Taking advantage of social media and online platforms continues to be a great way to make money. But with the money comes a price of privacy that not everyone is willing to barter with. That’s why there are many approaching the idea of faceless YouTube channels. This guide pulled together the best faceless family YouTube channel ideas.

family YouTube channel ideas

Family Educational Shows

A big hit with family YouTube channel ideas is to focus on educational content. Not only is this awesome for kids to learn something new, but you can make it interesting for adults as well.

This is a versatile subject that can go into many sub-niches. Think of world geography, animals, and interesting fun facts. To get a better idea, here are some great examples.

Example Educational Family YouTube Channel Ideas

4 Evergreen

4 Ever Green (see case study) is a great example of a faceless family YouTube channel idea because it covers interesting topics on animals from all around the world.

They have more than 2.94 million followers and have some of their most popular videos reaching over 5 million views. For instance, “10 Most Aggressive Animals in the World” has over 5,112,905 million views.

Their estimated yearly earnings would minimally come in at around $735,000 if they were being paid the smallest amount for their viewership.

This number can dramatically change well into ten million a year for top price and heavy advertising. This is one of many YouTube channel ideas for families.

NatGeo Kids

NatGeo Kids earnings

NatGeo Kids is the kid’s channel from National Geographical and offers incredibly fun educational videos about the world and who lives in it.

They have more than 727,000 subscribers and segments and shorts within their channel. For instance, in Season 1 Episode 16 of “Weird But True” SHORTS.

This channel offers weird facts that kids would find interesting because they are true. A video like this gets more than 38,000 views

If we had to estimate what their yearly earnings would be, Social Blade shows this at $117,700 at top dollar evaluation.

Sheep and Stitch

Sheep and Stitch is a great example of using family YouTube channel ideas to start a new hobby with everyone. You could apply this to different sub-niches. But for this particular channel, it focuses on how to stitch and knit.

They have over 437,000 subscribers that watch their tutorial videos. Since the focus is on the hands and the stitching guidelines, they never really have to show their face.

Their popular videos like “How to Knit a Scarf for Beginners” showcases more than 4.99 million views! With this kind of traffic, the channel is doing well.

Right now the channel is earning more than $50,000 but this is on the low side.

Family Cooking Shows

Family cooking shows are the ultimate go-to for faceless family YouTube channel ideas if you love to cook.

It is easy to keep your face out of frame because you want to give a close-up on what ingredients you are using and how they should be doing the same recipe.

Since there are unlimited things to cook, you can take this in many directions. You could focus on kid-friendly foods or family meals that everyone loves.

If you are a baker, you can do dessert and pastries only. There is a lot of room for flexibility in this YouTube niche.

Example Cooking Family YouTube Channel Ideas

Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes is one of the best family YouTube channel ideas to follow both in terms of faceless and overall cooking channels.

It has over 1.21 million subscribers for good reason. Recipes to Cook with Your Kids is a particularly engaging section of their channel that gains tons of viewership.

For instance, “Ultimate Cookies ‘N’ Cream Marathon” has gained over 9.1 million views.

With a channel like this with such a loyal following, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that they make between $100,000 to $300,000 annually. Most likely much more.

Babish Culinary Universe

This channel is a little more upscale in cooking however, there are tons of videos that are family friendly that are a big hit.

As one of the most popular YouTube channels for cooking, this chef has more than 9.93 million subscribers.

Nutmeg Ginger, Apple Snaps under his section of Binging with Babish has grossed more than 595,000 views.

As one of the most successful YouTube faceless cooking channels, they may earn $870,000 plus annually. We are looking at somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars on the higher end.

Family Positive Affirmations and Inspirations

Now more than ever, the world needs some positive encouragement. Feel-good stories for the family and inspiration have no shortage of opportunities when it comes to family YouTube channel ideas.

This can be an overall channel, or you can dip into areas like religion, sports-focused, family values, and so on.

Here are a few general positive affirmations and inspirational YouTube channels that you can draw inspiration from.

Example Affirmation Family YouTube Channel Ideas

Dare to Do. Motivation

This is a unique YouTube channel because it combines a cartoon and storytelling aspect with the inspiration and motivation niche.

They have popular videos like “How to Be Excited About Life” and “The Secret To Success” that combined have over 4.3 million views.

There are some even more popular videos with much more viewership reaching over 4 million views per video.

Their subscribers reach over 1.72 million, which is why they likely earn somewhere between $100,000 to $192,000 a year which is near $16,070 per month.

While they still have some fluctuation in their viewership, this is a great example of how a family can get into this kind of niche.

