If you want to make money on YouTube with faceless YouTube channels, you will need to pick a niche. In this guide you will find 116 amazing faceless YouTube niches with examples to help you choose the perfect niche for you.

faceless YouTube niches

Best Faceless YouTube Niches And Examples

Below are 116 faceless YouTube niches you can use to make money on YouTube.

360 Video

The 360 Video niche is one the best faceless YouTube niches because the amount of views these videos get is absolutely incredible.

Our first example of a 360 video channel is 3d vr 360 videos. This is a YouTube channel that creates 3D 360 videos in virtual reality. Using your phone, touch display, gyroscope sensor, or VR headset, you may look around in any direction.

This is a totally faceless YouTube channel that has over 2.1 million subscribers. They have a video with over 100 million views and others over 20 million.

Another channel in this faceless YouTube niche is VR Planet. They have over 680,000 subscribers and Social Blade reports that this channel makes from $1,300 to $21,400 per month.

Learn to take these ideas and create a profitable YouTube channel.


Next on our list of best faceless YouTube niches is the affirmation niche. This niche consists of faceless videos that contain positive affirmations.

An example of a channel doing this well is Fresh Affirmations. Their videos are made with simple stock video footage and voice over.


The airplane niche is next on our list of faceless YouTube niches. This niche can be anything related to the airplane industry such as information about planes, tutorials, or news.

A great example of this is the YouTube channel Dj’s Aviation. This faceless YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers. They use easy to create videos with plane footage and voice over.

Airplane History

Next on our list of faceless YouTube niches is airplane history. This is a niche about airplanes but focuses on the history of planes.

A great example of this is the YouTube channel Dark Skies. This channel has over 356,000 subscribers. Their videos are made using stock airplane photos, video footage, and voice over.

American Football

Next on our list of best faceless YouTube niches is the American football niche. The focus here is anything related to American football. This could be news, analysis, or top NFL 10 lists.

Two channels that use faceless YouTube videos in this niche are TOUCHDOWN and TPS. TOUCHDOWN has over 193,000 subscribers and TPS has over 1.1 million. Each channel creates videos using photos, footage, and voice over.


This next faceless YouTube niche is archeology. The main focus in this niche is talking about archeological artifacts and discoveries.

A channel doing this well is called Amazing Stock. They use footage, photos and voice over to create their videos. With over 648,000 subscribers, they are doing quite well.

Arts And Crafts

The arts and crafts niche is quite a large niche with many successful faceless channels. Most of these channels show simple videos showing crafts and various life hacks. They do this without ever showing their face.

One successful channel called 5-Minute Crafts Teens has over 9.4 million subscribers and
has many viral videos.


ASMR refers to the sensation that people experience when they watch exciting videos or engage in other activities that require particular attention. Many patients report the sensation as “tingles” running down the back of their heads and spines. Others describe the sensation as very soothing, even causing them to fall asleep.

Various typical triggers, such as whispering, personal attention, sharp noises, and slow motions, are suggested to boost mood and even pain symptoms in ASMR.

The ASMR video niche is a huge market on YouTube.

One channel that combines gaming and ASMR is ASMR Gaming News. They have combined two popular niches into one, gaming and ASMR. They talk about gaming news in a soft relaxing whisper.

Bad Neighborhood Tours

Next on our list of faceless YouTube niches is a niche that you may never knew even existed. This is called bad neighborhood tours.

Videos are created in this niche by simply taking video as the creator drives through bad neighborhoods. You may not think people would watch this, but they do.

A great example of this is HoodTime and kimgary. Both channels have over 100,000 subscribers and both have videos with millions of views.


Baseball Doesn’t Exist is a great example of a faceless YouTube niche specifically geared toward baseball.

They create videos with baseball clips and voice over narration. With over 235,000 subscribers, they are doing a good job of creating content people like.


Next on our list of faceless YouTube niches is the niche of basketball. There is so much that can be done in these niches from stories, news, and analysis.

