This is your guide to faceless football YouTube channel ideas. We’ll be exploring some popular YouTube channels that have found success in the YouTube niche of American football without showing the host’s faces.

From play breakdowns and analysis to funny compilations and news updates, we’ll showcase a variety of ideas to inspire your own channel.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting out, let’s dive in!

football YouTube channel ideas

Football YouTube Channel Ideas #1: Play Breakdowns and Analysis

A YouTube channel dedicated to analyzing American football games would be an excellent way to help fans understand the sport better.

It could cover a wide range of topics, such as offensive and defensive schemes, player matchups, and play calling.

Animated diagrams and replays can help illustrate points and provide clarity.

Replays can also show viewers how a specific play unfolded in real time, highlighting key moments that may have been missed during the live broadcast.

Ultimately, a YouTube channel like this can help fans become smarter and more informed viewers of American football.

Brett Kollmann

One example of a faceless YouTube channel that provides play breakdowns and analysis of American football is Brett Kollmann.

Brett Kollmann is a well-known NFL analyst and commentator on YouTube.

His channel is devoted to offering a thorough analysis of NFL games, highlighting major plays, discussing strategy, and evaluating player performance.

To provide a thorough analysis of each game, Brett Kollmann makes use of animated graphs, replays, and knowledgeable commentary.

Each video focuses on a particular game or matchup, and the channel’s knowledgeable commentators dissect every play, going through the strategies utilized by coaches and players to gain an advantage on the field.

In addition to game analysis, Brett Kollmann offers comprehensive player and team breakdowns, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of particular players as well as how they fit into the general game plan of their respective teams.

Viewers may better grasp the intricate tactics and methods used on the field thanks to the channel’s knowledgeable commentators, who offer insights into the game’s subtleties.

More than 300,000 subscribers and over 61 million total video views have been attracted to the channel since its launch in 2013.

Samuel Gold

Samuel Gold is a football analyst and the creator of the Samuel Gold NFL YouTube channel.

He is well-known for his in-depth analysis of NFL games, which includes play breakdowns, film analysis, and coaching strategies.

His videos are largely concerned with the X’s and O’s of football and are aimed at supporters and viewers seeking a more in-depth grasp of the game.

Gold’s analysis is well-regarded in the football world, and his videos are frequently used by coaches and players to help them better their game.

He has a big social media following, notably on Twitter, where he frequently expresses his thoughts on current NFL events and players.

Gold’s expertise in football analysis has also led him to write for a number of publications, including The Athletic and The Ringer.

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Football YouTube Channel Ideas #2: Top 10 List Videos

Top ten lists are popular on YouTube, and a channel devoted to listing the top quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and other positions might draw a large following.

The channel may also offer professional analysis and insights into each player’s strengths and limitations, allowing viewers to have a greater understanding of what it takes to be a great football player.

It may be a fun and interesting method to learn more about the sport and the players who help it to be so wonderful.

Here are some great channels that make these kinds of videos which you can take as inspiration:



The TPS YouTube channel, commonly known as TotalProSports, is a sports-focused channel that covers a wide range of topics, including football, basketball, baseball, and other prominent sports.

The channel was founded in 2009 and has since evolved to become one of the most popular sports channels on YouTube, with over 1.8 million followers.

The channel’s material largely consists of list videos, news segments, and analysis on various sports issues.

In terms of football, the channel covers the NFL and NCAA, providing analysis and discussion on players, teams, and games.

This YouTube channel also covers football-related news and speculations, as well as highlights and great plays from various games.

Some of the most popular “Top 10” videos on the TPS YouTube channel include:

all of which got more than a million views.

This channel makes an estimated $158,100 per year according to Social Blade.

Nonstop Sports

Nonstop Sports

“Nonstop Sports” is a sports-focused YouTube channel that concentrates on content related to American football, basketball, and soccer.

The channel has over 700,000 subscribers and provides a wide range of content, such as game highlights, analysis, and news updates.