This is one of many YouTube channel ideas for families

Positive Affirmations

This is another uplifting YouTube channel that doesn’t feature any faces and is great for family ideas.

They are a relatively new channel that has amassed a decent following in the past few months.

This faceless YouTube Channel has just over 63,000 subscribers, with the most popular video focusing on affirmations about money and how to attract it. This has just over 3.5 million views.

This is a good example to include because you should know roughly what earnings look like for a starting out YouTube channel.

It’s estimated that this channel, with its viewing, earns somewhere between $15,500 and $250,000.

Keep in mind that low-end paying views come in around .35 cents to the dollar. High-end paid views come in at $4. This is usually a low estimate on Social Blade anyway.

Family Cartoon/Animation and Other Shows

If you have any talent for graphic design or animation then family cartoon and animation shows make for great family YouTube channel ideas.

There are plenty of products such as Adobe and its library of programs that can help make the production of a channel like this much easier.

You can even keep it simple and go with a less editing-heavy show. Sock puppets anyone?

Example Animation Channel Ideas

MicheLee Puppets

MicheLee arguably doesn’t have the biggest following, but they are on to something by providing stories through puppet sock plays. They only have 2,200 subscribers but the market demand for this niche is huge.

Just look at SockPuppetPardoy who has over 148,000 subscribers. While this is not kid-friendly it is a great example of how this niche has a lot of growth and opportunity.

Even with just 2,200 followers, there is some room to make a little money. At the minimum, there is a chance for $550 in earnings this year.

And looking at the higher end of things it’s possible they can make $8,800 in yearly earnings.

Videogyan Kids Shows-Children’s Cartoon Animation

Let’s start with the fact that this children’s cartoon channel has amassed 7.99 million followers.

They produce real shows for kids to watch on YouTube and have many seasons so they continue to gain new subscribers daily because of how much great content they push out.

Their popular episodes have more than 100 million views, such as TooToo Boy – Christmas Wishes Episode” video.

For a popular YouTube channel like this, you can guess that they may make between $1.5 million a year and tens of millions. The number depends on how engaged and loyal their subscribers are to their everyday content.

Family Sports Shows

Some kids and their families bond over sports. So you can make a number of sports shows that would appeal to this kind of niche.

You could focus on one type of sport or branch out into many different sports or just weird facts about sports. Here are some great examples.

Example Sports Family Channel Ideas

NBA Zone

NBA Zone is a great example because it focuses on being the inside scoop for basketball lovers.

Kids love to gossip about trade rumors just like adults do. This channel has just over 226,000 subscribers and they are continuing to grow.

Some of the most popular videos include “NBA Players React to Kobe Bryant Passing Away” which has massed over 4 million views.

With a channel like this, you could see yourself making somewhere between $56,000 a year and just under a million annually.


Touchdown is the football version of the NBA Zone and another great example.

They have over 226,000 subscribers which makes them on par with the NBA Zone.

Some of their most popular videos include over 3.6 million views which makes it slightly more profitable.

This channel may make somewhere between $60,000 a year and just over $1 million annually.

Family Read-Alongs

There is nothing that kids love more than being read to. Well, at least it is something that most kids love.

It’s a relatively easy YouTube channel to execute because it technically just requires you to read a book.

You can present it in many ways. You can keep a blank background and provide subtitles for parents and kids to follow along.

Or you can even show the actual book and the words as you read them. This is more common with picture books.

If you want to combine the other niches such as animation you can turn this into more storytelling than it has to be reading.

Example Read-Along Channel Ideas

Fairy Tales and Stories For Kids

family YouTube channel ideas

This is a prime example of family YouTube channel ideas because it combines so many sections.

It uses storytelling and animation to get kids ready for bedtime which is a win for both the kids and the parents.

They have accumulated more than 1.89 million followers making them one of the most popular YouTube channels in this niche.

Their “Rapunzel Story Bedtime stories for kids” story has more than 72 million views which is why they earn a decent living from this channel.

Likely they earn somewhere between $476,000 and up from their content.

T-Series Kids Hut

Interestingly enough there is a channel that is even more popular than the one listed above.

T-Series Kids Hut focuses on more than just bedtime stories but uses this as one section. They actually focus more on animation and kids’ shows, but it’s worth knowing that it can go into either category.

This channel has more than 2.72 million subscribers.

Because of this kind of success and with some videos reaching more than 36 million views, it would be no surprise to learn that they earn more than $400,000 of revenue annually.

Keep in mind with the videos you do have a little more of an output than you would with other channel ideas.

To start a YouTube channel with your family like those shown here or maybe you have another idea, learn the steps to make it profitable. Get our Faceless Channels course to start, grow, and succeed with faceless channels on YouTube.