Austin Sweatt is an example of a faceless channel (although he shows his face on his channel but not in videos) that uses faceless videos to do basketball content. This is done with clips and voice over. With 443,000 subscribers and growing, he is doing things right.

Bedtime Stories

The next of your faceless YouTube niches is bedtime stories. In this niche channels focus on mainly content for kids.

Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids is a channel with over 1.5 million subscribers. Their content is animation with voice over. Another channel called Bedtime Stories has a different focus and that is to tell creepy bedtime stories using illustration and voice over.

Book Summaries

This next of the faceless YouTube niches is quite interesting. Talking about books you have read and giving the summary is all that this niche is.

Productivity Game is a great example of a channel doing this well. They use graphical elements and voice over to create their videos. These videos could be easily outsourced on Fiverr.

Business History

Business History is one category that is great for faceless YouTube niches. You can dissect the business industry as a whole or talk about specific successful businesses and their history. Picking a well-loved industry such as coffee is just one of a million ideas.

Business Casual does a fantastic job at this by focusing on a number of interesting concepts. Their video on Starbucks growth and success has over 292,000 views!

Business Ideas

It wouldn’t be a list of faceless YouTube niches without business ideas making the cut. Everyone loves the idea of becoming financially free but generating their own inspiration for business ideas can be a little more challenging. There are endless opportunities for this space if you’re someone who’s creative.

Young Entrepreneurs Forum not only helps rattle off business ideas but also provides great ideas and advice for those who already have businesses. They have 717,000 subscribers that love their page and consistently interact with it.

Business Technology

Next on our list of faceless YouTube niches is the business technology industry. Tech is a big business and there is so much to be shared whether it’s news, company breakdowns, or even understanding where the future of big tech and business is headed.

The Economist certainly covers a lot of areas but one of their more interesting dedicated sections always comes back to analyzing big tech and what their impact is on the economy. One of their videos this year, “How to deal with big tech” has over 103,000 views!

Cash Stuffing Videos

Believe it or not our next faceless YouTube niche is dedicated to cash stuff videos. Not everyone knows how to probably do this or even understands it’s an option when it comes to budgeting and storing money outside of your bank.

One of the best examples of this is Monet’s Money. She has a month-by-month tutorial on how to do it and the best ideas for budgeting. This channel has over 17,500 subscribers and offers close up and aesthetically pleasing videos on what normally may not be the most exciting subject.


Cars are a hobby for many which is why there are so many different ways to offer an interesting faceless YouTube niche dedicated to car reviews, car news, or car history. Even beyond that there are so many sub-genres within this niche.

Driver61 has a number of their videos dedicated to interesting information about cars. Their video dedicated to Dragster Tyres has over 10 million views.

Car Spotting

An interesting faceless YouTube niche that is worth pursuing revolves around car spotting. Whether it’s finding classics on the road or souped up luxury vehicles that belong to celebrities, fans love to see these cars in action.

Effspot has nearly 800,000 subscribers and dedicates a portion of their videos to crazy cars often spotted in Los Angeles or in Beverly Hills.

Car Tour

Car tours can be incredibly helpful for those who are trying to research when looking for a new car. Not everyone wants to go in and test drive a bunch of cars which is why offering something online to narrow down the search can be extremely helpful.

MilesPerhr does something interesting where they offer a few videos that focus on seeing the car through their POV as if you were the one checking the car out. With over 244,000 subscribers these videos get tens of thousands of views!


Celebrity news, gossip, and trends is such a great faceless YouTube niche because of how much content there is to go around. You can talk with a celebrity fashion focus or break down the week’s latest drama and get lots of viewers.

Celebrity News is a channel that offers celebrity gossip, news, and information in several different languages depending on the video you are viewing. With over 3.44 million subscribers, this is one of the best celebrity niche channels.

City Tour

Not everyone can take a trip around the world or even to all the cities in their country. That’s why faceless YouTube niches dedicated to city tours is a great idea. You can give a tour of the whole city or make it specific to a food city tour or special landmarks.

