Fashion and style is something that never gets old. It’s a huge part of the consumer market, and the online world, especially YouTube, has given so much inspiration for their fashion. That’s why we have made a list of inspirational fashion YouTube channel ideas for you to cash in on. Some of them are faceless, while others have known bloggers. All ideas, however, can be done anonymously.

fashion YouTube channel ideas

First Type of Fashion YouTube Channel Ideas

Analyzing Celebrity Style

One of the best things you can do for fashion YouTube channel ideas is to start a channel that looks at celebrity fashion. This is where we get all of our ideas from anyways.

Celebrities wear the designers’ brands, and then it gets passed down to the rest of us. So by doing the hard work for everyone by checking out and analyzing someone’s style, you have a YouTube channel on your hands.

Some vloggers that do this don’t want to show their faces, while others prefer to be known for this kind of work. It is really up to whoever the vlogger is and the type of video. Since we want to see the celebrity’s style it makes sense that they would be the focal point of the video.


vogue channel income

Vogue is an amazing example of faceless fashion YouTube channel ideas because they have different types of video sectors to watch. Some do have faces, and some don’t. (see channel)

For instance, their video “Every Outfit Gigi Hadid Wears in a Week” has over 1.1 million views. Gigi is the host herself, and that’s why you can bring in other people to be a guest on your fashion show.

This isn’t even their most popular fashion video. “73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West” has more than 61 million views.

The channel itself is incredibly successful and has more than 12.4 million subscribers. So what do these kinds of numbers produce in terms of revenue?

It’s estimated that Vogue makes more than $2 million annually from its viewership. This is mostly thanks to the celebrity guests that they have come out to make content for them.

British Vogue

british vogue fashion YouTube channel ideas

British Vogue is important because while it is technically still Vogue, it caters to a specific crowd which shows that YouTube niche sections can be a big hit as well. They do a lot of celebrity-style videos and analysis, which further proves why it’s on our list of faceless fashion YouTube channel ideas.

One of their more interesting videos in the last year is “Lady Gaga On The Meat Dress and 19 Other Iconic Looks” which has more than 3.4 million views.

British Vogue has more than 1.35 million subscribers, which still makes it a pretty successful YouTube channel idea to learn from. It also means that you can have more than one channel doing similar things as a YouTube vlogger.

They have a fun channel called “In My Bag” within their YouTube blog. They have celebrities open up their bags and talk about them. Mostly all iconic designer bags, which is a great idea.

They are estimated to bring in more than $205,000 annually in addition to the regular vogue channel that we mentioned above.

Modern Gurlz

Modern Gurlz revenue

Taking a different approach to celebrity style is the YouTube channel Modern Gurlz. They have a few different sectors and channels, such as analyzing the outfits from different popular shows.

For instance, one of their videos, “analyzing the outfits in euphoria,” has more than 1 million views. This is a section that they call “outfit analysis.”

Another really cool section they have is called “fashion: a history,” which looks at the influence of several iconic shows and movies.

For instance, “How Sex and The City Changed Fashion in the 2000s” has more than 1 million views as well.

Their total subscribers are more than 604,000. Their most popular video, “Why Did No One Understand the Met Gala Theme?” has more than 3.9 million views. For this loyal following, they are estimated to make more than $109,200 annually.

Modern Gurlz is one of the best faceless fashion channels to look through because of its constant creative spin. From analyzing Cinderella’s ball gown to talking about relevant shows and the fashion they bring, they cover it all.

There are also not many YouTube channels reflecting the same ideas, so there is certainly room for another channel like this.

Second Type of Fashion YouTube Channel Ideas

Looking At Fashion Leaders’ Lives

Sometimes, it’s important to know more about the designers and the brands rather than the clothes themselves. That’s why we wanted to include some examples on our list of fashion YouTube channel ideas that analyze important people like Anna Wintour.

What would fashion be without these people? That’s why there is a huge interest in videos that depict their lives and how they got to where they are in the fashion industry.

The Things Celebrity – Anna Wintour Story

YouTube channel ideas for fashion

The Things Celebrity analyzes the lives of the rich and famous, but this video, in particular, takes a deep dive in Anna Wintour’s rise to fashion fame. This is arguably the best example of faceless fashion YouTube channel ideas because it’s simply just analyzing.

This video compares Anna to the popular movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and deeply investigates whether the movie depicts a true story of a fashion mogul. This idea can be easily done with other brands and other important fashion leaders.

