Here is one of the strangest case studies we have done so far. This YouTube channel is called kimgary and they produce easy to create videos in a very weird niche. Read more to find out what they do.

kimgary YouTube Channel Case Study

What Does kimgary Do?

kimgary video types

As stated above, this is one of the strange YouTube niches and it’s one we call bad neighborhood tours.

The whole premise of the kimgary channel (see it here) is to drive around in various cities, usually in horrible or dangerous neighborhoods and document what is seen on video.

It’s a great YouTube channel idea and is a twist on the typical type of tour videos we see online.

There is no talking in the videos and the footage is all shot from the car as the creator drives through these areas.

Take a look at one of their most popular videos called “Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave” which has over 6.8 million views.

kimgary Facts

This channel was started in October of 2020 and over that time, they have uploaded 494 videos.

Videos vary in length from 10 minutes to some at 45 minutes. Most of these range in the 11 to 15 minute range.

Subscriber count to date is just over 255,000 and growing with around 89 million video views.

How kimgary Makes Their Videos

These are extremely easy to create videos. Anyone can do this. All you need is a decent camera and microphone.

The camera is the most important piece of equipment as you don’t hear too much of the noise outside of the car.

Then the creator finds a location, drives to that area, and records as they drive.

From there, the editing process would take place which should be rather easy. There are no dramatic effects or anything added to the videos. Just one video of what is happening in the streets of an area.

How Much Does kimgary Make?

kimgary  income

You would think that with these types of videos that there may not be that much money to be made. Do people really watch this type of content?

Well, the answer is yes! As stated above, this YouTube channel has had over 88 million video views and this grows steadily.

With simple videos, this channel has been able to create an income of around $6,300 per month in ad revenue.

This seems to be the only monetization method being used by the kimgary channel.

What Can kimgary Do Better?

Since this is such a different type of channel, it’s hard to say what can be done better.

However, it appears that the channel creator uses no other monetization techniques other than rely on YouTube ad revenue.

Creating these types of videos takes time and money so there is nothing wrong with looking for other ways to create revenue.

Look For Other Monetization Methods

To take advantage of their growing subscriber base, this creator needs to find a way to work with brands or products that may be applicable to this niche. This would allow them to create sponsorships or even do some type of affiliate marketing.

Look For Additional Exposure

With the type of content these videos expose, it would be no problem to approach the many media outlets in the world to license footage to them.

This could be used in news broadcasts and other outlets.

How To Create A Channel Like kimgary

Creating a channel like that of kimgary is not hard at all. Let’s look at an overview of what it would take.

Choose the Niche

This channel is in the bad neighborhood niche and this can be the niche you choose. It’s ok to even do just the same thing kimgary is doing. You know it’s working so it could work to just emulate them.

You may also consider being creative to come up with other ideas to improve upon what they have done.

Choose a Channel Name

The name of your channel in this niche is not as critical as other niches but it’s best if it reflects what your channel will be about.

For example, there is another channel in this niche called Hood Time (see Hood Time case study) which is a great name for this type of content.

Create and Optimize Your YouTube Account

Now you need to create your YouTube brand account under the name you have chosen.

From there you will need to optimize your account to make sure all of the settings are perfectly in tune to get you the most exposure possible.

If you’re not sure how to optimize a YouTube account properly, consider accessing our YouTube course which will cover this topic in-depth.

Discover Topics

For many types of YouTube niches there is a lot of research that would go into finding the topics that would best interest your viewers and that is being searched for.

For this niche you can think of your first 30 places you want to visit. You can also use tools like VidIQ to help you find topics that may work best.

Get Basic Equipment

To record these types of videos you’re going to need a high quality camera and microphone. The camera is more important than the microphone.

You might start with the Canon PowerShot and find a microphone that will work well inside a car.

Record Videos

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to go on location and start recording your videos.

You will need to travel to the areas you have chosen to start with and drive through those areas recording the surroundings.

Make sure that you’re recording interesting subjects to keep viewers watching.

Edit Videos

When your first footage is complete, you can start to edit your videos down to watchable content.

Try to keep them at a length between 10 minutes to 15 minutes long. This is best for ad revenue and watch time. Don’t make them too long as people will lose interest or too short and you’ll have little watch time.

You can edit the videos yourself using tools like Camtasia or the wevideo online editor.

You can even hire someone to edit your videos from sites like Fiverr.

Upload Videos

You don’t need to wait until all of your videos are ready to start uploading. In fact, upload them as you complete them.

The key is to make sure that all of your videos are 100% optimized so they can be seen on YouTube.

This means using awesome thumbnails and around 9 other optimization variables you need to consider.

To learn more about video optimization take our YouTube course shown at the end of this case study.

Make Money

The last step is to make money. However, you cannot make ad revenue from YouTube until your channel has accrued 4,000 hours of watch time and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

You can use other ways to make money from your channel immediately such as affiliate marketing, sponsors and more.


If you’re going to create a YouTube channel like this where you go into bad neighborhoods, you need to consider safety.

Be sure to think about ways to get out of an area quickly if needed and make sure your car is in perfect running condition.

You don’t want to go into these areas, possibly break down and have no way to get out fast.


Although kimgary is a very unique YouTube channel, it’s quite clear that this type of content works with viewers.

If you’re someone who likes to drive around in different cities and has no issue visiting these types of areas, this may work for you.

Interested in creating a channel like kimgary? Take our YouTube course and discover all of the techniques you need to know to create and grow a YouTube channel that makes money.

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