4K Urban Life is a channel that offers beautiful city tours from some of the most popular destinations around the world. Their one-hour Venice Walking Tour has over 3.6 million views.


Comic books and comic strips are still very much a thing of the present. This interesting niche has created opportunities for faceless YouTube niches to generate super original content. Whether you want to talk about the latest comic books or devote your channel to Marvel or DC Comics there are a lot of fans waiting to subscribe.

Comics Explained is a great channel that explains comics by using voice over and panning videos of comic books and strips. They have just over 2 million followers!


Cooking is a large category but the amount of faceless YouTube niches are endless. You can showcase cooking recipes or you can talk about cooking tools you need to operate certain kitchen appliances.

Tasty Recipes has 1.09 million subscribers and growing and is constantly posting easy how-to recipes that focus on showing the ingredients and your hands.

Crime Stories

Crime stories is an interesting niche because it sparks an interest in getting answers for everyone. The genre is in books, podcasts, and even in YouTube channels breaking down real crime stories and whether they have been solved or not.

Crime Zone has a show on their channel called crimes of the week where they tell a true crime story through video, voice over, and pictures. These shows get around 40k views per episode.

Criminal Psychology

Criminal Psychology is part of the reason why many love a good Dateline. When it comes to faceless YouTube niches, criminal psychology gets a lot of attention because users want to understand unfathomable cases.

JCS – Criminal Psychology has over 4.7 million subscribers and breaks down unusual or bizarre cases that are thought provoking for users to follow along with.


If you love cruises then reviewing the best cruise tours or even sharing your experience on a particular cruise tour is always a great idea. Users love to experience these sorts of things before actually experiencing themselves to feel confident investing in a trip.

Harr Travel offers full cruise ship walkthroughs which is incredibly useful when looking to book a trip. They have over 67,000 subscribers and post a number of different sub-genres in this niche.


Cryptocurrency has taken off in the last few years but many people are still trying to figure out exactly what it is. A YouTube channel dedicated to understanding the market or talking about a specific crypto could be a huge hit right now. You can even just share your own investing and portfolio experience.

Satoshi Stacker does a great job of breaking down the market with 257k subscribers. This channel mostly focuses on big news that could change the market.


While Dinosaurs are extinct the concepts and educational interest around them are still very popular. Ideas could surround educating people on the different types of dinosaurs, Dino history, or even a fun fact channel for kids.

Club Baboo has a lot of animated videos for kids covering funny dinosaurs and interesting facts. They are a great example as they have over 685,000 subscribers.


Dog videos are some of the most searched videos on the internet. There are many faceless YouTube niches even within this particular niche. Funny dog videos, dog breed fan pages, among many more are just a few different spins that you can take.

Dogumentary TV features a number of videos that either hire a trainer or just focus on the dog itself to break down different breeds. The entire channel has over 688,000 subscribers.


Whether it’s creating your own short story dramas, offering theater advice or even just dishing on the latest drama there are many different ideas in this niche to take advantage of. Recap videos are some of the best videos to approach this genre.

A good example of this is Spill Sesh which has over 618,000 subscribers. They dish on the latest drama and news.


Drawing has a high spot on the faceless YouTube niches because there are so many different ways to showcase this and create a channel. You can offer tutorials on drawing or you can talk about the most famous drawings of all time.

Draw So Cute offers many different tutorials and recently have had a holiday inspired number of tutorials. They have over 2.92 million subscribers. While the face of the creator is seen in the channel’s header graphic, the videos are faceless.

Another channel in the drawing niche is How To Draw and Paint. This channel does quite well with over 271,000 subscribers.


Next for best faceless YouTube niches is the drone category. Drones have become increasingly popular and there is an interest in education or just watching spectacular footage itself. Drone crash courses are also a great idea for those aspiring to start a YouTube channel.

Blending two categories is Nature Relaxation Films that has quite a few 4K drone footage videos on their channel. Their Flying Over Norway video has over 23 million views.


Economics is something that some people hate in school but then love learning about afterwards. While The Economist is an obvious successful example there are quite a few more options out there for inspiration.