Top plays, player highlights, and game recaps are among the videos in their American football content.

Other big sporting events covered include the NBA playoffs and the World Cup.

Nonstop Sports has a website as well as a YouTube channel where they post news and highlights from various sports.

Some of their top 10 list videos about American football are, “10 Greatest Dual-Threat QBs in NFL History” with more than 100,000 views, “10 STRONGEST players in NFL History” with more than 800,000 views, and “10 Most Improved NFL Players of 2021” with more than 200,000 views.

With the stats this channel has, it’s no wonder they’re making nearly $51,000 per month in ad revenue. That’s $612,400 per year!

Football YouTube Channel Ideas #3: Create Compilation Videos and Bloopers

Establishing a Football YouTube channel focused on football bloopers and funny compilations is an excellent approach to engaging football fans and providing entertainment related to the sport.

This channel might include meme compilations, player response videos, bloopers, amusing situations, and other comedic takes on the sport.

Meme compilations, showcasing the best football-related memes from throughout the internet, are one sort of content that could be featured in this channel.

These videos could include amusing images, screenshots, and videos with amusing subtitles and soundtracks.

Moreover, player reaction videos might be developed by collecting clips of football players reacting to various situations in matches, such as goals or fouls.

The channel could also feature bloopers and funny moments, such as clips of players and coaches in amusing or odd settings.

This could include interviews, celebrations, and other entertaining football-related incidents.

Additional hilarious interpretations of the sport, like as parody videos, skits, and animations, could be made to provide viewers with even more pleasure.

Troll Football

Troll Football is a faceless YouTube channel that produces humorous and satirical football-related content.

The videos on the channel frequently show clips of players, coaches, and supporters in various amusing or bizarre circumstances, coupled with amusing commentary and graphics.

In addition to funny moments, Troll Football also produces videos that highlight unusual or bizarre occurrences in football matches, such as unique goals or mistakes by players.

The channel’s videos often feature text overlays and graphics to enhance the humor and absurdity of the depicted situations.


football YouTube channel ideas

Budleewiser is a YouTube channel that broadcasts American football compilations and highlights.

The channel was founded in 2016 and has already grown to around 179,000 subscribers.

Budleewiser’s programming contains videos of hilarious situations, bloopers, and fails from professional and collegiate football games.

Furthermore, the channel includes highlight movies of some of the most memorable moments and plays from recent football seasons.

The videos are frequently placed to music and are edited with amusing sound effects and captions.

While there is no host or commentator on the channel, it has a big following for its amusing and playful approach to football videos.

This channel has done quite will with 179,000 subscribers and is making nearly $246,000 per year.

Football YouTube Channel Ideas #4: News and Rumors

A YouTube channel dedicated to breaking NFL news and rumors would be an invaluable resource for football enthusiasts.

It might offer expert analysis and projections on how a certain player’s injury might affect their team’s chances, or how a transaction might shake up the league.

Your channel might also provide information on contract negotiations, coaching changes, and other off-field happenings.

You may also make videos regarding rumors and speculation about prospective player moves or team tactics.

A channel of this type would be a great resource for fans who want to keep up with their favorite teams and players.

The Bottom Line View

The Bottom Line View is a faceless YouTube channel that specializes in giving daily Football news and analysis.

The channel was founded in 2013 and now has over 40,000 subscribers.

This YouTube covers a wide range of NFL issues, such as breaking news, roster updates, game highlights, and injury bulletins.

Their videos are normally 15 minutes or longer in length and are uploaded on a daily basis.

During the NFL season, the station also offers live broadcasts and post-game commentary.


Another example of this kind of channel is “TOUCHDOWN”

TOUCHDOWN is a sports channel on YouTube that concentrates on American football.

They have approximately 230,000 subscribers and offer a variety of NFL-related content, such as highlights, analysis, and news updates.

