On average, YouTube pays out $18 per 1000 ad views. For girls that are funny, creative, or just love making videos, this is a great way to start a side hustle or even bloom into a full-time job. Need inspiration? This is a list of the best YouTube channel ideas for girls without showing your face.

faceless YouTube channel ideas for girls

YouTube Channel Ideas For Girls

The list is broad covering topics that are a little more girly to spaces that girls are breaking into for the first time. Let’s talk about all the options and be sure to check out the examples so you can see how others are successfully creating faceless YouTube channel ideas for girls.

Beauty Tutorials

Showing girls how to do their makeup, hair, or nails is a major market. While some girls think that it would be difficult to not show their face, it’s actually a great niche for YouTube channel ideas for girls without showing your face. Not only can you use someone else as a demonstration but mannequins are the perfect client. Let’s look at some great examples of this.


cutepolish has over 3.37 million subscribers because they show girls how to create salon-style manicures right from their homes. With easy tutorials, girls can follow along on how to shape their nails as well as paint them in elaborate or simple styles. The best part is that cutepolish stays up-to-date constantly pushing out new material. Their holiday collection attracted so many views as fans were looking to spice up their holiday nails.

Make-Up & Hair Tutorials

Make-Up & Hair Tutorials is the perfect example of using a mannequin to show how to do great hairstyles. They have a range of elaborate to simple hairstyles and usually show from a back of the head angle so you could even potentially do this on a friend. Their Top 20 Amazing Hair Transformations video has over 10 million views.


Art offers many different categories for YouTube channel ideas for girls because of all the different types of art there are. Whether you want to showcase your watercolor paintings through a time lapse or offer tutorials on drawing it can be done. You technically don’t even have to be an artist yourself but if you love art you can bring an educational piece to it by sharing insight.

Pypah’s Art

Filipa, who goes by Pypah, has an art channel dedicated to her illustrations and animations. Her portfolio is super vast which is what makes her page so interesting. From tutorials to just showing her art process on more complicated pieces she really gives her fans an insider look. Some of her most popular videos have over 1.9 million views.

Great Art Explained

Great Art Explained has over 690,000 loyal subscribers. This goes to show you that some people really care for the explanation behind art so if you aren’t great at painting or drawing but have a passion for it, there are creative alternatives like this. Great Art Explained is exactly what the title represents. They take artwork like the Mona Lisa and break it down in deep context.

Draw So Cute

Tutorials are something that will come up in nearly every category for faceless YouTube channel ideas for girls. That’s why Draw So Cute has over 2.95 million subscribers. She takes an aerial view of her hands and the paper so her audience can get a close-up of what’s going on. This makes it easy for everyone to follow along and learn these fun easy drawing tutorials.


If you’re a brainiac then the education niche is for you. This falls into YouTube channel ideas for girls because there are so many different approaches to this category. If you love to teach science, math, or English, these are all main subjects that you can do. Or you can do something a little more creative like history through Europe. The possibilities are limitless

Khan Academy

Khan Academy takes a large portion of its videos and dedicates them to the classic chalkboard tutoring style. With complicated problems in math or science, this makes it easy for the viewer to see as if they were in a real class or being tutored. They cover a wide variety of subjects which is why they have over 7.05 million subscribers.

Self-Help and Spirituality

Self-help and transformative tips have been increasingly popular as therapy and prioritizing one’s mental health has become more acceptable. As this niche emerges not everyone actually knows where to start. That’s why the self-improvement or self-help section makes the list of YouTube channel ideas for girls.

Evolved Teachings

Evolved Teachings has a lot of videos dedicated to explaining spirituality concepts in our everyday lives. One of their most popular videos just starts with the explanation itself on “What is Spirituality?” This video got over 31,000 views. They also break down the barriers between education and spirituality which have over 102,000 views.


PsychHub takes a different approach by creating animated videos that help explain popular mental health issues and concepts. For instance, some people don’t understand what a panic attack looks and feels like. This is one of their many video explanations that got over 517,000 views.