Economics Explained is another popular option that has over 1.5 million subscribers and tons of content for learning.

Electric Car

Electric vehicles mainly bring our attention to Tesla and Elon Musk but the reason it’s a part of good faceless YouTube niches is because the entire sector can be dissected and compared. For instance other car manufacturers have their own electric vehicles but are not nearly as popular.

Top Electric is a YouTube channel devoted to talking about this industry with the latest updates and important things we need to know when entering the market. They are a new channel but have quickly grown to more than 90,000 subscribers with great content.


Engineering is a complex subject that has everything to do with what’s around us. That means there is so much content to talk about from an educational standpoint or just a conversational approach. From ship engineering to Tesla these are two hyper focused examples of the niche.

Real Engineering brings interesting engineering subjects into conversation and breaks them down in video graphic YouTube channels. Many of their videos have more than 7 million views!


Next on our list of faceless YouTube niches is a category that falls under sustainability. Farming is something that is learned in schools with an agriculture concept. Whether it’s farming tutorials or educating the population on how the farming system works, there is a lot to talk about.

TechFreeze is a YouTube channel that actually collides two worlds. They show off how the latest tech advancements through big trucks and tools that affect farming. They have just over 2.5 million subscribers and they are growing fast.


Fishing is up next for our faceless YouTube niches list because there is such a great demand for it. You can talk about different types of fish or showcase fishing expeditions. Limits don’t end here either as you can talk specifically about fishing tools or keep it more general.

This example shows how a faceless fishing video can be made in this niche. This video has more than 8 million views so these types of videos can work.


While food and cooking go hand-in-hand, food can take its own niche. You can talk about different food within cultures or nutrition behind food in easy-to-understand videos for an educational purpose. You could even host food competitions between friends.

Food Insider has a lot of interesting videos that aren’t necessarily recipes but offer a different type of “How To Videos” like How Cornish Cheese is made. That video alone has over one million views.

Football Soccer

Soccer is a worldwide phenomenon and arguably less popular in the U.S than other countries. Why not take over the space by offering a specific fan page to a particular team or player. Or you can do stats and game breakdowns.

Ronnie7M is a fan page dedicated to Ronaldo and some of his greatest moments. It has over 1.3 million subscribers and even posts some videos about football soccer in general.

Future Business

The future of business and the future of the world is a category everyone can get interested in. Whether you are making predictions or dedicate your entire page to Elon Musk’s inspirations and innovations for our humanity both can be a great success.

Faceless YouTube niches that focus on the future of business can do really well. One example is Intelligent Encounters. They predict the future of businesses and stocks and have just under 32 thousand subscribers.

Another is venture city which has over 280,000 subscribers so it is a great example of how to develop a channel in this YouTube niche.


Gaming is certainly one of the largest of faceless YouTube niches and there are many ways to make money on YouTube as a gamer. There is a lot of content to be done from breaking down gaming news, having others watch your game, or reviewing different releases. You can focus on a specific gaming console like XBOX or Playstation or cover the category in general.

MBG has over 91,000 subscribers and covers a whole lot of ground in the gaming industry. They show gamers POV so you can get to know the game before buying.

Another amazing gaming channel is Top5Gaming. This channel has over 5.2 million subscribers and has over 1 billion views on YouTube!


If you love plants and being outdoors gardening is a great idea to start a faceless YouTube channel. You can create tutorials or explain why certain plants work better in different climates. If you think about how many plants are out there you could just explain each type.

California Gardening has over 450,000 subscribers and has a lot of great information, tips, and how to videos.

General Health

There comes a time where we see ourselves caught up in WebMD self diagnosing ourselves. There is an interest in general health which is why tips and tricks or discussing common health issues is not a bad idea for a YouTube channel.

Life Well Lived offers tons of information on the effects of common things we interact with in our life. For instance their recent video on banana ripeness got a viewership of 3k in the first two weeks.

A better example is Body Hub with over 1 million subscribers and over 90 million views on YouTube.