This channel has more than 8.6 million subscribers. With a good following such as this, they are estimated to make more than $822,800 per year.

Fashion Trends and Advice

Ultimately, one of the biggest sub-niches within the fashion and YouTube channels is giving fashion advice to the masses. This is great for YouTube channel ideas for fashion because so many people deal with the same problem of ordering something online for it to not fit when it comes in person.

Or someone may just not have the creativity to piece together their wardrobe. There are tons of different bloggers that have successful channels featuring different content.

A great example is an unboxing theme. The Kardashians are famous for doing this. Unboxing new clothes is certainly a popular theme.

It’s also common for vloggers to try on popular pieces from stores like Zara, H&M, and Forever XXI. This is because they mass produce and it’s hard to know if it’s true to size. Many also want to get the best finds for the best budget. These are just a number of ideas.

Double Vanilla

Double Vanilla may not always be faceless but it’s a great example of a fashion blog that appeals to your everyday shopper. They make the list of fashion YouTube channel ideas because of creative ideas like “Zara Haul Try On’s.”

These videos get more than 10,000 views. But their most popular video comes from a series called, “What’s Everyone Wearing in Paris?” This video has more than 836,000 views.

This channel itself has more than 95,200 subscribers and is estimated to make more than $68,500 a year. This is a full-time salary and is a good example of a vlogger making good money who is also not a well-known fashion magazine or media outlet. While she may not be faceless all the time, it is easy to stay anonymous in videos like this.

Glamour – 100 Years of X

Glamour - 100 Years of X

Glamour has a few videos that are interesting to take a look at. They are called “100 Years of X Fashion.” They fill in the blanks whether it be that they are talking about teen fashion, fashion for boys, or 100 years of dresses.

These videos are incredibly interesting because they show the fashion trends and evolution over the last 10 decades. For those who are super interested in fashion itself rather than just clothes, this is a fascinating topic.

In fact, “100 Years of Dresses” has more than 10 million views. “100 Years of Bikinis” has more than 3.5 million views.

The fashion brand’s YouTube channel itself has more than 4.57 million subscribers. With successful numbers like these, they are estimated to make more than $293,000 per year.

Third Type of Fashion YouTube Channel Ideas

Fashion Hacks

Another incredibly popular section of fashion YouTube channel ideas is to give everyone the fashion hacks they need. Hacks in general are an incredibly popular topic because who doesn’t want to make life easier?

It’s also incredibly frustrating to buy something and all of a sudden it’s way too big. But with a good fashion hack then you can suddenly make it fit.

Whether you want to make compilation videos or you just focus on one hack at a time there is a lot of opportunity and room for growth in this sector.

That’s why we have taken a few examples (though they are not faceless they could be) and list them below. Let’s take a look at these YouTube channel ideas for fashion.

123 GO!

123 GO!

123 GO! Is a channel that devotes itself to hacks in general. But they have a great example of girly clothes hacks that are worth taking a look at.

SMART DIY CLOTHES HACKS AND IDEAS – Fashion Girly Hacks by 123 GO!” is a great video for inspiration. The video brings a little comedy into the different scenes by showing how frustrating things are like having worn-out black pumps that clearly need some good tender love and care.

This video in particular is about 10 minutes worth of backs compiled together. And their YouTube channel has more than 12.1 million subscribers. They are estimated to make more than $1.4 million dollars a year because of how great their viewership is.

5 Minute Crafts – 22 Clothes Hacks

Similar to 123 Go, is 5 Minute Crafts which is a DIY hack channel where you can find tons of DIY hacks. However, the particular “22 Brilliant Clothes Hacks” video has a lot of creativity jam packed into 11 minutes.

They offer things like how to make creative jeans using newspaper clippings and cookie cutters. This video is a little different because instead of focusing on repairing old clothes, they offer cool ideas to make your clothes cooler.

It would be incredibly easy to do this idea without showing your face because you really just have to focus on the instructions which is what most of this video does.

Giving a close-up look is important so they can clearly see what the steps are. And at the same time, you can narrate the video and put closed captions on it if necessary so that the video can be accessible for everyone.

Their channel has more than 78.2 million subscribers making it one of our most followed examples. They are estimated to make more than $10.4 million a year in annual earnings.

Do you love fashion and want to start a YouTube channel around this? Profiting from YouTube is not hard if you know what to do to make it work. Take our training to get started properly.