In this case study we take a close look at the popular YouTube channel called MagnatesMedia. This is an amazing example of what can be done with a little bit of effort and perseverance.


What Does MagnatesMedia Do?

MagnatesMedia is a YouTube channel that creates short movies about marketing, business, money and entrepreneurs.

These videos are extremely well done and dive into the history behind various businesses and some amazing stories of the lives of successful business people.

The channel provides a huge selection of videos about digital marketing, business, and money. Currently, the channel has around 800,000 subscribers and nearly 70 million total views.

The creator describes the channel as a “productive Netflix”.

MagnatesMedia was founded in 2018, making it a relatively young channel.

Who Started MagnatesMedia?

john  frazer

John Frazer, the developer of the channel, has experience in both entrepreneurship and digital marketing, and he imparts his wisdom on the platform.

John graduated from Henley Business School in business and management so it seems that this is his area of expertise.

He states that the channel targets ambitious people under the age of 30 who want to improve their life and increase their income.

It’s like a Netflix of self-improvement and business, but completely free.

When John started the channel he wanted it to accomplish three main goals:

  • To learn from the best performers in the world and share that with viewers.
  • Use original and interesting videos to convey the information.
  • Document his own entrepreneurial experience.

The channel was started as an experiment to see if it was easy to do and John learned that it definitely wasn’t as easy as he thought.

The most watched videos on the channel are those about business motivations and advice and generating money online.

The “homeless teen who created Louis Vuitton“, “How WhatsApp Makes Money: The INSANE of WhatsApp” and “Levels of Wealth: Inside The Secret Lives of The Ultra-Rich” are some of the most watched videos on the channel.

How MagnatesMedia Makes Their Videos

how they make videos

MagnatesMedia’s videos are primarily created using a combination of stock images, stock video footage, historical video footage, voice-overs, and background music.

The videos often feature an animated intro, followed by a slideshow of relevant images and text, with a voice-over providing context and insights.

Usually, the voiceover is produced separately from the images and added afterward. This makes it possible for MagnatesMedia to guarantee both the message’s clarity and good audio quality.

To make the videos more interesting, the channel also employs a range of editing techniques, such as zooming in on particular elements of the images and adding text overlays.

How Much Does MagnatesMedia Make?


MagnatesMedia reportedly earns nearly $31,000 per month which is around $372,000 per year from their YouTube channel, according to Social Blade.

This projection is based on the channel’s stats for views, interaction, and ad revenue from its videos.

This revenue is from ad revenue alone. This faceless YouTube channel makes money in other ways as well.

How Does MagnatesMedia Make Money?

Aside from ad revenue, MagnatesMedia also generates income through other monetization methods, such as affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and brand partnerships.

Affiliate Marketing and Brand Sponsorships

affiliate marketing

It’s certain that this channel is using affiliate marketing and possibly brand sponsorships to create revenue. This can be clearly seen in their videos.

Many times the narrator will mention the sponsor in the actual video and let viewers know they can get more info about the product they’re promoting in the description of the video.

This could be a sponsorship in which the brand is paying MagnatesMedia to promote their product or it may simply be by affiliate marketing where the creator mentions the product and puts the affiliate link in the description of the video.

An example of some of the things that MagnatesMedia promotes as an affiliate are:

  • NordVPN
  • Free stocks from moomoo
  • Adobe Creative for video editing
  • Epidemic Sound Music

In regard to their sponsorship opportunities it’s not clear how much revenue the channel creates from sponsorships, but noxinfluencer estimates that they could get $12,400 per video as a brand influencer.

Selling Courses


The creator of MagnatesMedia John Frazer has understood the importance of using YouTube to create a brand from his following on the platform.

Not only does the channel make great income from ad revenue and from affiliate marketing, John has used this influence to start and sell his own course called YouTube Business Blueprint.

This course says it can help people build a YouTube empire. This may be true considering it comes from a highly successful YouTuber.

The course sells for $1,997.00 so the return on this monetization method is obviously quite high. By selling just 10 course memberships a month the creator could make $19,970! That’s just on courses alone.