Learning about the world has always been one of the more interesting classes. So next on our list is geography where you can focus on a specific continent or even a country. You can do shows with fun facts or post trivia content for your audience.

WonderWhy is a great example of a successful faceless YouTube channel. They mix a little history with fun facts and break down interesting geography all over the world. They currently have over 761,000 subscribers!

Ghost Videos

While it’s not for everyone, some people love watching creepy ghost videos. These faceless YouTube niches put a little spooky in someone’s day regardless if it’s Halloween. If you are looking to tone down the creepiness then you can always do ghost cartoon stories for children,

Nuke’s Top 5 features tons of different ghost stories and videos to make everyone jump from their seat. It’s one of the top channels with the most subscribers on this list with more than 3.4 million fans.


Next up for faceless YouTube niches is golfing. There are a lot of ways to show tutorials without exposing your face. You could break down PGA tours or talk about the best and newest clubs on the market.

Tiger Woods is one of the biggest names ever in golf which is why it’s no surprise that a YouTube channel dedicated to him has quite a few subscribers. Tiger Woods Vids is relatively new and already has over 29,000 subscribers.


History doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of cool different events that can be talked about or discussed. History on a particular genre like sports history, or a certain city can be interesting for followers.

Amazing Stock focuses on archeology and the history of certain artifacts found. They have videos on recent amazing artifact finds that are doing very well.

Hockey Niche

Hockey is another great sport that has a lot of room for ideas. If you want to do commentary on games or review highlights these are two popular ideas. You may care to explain a certain position and how to play it or talk about executing specific plays as a team.

NHL has their own channel with top highlight reels with commentary and gets tons of views.

Another channel dedicated to hockey is OhNyquist and with over 60,000 subscribers, is a great example of how to tackle this niche.

Home Gadget

Reviewing home gadgets is a useful category that everyone can get behind. If you don’t feel like reviewing you can always go with an unboxing theme. You could focus on kitchen tools or gardening if you wanted to appeal to a certain crowd.

YouFact Tech introduces cool gadgets to everyone whether it be for the home or the car. With more than 340,000 subscribers this is a proven success in faceless YouTube niches.

Homework Help Videos

Tutoring and helping with homework is a hugely popular category that attracts subscribers of all ages and class genres. Whether you are a college-level English major or care to teach reading and pronunciation to younger kids, there are many ways to make this work.

Khan Academy is one of the most notable YouTube channels that specializes in this with over 7 million subscribers.

Check out this channel called The Homework Helper which is a great example of how to create these types of faceless videos.

International Travel

Most people don’t get a chance to backpack through Europe which is why faceless YouTube niches dedicated to international travel is insanely popular. You can keep it general or focus on a particular region or area.

Travel and Leisure offers amazing 4K videos showcasing interesting and beautiful parts of the world from rain forests to relaxing beaches. They have more than 28,000 subscribers.

One of the more popular international travel channels is Touropia with over 827,000 subscribers and more than 138 million views to date.


Investing can be difficult to understand which is why this category is on our list for faceless YouTube niches. Showing your audience what investing is but also telling them what you are investing in and why is a great idea.

Joseph Carlson does exactly that by talking about major companies that play a role in the stock market. He has over 228,000 subscribers and his videos are a great example of how to create faceless videos in this YouTube niche.

A few other examples of channels doing it right are Chris Invests and Cooper Academy.


Next on our faceless YouTube niches list is knitting. There are actually quite a few different ways to knit which is why tutorials are such a great idea. You can also show different products made of knitting or dedicate your channel to the best materials.

Sheep and Stitch is a trendy channel dedicated to showing you how to make cool products like cozy slippers in knitting. She has over 363,000 subscribers and is a great channel for inspiration.


Learning a language is a fantastic educational program that is getting more and more useful today. Whether you want to teach the culture of a language or specific vocabulary before going on a big trip it’s all useful content.

Duolingo does a great job of combining animation and storytelling with their videos to teach languages from all over the world.


