Are you a music lover looking for music YouTube channel ideas? Are you interested in starting a faceless YouTube music channel that focuses on a specific niche? We’ve got some great ideas for you.

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music YouTube channel ideas

Music YouTube Channel Ideas #1: Collaborate with Independent Artists

Collaborating with independent artists is a great way to promote emerging talent in the music industry, and a faceless YouTube music channel focused on collaborations is an excellent platform to do so.

Hosting live collaborations where independent artists can perform together live or virtually is one strategy to consider.

Another concept is to enlist the help of independent musicians to create covers or remixes of well-known songs, giving the songs a new spin.

You might also set a challenge for independent musicians to collaborate on creative songwriting and performance, then post the results on your channel.

Last but not least, online open mic evenings are another avenue to highlight independent talent.

Each of these strategies puts an emphasis on teamwork and creating a sense of community while simultaneously supporting independent musicians and their distinctive musical tastes.

A faceless channel in the YouTube niche of music that focuses on banding together with independent musicians has the potential to uplift and enthrall viewers while showcasing some of the most avant-garde and interesting music being created right now.

Examples of this type of channel include:



COLORS had approximately 7 million members and 2.5 billion views on YouTube as of this writing.

The channel is well-known for its modest set design, which features a solid-colored backdrop and basic lighting and places the artist and their song front and center.

COLORS features live performances by emerging and established performers from the indie, hip-hop, electronic, and R&B genres.

Behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and unique musical collaborations are also available on the channel.

Among the channel’s most popular videos feature performances by Billie Eilish, Tyler, the Creator, and Hozier.

Colors Music has established itself as a pioneer in the YouTube music market and has become a go-to destination for music fans looking for new and different sounds.

Ad income for the channel can bring in up to $126,000 per month.

Sofar Sounds

An organization called Sofar Sounds organizes music events in places all around the world and presents intimate, unannounced performances by both up-and-coming and well-known musicians.

Rafe Offer, Rocky Start, and Dave Alexander launched the business in London in 2010, and it has since grown to include more than 400 cities globally.

An organization called Sofar Sounds organizes music concerts in places all around the world, showcasing both up-and-coming and well-known musicians at small, hidden performances.

In 2010, Rafe Offer, Rocky Start, and Dave Alexander launched the business in London. Since then, it has grown to serve more than 400 cities across the globe.

Sofar Sounds performances take place in unusual settings, including living rooms, bookstores, and cafes in an effort to foster a warm and inviting environment for both the performers and the audience.

Three to four performers are featured at each event, and each of their brief, unadorned sets lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes.

The lineups are kept a secret until the event day, which heightens attendees’ enthusiasm and anticipation.

Along with hosting live events, Sofar Sounds also features performances from these events on their well-liked YouTube channel, which has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

The channel is a go-to resource for music fans looking for unusual and intimate performances because it covers a variety of established and up-and-coming performers from various genres.

Music YouTube Channel Ideas #2: Top 10 Countdowns

Creating a Top 10 Countdown series is a great way for a faceless YouTube music channel to engage with viewers and provide regular content.

The countdown could focus on a variety of themes, such as the top 10 songs on the Billboard charts for the week, the top 10 most streamed songs on a particular platform, or the top 10 songs from a particular genre.

The videos could feature short clips of each song, along with information about the artist and the song’s success.

As an alternative technique, create topic countdowns such as the top 10 songs about breakups, the top 10 songs about love, or the best 10 songs from a given decade.

This allows for more fresh and intriguing content that goes beyond simply covering music industry news.

The best example of this idea is:



The channel is well-known for its music industry analysis and reporting, which includes chart places, artist interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Billboard videos cover a wide range of topics, from in-depth analyses of well-known songs and albums to the most recent music industry news.

Billboard’s YouTube channel features a variety of music-related videos, interviews, behind-the-scenes photos, and live performances.

The channel also features a number of popular video series, such as “Hot 100 Chart Moves,” which highlights changes to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and “On the Block,” which features interviews with upcoming performers.

In addition to its regular coverage, Billboard offers live events and award ceremonies, such as the Billboard Music Awards and Women in Music.