Who doesn’t love to travel? Travel shows are great YouTube channel ideas for girls without showing your face because you can focus on the beautiful scenery while using a voice-over. But there are so many more ideas within that category like education and travel or reviewing different hotels around the world.

The World According To Brigg’s

This could be the World According to Bridget but for now, let’s note that The World According To Briggs has over 716,000 subscribers. Something that this channel does that is super smart is offers the best tips and facts about traveling throughout the United States. For instance, his, “Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cities in the United States” is incredibly useful and has over 23,000 views in less than a week.


Something that girls do particularly well is a category known as ASMR. This is where specific sounds are created to give the audience or viewer a tingly feeling of happiness and satisfaction. This is an auditory response but as of late has become just as visually appealing. While someone may think that this is not a super popular category it is actually very in demand for faceless YouTube channel ideas for girls.

ASMR Gaming News

If you want to talk about how to put a creative spin on something then look no further than ASMR Gaming News. With over 210,000 subscribers they use ASMR and the gaming industry to tell updates and news in a soft and relaxing voice. With daily uploads of new games they always have tons of content.


Calling all foodie lovers. Whether you are a Michelin Star Chef and want to offer tutorials (we told you this is a huge category) or you just want to talk about different foods from different cultures, there is so much content to cover. With tons of examples, this counts for faceless YouTube channel ideas for girls.

Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes has over 1.09 million subscribers and for good reason. They show easy quick how-to videos on delicious recipes. Some of the videos have 1.9 million views and counting. Most of their videos shoot from overhead with a focus just on their hands and close enough so you can see the ingredients. They also use text sometimes to specify certain numbers.

Travel Thirsty

Showcasing a niche within a niche can do super well is the YouTube channel called Travel Thirsty. This faceless YouTube channel focuses on street food. With over 7.26 million subscribers there is an immense interest in international street food and education. This channel focuses a lot on Asian street food which means there is plenty of room for other cultures in there.

Health and Wellness

Since the COVID-19 more and more people want to find creative ways to stay healthy inside their homes. Whether it is natural remedies to combat a cold or staying fit and in shape with nothing more than your body, this sector is booming. Health and wellness certainly make the list of faceless YouTube channel ideas for girls.

Greenred Productions – Relaxing Music

Taking a moment to relax and focus certainly falls under health and wellness while it can also fall into the category of self-improvement. Greenred Productions – Relaxing Music capitalizes on this by taking relaxing music and pairing it with visuals to help their audience either zone out or find the focus they need to get things done. They have over 866,000 subscribers which means there is plenty of room for others.

Natural Health

Getting into natural health is definitely something most people can get into which is why Natural Health has over 233,000 subscribers to their content. They talk about finding natural remedies to treat common issues that everyone experiences. A headache certainly is one of those things. Their video on improving blood circulation to the brain has over 1.3 million views.

Gossip and News

News doesn’t have to be gossip but it certainly can be. You can give political updates around the world or you can focus on the celebrity industry from red carpet events to what they are diving into. There are a lot of different paths you can choose which is why there are a lot of different examples that can be shown below.

Celebrity News

Celebrity News has over 3.45 million subscribers because who doesn’t want to know what’s going on with Leonardo DiCaprio? Just kidding. They do something completely original by focusing on everything in Bollywood, which is why some of their videos reach over 8 million views. So if you wanted to dedicate a page to another culture this could be a big market.

Product Reviews

Whether you find yourself drawn to the makeup industry or you love cool gadgets, product reviews have become an increasingly popular idea on YouTube. Not only does it give users a better idea of what an honest review is but seeing the product up close helps them make a better decision. And with billions of products out there, what could go wrong.

FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review

Who doesn’t love Disney? FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review took advantage of this and now has over 11.2 million subscribers making it one of the very highest on our list of YouTube channel ideas for girls without showing your face. By showing close-ups of the toys and using audio voice overs to talk about the toy, users feel confident that they know what they are buying before they actually do.

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