Next on this list of faceless YouTube niches is the life hack niche. This is great because everyone can enjoy making things a little easier. This can be for all ages as it may be something useful for your home or land a little more on the fun side.

5-Minute Crafts Recycle has a portion of their videos dedicated to hacks. Interestingly enough this has a recycle spin on it which goes to show you can be completely original.

List Channels

Top 10 lists are an extremely popular niche on YouTube. An example of a channel doing this extremely well is Alltime10s. They feature top 10 lists of just about anything such as “10 Countries That Are Impossible To Invade” which has over 17 million views!

Your channel doesn’t have to feature just top 10 lists. It could be top 5, top 15, or any type of list.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is an interesting category and is next on our faceless YouTube niches. You can approach this category by exploring the topic with your audience sharing your lucid dreams. You can also create a playlist that encourages lucid dreams.

Brainwave Music does that and has over 1.2 million subscribers. If you are creative enough to make soundtracks this could be the avenue for you.

Luxury Niche

A lot of us could watch videos on luxury cars, homes, vacations, or airplanes all day long. This is partially why the Kardashians are so famous. By showing luxury walk through homes or showcasing luxury car reviews, you could pick up quite a following.

Anything that has to do with luxury and a lot of money is covered by Mr. Luxury. This channel has more than 653,000 subscribers and constantly gets high viewership on videos.

Make Money Online

Close to the self-help category is how to make money online. With the world looking to move remote this is a great idea. Whether you are listing current jobs offered remotely for users to pick up or you are taking on a particular field of remote work, users will be interested in this type of content.

Everyday Money shows different ways users can get online and start making cash. They currently have more than 123,000 subscribers.


Next for our list of faceless YouTube niches is the medical genre. Tutoring alone in this category could be a great avenue considering many graduates are preparing for the MCAT yearly. Medical news such as dedicating your page to the recent pandemic could also be a relevant path.

A great example of a faceless YouTube channel creating faceless videos in this YouTube niche is DocUnlock.


Mindfulness and meditation has become increasingly popular. Whether you want to take mindfulness and meditation and apply it to sport or you want to talk about relationships there are many different conversations that can be had and taught.

Headspace is a popular company that currently does animated videos. With a constantly updated library they have over 516,000 subscribers.

Meme Recaps

For our next faceless YouTube channel we focus on meme recaps. They are constantly being sent back and forth on Instagram and social media. Providing original funny meme recaps are a great way to gain viewers.

Gross Jean has more than 158,000 subscribers and makes meme recaps that get nearly double the views. With so much room for other channels this is a great space to get into.


Motivation is a great niche to get into. You can give your own motivational speeches or make compilations of other great speeches. The more creative you get in this genre the better it will be.

Mateusz M combines inspiration figures with music and speeches to make one motivational video. With these combined elements he draws 1.3 million subscribers and growing. His Kobe video alone had over 1.6 million views.


Movie junkies love a good review which is just one option in this genre. Other great ideas/niches regarding movies can be upcoming release dates or inspired short films made by yourself. You can even focus on a particular genre like romance or comedy.

Marvelous Videos as you may have guessed has a theme and they talk about all things Marvel. With a subscriber base of more than 465,000, they are a great example in the movie niche.


Mystery is a popular category which is why you can do a lot with it. Real life mysteries like solving the Bermuda Triangle or something a little toned down like children’s mysteries are all categories you can get into.

Origins Explained offers really interesting mysteries up for conversation. One video revolves around freaky Greek mythology creature mysteries. This video has over one million views. Not totally faceless, most of their videos are faceless though which offer inspiration on how to create these.

Dark5 is another great example of a channel that is dedicated to the mystery niche and doing it very well.

Nail Art

The beauty industry is one that is filled with different ideas. One particularly is nail tutorials and nail art. Whether you want to focus on specific looks or keep it general so you can add in a little holiday fun, many users will come to watch your videos.

A great example is the YouTube channel Cutepolish. They have more than 3.3 million followers and are constantly getting high-rated videos.