The YouTube channel frequently broadcasts these events live, allowing viewers to see their favorite performers perform and receive awards.

With 3.67 million subscribers and 26 million average monthly views as of this writing, the channel is estimated to generate approximately $159,400 in ad revenue each month.

If you’re excited to start a music channel on YouTube but not sure how to begin, you’ll want to check out our YouTube course.

Music YouTube Channel Ideas #3: Do Virtual Concerts

Virtual concerts are one of the best music YouTube channel ideas. They’re becoming increasingly popular as a complement to faceless YouTube music channels due to their accessibility and simplicity.

These events may be pre-filmed or live-streamed, and they may feature performances by a variety of unsigned performers and bands.

The channel can incorporate interactive elements such as live dialogues, Q&A sessions with the performers, and even virtual meet-and-greets to make virtual concerts more attractive for spectators.

This YouTube channel may also offer exclusive merchandise, giveaways, and other perks to incentivize users to watch and connect.

Virtual concerts could be an excellent way for faceless music channels to create trust with their audience and demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality musical content.

In addition, the channel can use virtual concerts as a platform for unsigned musicians and bands to display their talents and connect with a broader audience.

Examples of YouTube music channels that have successfully embraced the notion of virtual concerts are mentioned below:

NPR Music

npr music

A well-liked nonprofit YouTube music station called NPR Music offers live performances, concerts, and music documentaries.

The station is a division of National Public Radio (NPR), a non-profit media company that creates news and cultural content for radio, television, and online platforms.

This channel has more than 7.5 million subscribers and offers a variety of music programming, including the well-liked series Tiny Desk Concerts, which has received more than 1.5 billion cumulative views.

Emerging artists are frequently featured on NPR Music, which has also started programs like the Tiny Desk Contest, which enables unsigned musicians to submit their own Tiny Desk Concerts for a chance to play at NPR headquarters.

NPR Music is an excellent example of a successful faceless YouTube music channel that provides high-quality content while encouraging music discovery and supporting independent performers.

The success of this channel is clearly seen in their yearly earnings estimated to be near $1.6 million per year.

Boiler Room

music YouTube channel ideas

Boiler Room offers live musical performances from across the world. Since its launch in London in 2010, the channel has grown to become a significant global platform for electronic and underground music.

The creative idea behind Boiler Room is to organize private concerts in small, often clandestine places and transmit them live on their YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel of Boiler Room, which has over 3 million followers, offers a variety of musical content, including DJ sets, live performances, and music documentaries.

In addition, the channel has broadened its offerings by including cultural programs such as lectures and discussions on topics such as politics, art, and music.

It is estimated that it earns roughly $909,000 a year solely through advertising.

Music YouTube Channel Ideas #4: Instrument Tutorials

It’s a great idea to cater to aspiring musicians and aficionados by starting a YouTube music channel for instrument training.

Lessons on a range of instruments, including guitar, piano, drums, bass, and more, may be available on the channel.

From the basic level to the intermediate level, the courses offer viewers a whole educational experience.

A solid command of the instrument, superior teaching abilities, and an engaging communication style are necessary for developing a successful instrument instructional channel.

To make difficult concepts simpler for novices to understand, it is crucial to divide them into manageable chunks.

Furthermore, including pictures, infographics, and interactive elements can boost the training’s efficacy and engagement.

Many individuals watch music channels devoted to teaching instruments, including seasoned musicians as well as newcomers learning the instrument.

By providing high-quality content, these channels may help aspiring musicians learn at their own pace, acquire confidence, and hone their skills.

These are several YouTube music channels with instructional videos for various instruments:


BassBuzz is a renowned bass guitar tutorial channel. The channel provides comprehensive tutorials covering issues such as playing tactics, theory, and gear reviews for players of all skill levels, from novice to expert.

The qualified educators on the channel deliver concise and easy explanations, while also incorporating interactive tools and visual aids to enhance the learning process.

BassBuzz has a passionate and engaged audience for its material, with millions of views on its videos and over 500,000 members.