Overall, MagnatesMedia appears to be generating a solid income from its YouTube channel, and has been growing their revenue through additional monetization methods and expanding its audience.

Channel Memberships

MagnatesMedia channel membership

Another way that MagnatesMedia creates revenue is by using YouTube’s built in subscription program.

This gives channel’s the ability for viewers to subscribe to the channel as a membership to help support the channel.

In the case of MagnatesMedia they have three membership subscription options which are:

  • CEO for $1.99 per month
  • Legend for $2.99 per month
  • Magnate for $4.99 per month

What Can MagnatesMedia Do Better?

It seems that MagnatesMedia is doing just about everything right with their channel. They produce compelling and engaging content that is of the highest quality and have learned to monetize the channel in several ways.

Even so, there are still a few things that this channel could do to make even more money.

Affiliate Marketing

While MagnatesMedia already uses affiliate marketing, they could find even better affiliate partners that pay more per commission.

They could collaborate with businesses in its specialized or related industry to produce content that advertises its goods or services.

For example, since one of MagnatesMedia’s niches is in finance, they could partner with financial services companies and create content that promotes their services.

It may also benefit MagnatesMedia to promote other business related courses that pay large affiliate commissions.

Sell Courses

The creator of MagnatesMedia already sells and promotes his YouTube Blueprint course as mentioned earlier.

This is a great way to diversify income and create additional income streams but with the type of audience this channel has, creating other business related courses could produce even more revenue.

By creating its own business courses, MagnatesMedia could establish itself as an authority in its niche and generate additional revenue.

Sell Merchandise

MagnatesMedia could create its own merchandise and sell it to its audience.

This could include t-shirts, mugs, or other items related to its niche.

By creating and selling merchandise, MagnatesMedia could build even more brand awareness and generate another revenue stream.

This could help the creator to make more money without ever having to show his face in the videos.


Another way for MagnatesMedia to generate additional income is through more sponsorships.

It does appear that this channel is already an influencer for other brands. This involves partnering with a company to create content that promotes their products or services, and being paid for the promotion.

To create more revenue, they could look for better partnerships as their channel grows.


Using Patreon is yet another way this channel or any YouTube channel can create more income.

Patreon provides a way for channel creators to create revenue by having viewers subscribe to different membership packages for a monthly subscription fee.

The channel creator would then provide supporters with extra content that they would not receive on YouTube.

Own Brand of Products

With the growing audience of MagnatesMedia in the business related niche, another way they might create revenue is by creating their own brand of products.

For example, since the channel’s niche is business and finance, they could create their own book about that area.

The creator of the channel might also look into creating business software that may fill a need of the channel’s audience.

Revamp Their Website

This is one area that is really lacking for the MagnatesMedia brand.

Their website is very basic and doesn’t provide much information about who they are and the vision of MagnatesMedia.

A great website could help them to secure more sponsorship opportunities and even provide them with additional revenue streams with a blog.

How To Create A Channel Like MagnatesMedia

Creating a channel like MagnatesMedia requires careful planning, dedication, and hard work.

Here are some steps you can take to create a successful media channel:

Make Your Channel Unique

If you’re going to create a channel like MagnatesMedia, that’s ok to learn from what they have accomplished but be sure that your channel is not a copy of what they’re doing.

Make it original by adding your own personality into the content so you stand out above others.

Determine Your Niche

To create a channel like MagnatesMedia, it is important to first determine your niche.

Don’t create a channel about everything. Make sure that you have a clear focus on what your channel will be about and build it around that theme.

MagnatesMedia focuses on creating content related to business and finance, specifically catering to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Consider what topics you are passionate about and knowledgeable about, and whether there is a market for that type of content on YouTube.

Once you have narrowed down your niche, research the competition to see what other channels in that space are doing, and identify ways you can differentiate yourself and provide unique value to your audience.

Once you have determined your niche, think about the distinctive angle or contribution you may provide to the subject.

It’s crucial to pick a topic that you can consistently produce content for and are passionate about. This will support your continued motivation and audience engagement.