Narcissism Niche

Believe it or not on our list of faceless YouTube niches is the topic of Narcissism. It’s a topic actually a lot of people want to understand better or relate to. Through education or personal experiences you can host a channel dedicated to this niche.

A great example in this YouTube niche is Exposing the Narcissist. They create videos all about the topic of Narcissists. Seems like a very narrow niche but they are doing quite well.


NASCAR falls under the sports umbrella where you can showcase top highlights or offer commentary on the latest drivers and standings. You may even want to get into the niche a little deeper offering education on why NASCAR has certain brand sponsors.

The Iceberg has more than 45,000 subscribers and dedicates an entire playlist to NASCAR. They mainly attract NASCAR junkies but so can you by starting your own channel.

Natural Health

Homeopathy is certainly a trendy area and finding natural remedies to treat commonly experienced issues is a win for everyone. This could be something like tricks to treat a headache naturally or superfood ingredients to incorporate into your diet.

The Natural Health channel has a great way of showcasing the above because that is exactly what they do. They have over 233,000 subscribers and millions of views on their videos.


Numerology is next on our list for awesome faceless YouTube niches. This is a fascinating category where you can spend your time explaining the meaning behind numbers both in your life and in others. You can explain the meaning behind birthday dates and other important numbers.

Numerology Secrets is a channel dedicated to explaining numerology and different concepts. They have a growing base of over 48,000 subscribers and tons of viewership on their video explanations.


Nutrition is important to everyone which is why it’s next on our list of faceless YouTube niches. Whether you want to take it from an angle of a chef or aim it towards athletes you can create quite the following. There are constant updates to nutrition info from medical studies and breaking that down for your audience is a great idea.

In this niche a great example channel is called Bestie. They create health related videos all in a faceless format. With more than 4 million subscribers, you may want to learn from looking at their channel.


The ocean is a part of nature which is why so many people love watching videos that offer underwater footage. If you have that ability to create videos from underneath the sea this could be a huge hit. You could also talk about the educational aspect of the ocean and climate change.

Starry Sky provides unbelievable footage from underneath sea level to capture magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. They not only post videos but also offer live streams to put a spin on things.

Another example is the channel What Lurks Below. They create faceless YouTube videos of anything ocean related.

Painting Timelapse

Timelapse has recently been introduced to us in a more common way thanks to Apple. Watching paintings be created under timelapse is a niche that is seriously loved. If you have an artistic side this is one way to get views.

Daria Callie has a beautiful page offering interesting paintings with time lapse videos from oil to watercolor. Right now this channel has nearly 800,000 subscribers.

Paper Airplane

Next on our list of faceless YouTube niches is the paper airplane genre. This niche can be a lot of fun and really is for anyone to get into. Demonstrating how to make different types of paper airplanes can be a fun project for both kids and adults.

Foldable Flight is the best example of this with over 276,000 subscribers and tons of tutorials to follow along.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is something that is not really taught in our education system which is why it can be a great YouTube channel idea. Whether you want to get into the basics or go a little deeper into retirement accounts and investments is up to you. Either way you will have a listening ear.

SelfLearn-EN offers a personal finance course 101 teaching all the basic principles. They have more than 133,000 subscribers thanks to their easy to understand videos.


Not all of us can have a pet at home which is why staring at pet videos on our lunch break is a very worthy use of time. The pet niche has many creative avenues such as showing off your own pets or making compilations of funny pet videos. You could focus on a specific pet or keep it general for more content.

Funny Animal’s Life blends comedy with our pets and has over 1 million subscribers to their content.

Philosophical Questions

Next on our list of ideas for faceless YouTube niches are philosophical questions. Whether you took philosophy in college or not this is a great category to get into. You can cover concepts that provoke conversation or talk about certain methodology within cultures.

Einzelganger covers a variety of topics such as the meaning of the Yin and Yang among other concepts. That video alone harnessed over one million views.


Music is a large niche but piano and the tutorials that can go along with it is a great idea. You can show the keys being played during a song or review the best grand pianos. Talking about classic pieces compared to today’s music is another idea.