Its unique technique of teaching bass guitar, high-quality content, and viewers’ sense of community all contribute to its appeal.

Piano Lessons on the Web

Piano Lessons On The Web, is a YouTube channel specializing in providing piano lessons to novice and intermediate players.

The channel provides a variety of classes, covering fundamental methods, music theory, and well-known songs.

Because of the channel’s instructor’s clear and practical teaching style, viewers may easily follow along and study at their own pace.

Piano Lessons On The Web has become a go-to resource for anyone looking to improve their piano skills, with millions of views on its videos and over 200,000 subscribers.

Its success can be attributed to its successful teaching technique and high-quality content.

The main source of revenue for this channel is not ad revenue. The channel’s creator promotes his online piano music courses from his own website.

A great example of how to monetize a YouTube channel in other ways besides ads.


online drummer

For drummers of all skill levels, onlinedrummer is a faceless YouTube music channel that offers drum tutorials.

The channel, which was established by professional drummer and educator Nate Brown, provides a selection of video tutorials on drumming methods, drum covers, and drumming advice.

To assist viewers in honing their drumming techniques, the channel also offers play-along songs and downloadable drum charts.

More than 70,000 people subscribe to onlinedrummer, and its videos have received millions of views.

The channel is renowned for its straightforward teachings and emphasis on fostering drummers’ skill and creativity development.

Onlinedrummer offers a subscription program in addition to its YouTube channel, which grants members unique access to additional drumming tools and one-on-one teaching from Nate Brown.

Music YouTube Channel Ideas #5: Stream Music of a Specific Genre

A great way to discover and present a musical genre is to have a channel devoted to it. Electronic music is a particular genre that complements this approach well.

Electronic music has many different subgenres, some of which include techno, house, trance, and ambient.

Making an electronic music channel will allow you to explore this topic and all of its complexities in greater detail.

One way to approach this is by creating an electronic music playlist that combines classic tracks from the earliest incarnations of techno and house with more recent songs from contemporary artists.

To introduce your listeners to new sounds and expand their musical horizons, you can also play obscure songs and performers.

Here are some examples of YouTube channels that focus on specific genres of music:

Majestic Casual

Majestic Casual

Majestic Casual is a YouTube channel that specializes on techno and experimental music.

Since its debut in 2011, the channel has made a name for itself as a premier source for new and innovative music, showcasing a range of artists from established musicians to up-and-coming producers.

The channel’s inventive method of blending genres and styles to produce a unique sound has attracted millions of people from all over the world.

Majestic Casual features brand-new music, artist interviews, live performances, and behind-the-scenes material.

This YouTube channel has become a destination for music lovers looking for new, intriguing sounds because it is dedicated to finding and promoting up-and-coming talent.

Currently the channel has 4.3 million subscribers and is bringing in up to $18,900 per month.

Jazz Hop Café

The focus of Jazz Hop Café is the fusion of jazz and hip-hop.

The channel provides a thoughtfully curated selection of songs that blend the two styles, creating a unique sound that has captured the attention of music lovers all around the world.

In addition to music, Jazz Hop Café also offers videos with magnificent visuals, which contributes to the establishment of a relaxing and immersive atmosphere.

The channel has made a name for itself as the place to turn when looking for a unique and modern take on jazz and hip-hop music.

With a rising subscriber base, Jazz Hop Café is a great example of how a genre-specific channel can develop into a meeting place for like-minded music aficionados.

They have over 1 million subscribers and are estimated to be earning around $10,000 monthly.

They also monetize their channel by selling their own artwork, digital albums, vinyl records as well as clothing.


The opportunities for making engaging content are endless, whether you decide to concentrate on a particular genre, highlight well-known or emerging artists, or present your own original music.

You can create a devoted audience of like-minded viewers and connect with people who share your passion by expressing your love of music to the world.

Keep in mind that the secret to success is to be authentically you, to be knowledgeable and creative, and to always keep your audience in mind.

So, why not begin today and let your channel be a reflection of your love for music?

Do you want to start a music based YouTube channel like these examples but don’t know where to start? Be sure to check out our YouTube course.