In addition, picking a market segment with strong demand and little rivalry might help you get more viewers and expand your channel more quickly.

Conduct Research

To create a channel like MagnatesMedia, it is important to conduct research specific to the business and finance niche. Here are some steps to follow:

Identify Your Competition

Look for other successful channels in the business and finance niche and analyze what they’re doing and set a goal to make better content.

Once you have discovered the best performing channels in this niche, look at their most popular videos and start gathering information to create your first set of videos.

Check Your Audience’s Needs

Do some research into the topics that your target audience in the business and finance field wants to see and learn about.

Find out what keywords are being searched for in your niche by using keyword research tools. This can help you discover the best topics to bring to your viewers. They might be curious about learning entrepreneurship, investing, or personal finance, for instance.

Find Gaps in the Market

Search for subjects or markets that other channels are undeserving or ignoring. This can assist you in producing material that is original and beneficial to your audience.

For instance, you might discover that there is a demand for additional information on investing in sustainable energy sources or financial planning for millennials.

Analyze Trends

Watch out for market developments and hot-button issues in the business and finance specialty.

This might assist you in producing timely and pertinent material that appeals to your audience.

For instance, you might wish to provide material about the most recent stock market developments or the effect that technology is having on the banking sector.

Determine the Best Format for Your Content

It’s crucial to use the right format for your material to captivate your audience on a faceless channel like MagnatesMedia.

A screen recording is a well-liked method where you can show your computer screen and offer a tutorial or tour of a specific subject.

This is a fantastic alternative for financial channels since you can demonstrate to your audience how to utilize specific tools, programs, or websites connected to investing, accounting, or personal finance.

But, to create a channel similar to MagnatesMedia, you may make videos without having to reveal your face by using stock footage and stock images.

You can make videos on business or finance using royalty-free stock footage and pictures that you can find online.

With this format, you may give your videos a polished appearance without giving away who you are.

Eventually, your niche, your audience, and your personal preferences will determine the optimal format for your material.

To determine which format is most effective for you and your channel, you may need to experiment with a few different ones.

Invest in Equipment

To create videos like MagnatesMedia, you really will require very little equipment.

In fact, you will only need a good microphone (if you’re going to do the narration) and video editing software.

If you’re going to hire someone to do both voice over and video editing you won’t even need this gear.

You can find the best tools and equipment to use in our YouTube channel tools list.

Start Your Channel

When you have done the proper research and have everything in place, it’s time to actually start your channel.

We will not get into all of the basics of starting a YouTube channel here but you can learn about all of the steps to properly start a channel with our faceless YouTube course.

Create Engaging Content

Once you have done all of the preliminary steps and started your channel, you will now want to create your videos.

Your script writing should be interesting, instructive, and informative.

If you want to be sure that your material is interesting and well-written, you might also want to think about hiring a professional voice actor and scriptwriter.

When attempting to teach complex subjects, be sure to use pictures, graphs, and charts.

To make your material more relatable and engaging, use storytelling tactics.

Take Action

The last thing you will need to do to start a channel like this is to get started.

Don’t be like so many who let fear stop them and take the steps to create your channel and possibly, it will see the same results as MagnatesMedia.

By following these steps, you can create a successful channel like MagnatesMedia that provides value to your audience and attracts a large following.

MagnatesMedia is a successful media outlet because it was built over time, with hard work, experimentation, and learning.

But with commitment and effort, you can create a successful media brand that engages, inspires, and informs your audience.


MagnatesMedia is a successful YouTube channel that provides high-quality content related to business and finance.

They have a strong brand and consistently produce engaging, informative videos that provide value to their viewers.

While there are areas where they could improve, they serve as a great example for aspiring YouTubers looking to build a successful channel.

By following the steps outlined above and consistently producing high-quality content, you too can create a successful YouTube channel like MagnatesMedia.

To learn how to create a channel like MagnatesMedia and actually make it profitable, take our YouTube course. It will provide you with the tools you need to build your channel properly.

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