main account which shows you can grow in different directions. Right now, they are estimated to make on average $4,900 a month.

Sports Fan Pages

More YouTube channel ideas for sports are taking a page and dedicating it to a popular sports hero or villain. Fans love obsessing over every detail of the greats whether it be Christiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Tom Brady, or Tiger Woods. There are so many influential sports figures out there that can add to great content for a YouTube channel.

Ronnie 7M
Ronnie 7M

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the most recognized household names when it comes to athletes today. It’s no surprise that there is a YouTube channel dedicated to him and him only. What may be surprising is just how popular these kinds of YouTube channels are. Ronnie 7M has over 1.3 million subscribers. The channel mostly has videos that feature memorable moments and highlight reels. His legendary goals video has over 19 million views. The estimated earnings for this channel are over $20,000 per month just in ad revenue!

Sports Skills Channels

Being able to teach a sport doesn’t necessarily require a face which is why this is on our list of sports YouTube channel ideas. Whether you want to showcase the technique or teach viewers all the different kinds of golf clubs there are, these are all very great ideas that can make for a profitable YouTube channel.


Skiller is a really interesting example for YouTube channel ideas for sports because it focuses on both kids and soccer. This YouTube channel showcases videos of kids trying to complete different soccer skills and sometimes this crosses over into comedy because of how funny it can be. Their YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and some of their top videos get over 81 million views. Because of these kinds of views, they have an estimated yearly income between $41,300 and $660,000 according to Social Blade.

Sports Comedy

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Sports definitely has a lot of funny moments which is why it’s on our list of sports YouTube channel ideas. You could really focus in on a specific sport and crossover into that niche or you could keep it general to sports best moments. This is why America’s Funniest Home Videos does so well. Now you can be the YouTube version with sports. Don’t forget that sports comedy can also cross over into the top 10 categories by providing flops instead of highlights.

Troll Football

TrollFootball is a YouTube channel that certainly gets a lot of laughs. They have over 38,000 subscribers and focus most of their content on putting together videos from world soccer and popular memes to making football memes. Some of their top videos get over 83,000 views and considering they are still a relatively new channel it’s not bad! This is a great example because it just requires a little bit of video editing and a sense of humor.

NFL Bad Lip Reading

Something that has definitely gone around the block for everyone is the Bad Lip Reading videos. The best ones actually came out after the NFL season each year and then became a weekly hit. While this is an entirely unique idea some of these videos have gotten over 72 million views and are insanely popular. Another unique point to this channel is that because it did so well, they shared some of the rights to the videos with the NFL creating a partnership. They were likely able to cash in on this as well.

NBA Funny

The NBA certainly gets it’s love which is why having some comic relief by sharing some of the funniest moments (they happen often) is a huge hit with fans. NBA Funny has over 1 million subscribers for good reason. Some of their videos get millions of views. One of these was Lebron James’ best moments so it crosses over into the fan page section. This idea could easily be done in any other sporting niche which is why it’s such a great example.

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