There is a reason everyone dreams about having certain clothes, cars, and houses. Or even taking luxury trips and doing things that are “trendy.” That’s why lifestyle YouTube channels are such a big hit. But some people like to retain their privacy and cash out on a great idea. That’s why we have put together this list of faceless lifestyle YouTube channel ideas to take notes from.

lifestyle YouTube channel ideas

Cars Lifestyle YouTube Channel Ideas

Cars are a big hit when it comes to lifestyle. It’s great for faceless lifestyle YouTube channel ideas because it appeals to both men and women for the most part.

The YouTube niche allows for a big market and with tons of cars to analyze, show off, and talk about, there are endless content options.

In 2021 it was estimated that 15 million cars and trucks were bought in the U.S. There is a portion of this that is dedicated to the luxury car industry.

Arguably luxury and muscle cars are the biggest hits when it comes to lifestyle niche videos.

This is because those who can buy them are interested in the information and those who don’t want to buy them.

Modern Muscle

Modern Muscle is a great example for successful lifestyle YouTube channel ideas in the car industry. They are a go to for everything cars with many different subchannels within their YouTube page.

For instance, one section focuses on the deadliest cars on earth while another has tons of random facts about cars like which ones the presidents use. Their most popular video, “10 Car Mod Banned In America” has over 8.7 million views.

With this kind of loyalty and more than 281,000 subscribers they are set to make some good money annually.

It’s estimated that Modern Muscle brings in between $1,100 and $18,300.

When these numbers get broken down into potential earnings monthly, we look at something between $95 on the low end and $1,500 on the higher end.

Visual Car Reviews

Visual Car Reviews

How many times have you looked online at a car manufacturer and felt like you wanted to know the inside scoop about the car. Not just the best features but a real close up look at everything?

Well. That’s why Visual Car Reviews has amassed more than 309,000 subscribers. They focus on doing full detailed reviews on several luxury car brands such as Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

Their approach takes you inside the vehicle for a test drive. This is great because you don’t need to leave your home unless you are really sure you want to check out a specific vehicle.

Their most popular video has more than 8.5 million views. For numbers like these they have an estimated yearly earnings of $10,600 and $170,100. This is some real money to be made here.

Since they only cover basically three brands this can be done with all the call brands out there. Or even just the other luxury vehicles such as Porsche and many others!

Houses Lifestyle YouTube Channel Ideas

If you haven’t daydreamed about owning a luxury mansion one day then you aren’t like the rest of us. This niche offers a real inside look at some of the most beautiful homes in the world.

But the niche doesn’t just limit itself to that. You can also talk about a humble home lifestyle and provide home hacks and ideas for the everyday person. If you are particularly crafty this is a great niche to get into.

The house and home niche also can include topics like gardening or even just unboxing house items that are popular for purchase. With this particular industry there are a lot of different directions you can go with it is awesome when trying to gain a following.

360 Home Tours Ca

360HomeTours.Ca is something we had to add for lifestyle YouTube channel ideas because it takes an interesting approach that can be repeated anywhere in the world.

They focus on their own particular country to get a loyal “local” following. The same could be done with the United States or even in smaller niches like California or New England.

They have more than 291,000 subscribers that watch their videos. Their most popular video proves just how strong the niche is by having more than 8.6 million views. It showcases the winner of the best single family home in Canada.

It is clear from their page they showcase luxury homes. For this they are estimated to make between $765 and $12,200

Luxury TV

Here looking at Luxury TV we can see that there is a lot of opportunity to enter the market by touring luxury homes. Having said that, of course you need access.

On this channel, they have more than 39,000 subscribers and focus on showcasing luxury homes in the United States. Their most popular video is a compilation video of luxury homes and penthouses. It has more than 2.4 million views.

They also have more than 39,000 subscribers. For a channel of this size with this kind of viewership they are estimated to make between $1,100 and $16,800 per year.

Luxury TV continues to have new subscribers coming in monthly with more than 1,000 just last month.

HomeTalk (Top Lifestyle YouTube Channel Ideas)

lifestyle YouTube channel ideas hometalk

Add this one to your lifestyle YouTube channel ideas because HomeTalk appeals to the everyday home owner. They provide fun and easy ideas you can do to improve your home.

This channel has tons of hacks ranging from holiday hacks to dollar store ideas. Because of their creativity they have more than 1.09 million subscribers.

Get ready for this number because their most popular video has brought in 24 million views. It’s called, “13 Ways to Fake High-end looks in Your Home.”

Because of such success like this they are estimated to make between $53,600 a year and $856,900. This is no surprise because in the last five days they have had more than 17,285 million views.