Highlights from notable games and plays, as well as analysis and commentary from specialists in the sport, are among the most popular videos on the channel.

In addition to game highlights and analysis, the channel covers key NFL events such as the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft.

The channel also includes videos about specific players and clubs, as well as seasonal forecasts and rankings.

The TOUCHDOWN channel’s emphasis on fan participation is one of its distinguishing features.

Engagement with fans is done on a regular basis through comments and live streams, fostering conversation and debate about the latest NFL news and events.

Ad revenue alone is expected to bring in roughly $3,000 per month for the channel.

Football YouTube Channel Ideas #5: Highlight Reels

Highlight reels are a common feature of football broadcasts, and a YouTube channel dedicated to creating the best highlight reels can draw a significant audience.

This type of content may be extremely enjoyable for spectators since they showcase the game’s top moments in an exciting and memorable manner.

Slow-motion replays, dramatic music, and expert commentary could be used to enhance the viewing experience.

It can be a useful resource for anyone who enjoys the sport and wants to see it in its entirety.


An example of a faceless YouTube channel that creates highlight reels of American Football is JustBombsProductions.

This channel is dedicated to providing viewers with high-quality highlights of some of the most exciting moments in college football and the NFL.

JustBombsProductions creates highlight reels of some of the college football’s and NFL’s most stunning and jaw-dropping plays.

High-quality footage, excellent editing, and engaging commentary are used in the channel’s videos to present viewers with an immersive and exhilarating look at some of the game’s most remarkable moments.

In addition to highlight reels, JustBombsProductions offers player and game analysis and breakdowns, as well as coverage of the latest news and trends in college football and the NFL.

The films on the channel cover a wide range of topics and provide viewers with a detailed look at the world of American Football.

Highlight Heaven

Highlight Heaven

Another one is Highlight Heaven. This is a popular faceless YouTube channel that focuses on creating highlight videos for a variety of sports, including American football.

The channel has over 1.28 million subscribers and has amassed over 1.68 billion total views on its videos.

With these numbers the channel’s revenue has grown as well to nearly $299,100 per year.

Highlight Heaven’s football highlight videos feature clips of the most thrilling and essential plays from NFL games, such as touchdowns, interceptions, and major hits.

Their videos frequently incorporate commentary from broadcasters or analysts, as well as music to add to the excitement.

Aside from American football, Highlight Heaven also creates highlight videos for sports such as basketball, soccer, and baseball.

The channel updates regularly during the sports seasons and has a large following among sports fans who enjoy watching exciting plays and reliving the best moments from games.

Football YouTube Channel Ideas #6: History and Nostalgia

For football enthusiasts, a YouTube channel dedicated to history and nostalgia might be a vital resource.

It might include videos analyzing memorable NFL games, players, and situations, as well as the cultural significance of football in America.

Also, a channel like this may include videos concentrating on vintage uniforms, emblems, and other game-defining features.

These videos can help fans deepen their enjoyment of the sport and obtain a better understanding of its lasting legacy.

NFL Throwback

NFL Throwback

An example of a faceless YouTube channel that creates videos about American Football history and nostalgia is NFL Throwback.

This channel showcases some of the most iconic moments, games, and players in NFL history.

NFL Throwback creates videos that include full-game broadcasts of historic NFL games, as well as highlights from some of the game’s most famous moments.

Rare footage, expert analysis, and interviews with former players and coaches are utilized in the channel’s videos to provide the viewers with a comprehensive and nostalgic look into the game’s past.

In addition to game broadcasts and highlights, NFL Throwback produces videos on some of the greatest players and teams in NFL history.

The channel’s videos contain in-depth biographies of iconic players and coaches, as well as pieces on some of the most dominant teams in NFL history.

Ad income for the channel is believed to be roughly $738,900 per year. That’s not surprising given the NFL’s massive fan base and the channel’s more than 700,000 subscribers.


We hope that this has given you some inspiration for your own content or introduced you to some new channels to follow.

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