Travel Based Lifestyle YouTube Channel Ideas

Taking nice vacations and dreaming about traveling the world is nothing new to the luxury life niche. That’s why we have a few lifestyle YouTube channel ideas in the travel section.

Whether you want to take your viewers around the world doing luxury or you want to take them to off-the-beaten path spots, there is an interest for it all.

The two sites we have here fall under lifestyle travel but offer something slightly different from one another. The best part is that they are faceless. Let’s check them out.

Lifestyle Travel

Lifestyle Travel is just getting started but it’s worth looking at to showcase just how quickly you can start to grow your channel. They show videos that mainly take you walking on tours through hotspots in Vienna and Cyprus.

This channel only has just over 1,200 subscribers but their most popular video has more than 78,000 views. It goes to show you how much content matters.

For numbers like this it’s estimated that they make between $18 and $306 a year as of now. Keep in mind most of their videos are relatively new. So it goes to show you that even early on you can make money with faceless lifestyle YouTube channel ideas.

Luxury Travel Expert

Luxury Travel Expert

On the flip side of things, the Luxury Travel Expert has more than 1.97 million subscribers.

Their most popular video is a from a few years back and features a tour of Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite. This has already brought in over 24 million views over a few years.

From numbers like this they are set to make between $9,800 and $156,700 annually and will continue to grow that number.

As of now they rank 123 in travel channels and have had more than 3.09 million views in the last 30 days. Their growth in a relatively short time is good inspiration for anyone looking to get into this niche.

Food Lifestyle YouTube Channel Ideas

Food is a phenomenon around the world. It’s a huge part of everyone’s culture which is why it’s no surprise that it would be a huge sector for lifestyle YouTube channel ideas. There are so many cool ways to approach this such as cooking recipes or food tours. Let’s check a few good examples.

Dancing Bacons

Dancing Bacons

Dancing Bacons is a lot of fun because they focus on food culture in Asia but cover a variety of food subjects. For instance you can find recipe videos or content analyzing machines that make the food.

They have more than 2.75 million subscribers making them a top channel for this kind of niche. Get ready for this. Their most popular video has more than 114 million views. The video focuses on “Original Jiggly Cake Cutting.”

For these kinds of numbers you can bet that Dancing Bacons make between $41,800 and $668,100. In the last 30 days they have had more than 14.2 million views alone.

So Yummy

so yummy

The examples just keep getting better. So Yummy has more than 9.26 million news with their most popular video reaching more than 170 million views. This video is “10 Amazing Unicorn Themed Dessert Recipes” which is timeless.

The whole channel focuses on aesthetically pleasing desserts you can make with their tutorials.

This is a prime example of what a truly successful YouTube channel looks like as they make an estimated $183,300 to $2.9 million a year from their views.

Even their second most popular videos bring in more than 147 million views.

Walk With Me

Last but not least for lifestyle YouTube channel ideas in the food sections we can take a look at the channel “Walk With Me.”

It doesn’t have as many viewers as the other channels but it’s a great example of walking food tours that can be done anywhere. They have more than 29,100 subscribers and their most popular video has more than 2.8 million views.

Their most popular video, “Delicious Turkish Street Food Tour” is similar to their second and third most popular videos that are extensions of the idea. For numbers like these they are estimated to make between $1,300 and $20,700 annually.

Miscellaneous Lifestyle YouTube Channel Ideas

The last category we talk about here is miscellaneous. That’s because there are a lot of channels out there that focus on analyzing other luxury topics such as celebrities themselves.

There is a lot of room for subcategories in the lifestyle niche so it is worth checking a few examples out.

Build Empire

Build Empire looks at the best of the best. Whether they are looking at a luxury yacht or homes they are analyzing what it is like to be a billionaire.

They have more than 215,000 subscribers with their most popular video amassing more than 4 million views. This video features a montage of videos depicting a billionaire’s lifestyle and the motivation to become one.

For this kind of viewership it’s estimated that the channel makes between $3,100 to $50,200 annually. The numbers are surprisingly low which may depict that they bought their views. In this case, it shows there is room for the niche to be done properly!

All About

All About falls into the celebrity niche because they compile videos all about rich and famous celebrities and wealthy people.

It’s a popular niche for a reason which is why they have more than 179,000 subscribers. Their most viewed video compares Stallone and Schwarzenegger for more than 1.1 million views.

Numbers like these produce projected annual earnings between $7,300 a year and $117,400 a year. When the channel is done right you can see it is a profitable faceless lifestyle YouTube channel idea.

To start a lifestyle based YouTube channel like those shown here, it’s critical that you learn the steps to make it profitable. Get our Faceless Channels course to start, grow, and succeed with faceless channels on YouTube.