A great example in this niche is PHianonize which is a YouTube channel that shows the close up of keys being played to teach different songs on the piano. They have over 758,000 subscribers and are still uploading fantastic content.

Planner Videos

Some of us go crazy over planning but don’t know where to start when it comes to creating our own organized schedules. Demonstrating how to organize with a system is a great way to gain a following. You can take several different creative approaches to this category.

Bullet Journal is one of the systems that have changed the planner landscape. In their tutorial videos they get millions of views.


Politics is something we often see with news anchors. But some people like to get right to their news which is why there is so much room for animated politics. Infographics is also a great way to approach the genre.

A great example of using screen capture and simply talking without showing your face is the channel Red Eagle Politics.

A unique way of covering politics with a faceless channel is used by Politics with Paint. They cover issues and political topics with bad drawings.


While it may seem counterintuitive next on our faceless YouTube niches is the productivity genre. Offering tips and tricks that someone can implement in their daily life is one approach. You could also rate productivity books like Atomic Habits. You could even do productivity software reviews like Keep Productive.

Or you could make productivity music like Greenred Productions – Relaxing Music. They have tons of content with focused music. They have more than 863,000 subscribers making it a great example.

Product Reviews

One of the most popular ideas is product reviews. Customers love seeing certain products before buying them to get honest feedback. You can focus on a specific product genre like the beauty industry or talk about year trends.

FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review channel is a fantastic example. Their angle is close up so you can get a real good look. They have over 11 million subscribers and that’s just for Disney toys!


Understanding how to program and code can be incredibly useful. Showing step by step tutorials is certainly one avenue to go. You could also explain all the uses for programming such as starting business websites for others or even your own.

One of the best examples of creating this type of channel is freeCodeCamp.org. This channel teaches people anything related to programming and with over 4.7 million subscribers, it’s doing it right.


If you loved taking psychology in school or have a general interest in it, having a dedicated show to it is a great idea. You can explain certain concepts and teach in a class setting sort of way. Psychology has also had a lot of experiments done that are interesting and worth breaking down.

Brainy Dose does all the above by talking about interesting concepts like different personality types and more. They have more than 1.7 million subscribers that love understanding behavior and habits.

Rap News

Rap news is next on our faceless YouTube niches because there is rich culture and history that surrounds this genre. Many from this community enjoy hearing news from this section whether it’s about the music or the rappers. It could even be about the rap industry.

An example of a channel doing this and for your inspiration is DomisLive NEWS.

Real Estate

The next genre on our list of faceless YouTube niches is real estate. There is a lot you can do with this section as you can provide home tour walkthroughs. This is especially great during the pandemic. You could talk about the business side of things by addressing the real estate market or offering an educational angle.

Studio GTA Real Estate Media in Toronto does the home walkthroughs beautifully and has nearly 30,000 subscribers following their content. Some of their videos however have topped over one million views!

Reddit Post Commentary

Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole when it comes to Reddit post commentary? Save users time by breaking down these posts whether it’s from a comic stance or an easier way to digest the information. There are so many posts that there is plenty of room in this field to go around.

Reddit Jar dedicates its page to a lot of different topics. Mostly these are conversation starters which is why more than 189,000 people follow their channel. Their video, “What Secret Could Ruin Your Life” from Reddit has over two million views.


Move over Cosmopolitan because your next YouTube channel is here and it’s dedicated to all things relationships. While you can certainly discuss romantic relationships, you can take things a different route and talk about family relationships or even your relationship with yourself. There are so many different ways to approach this topic.

The School of Life has a lot of great animated videos on relationships and common questions we have with them. Their channel has more than 7.2 million subscribers. They are a fantastic example in this category.


Next for this list of faceless YouTube niches is the category of riddles. Everyone loves a good brain teaser and there is no reason why you can’t share them on video. You can keep this very general, not limiting yourself to any ideas or pick a certain category of riddles if that’s more your thing.

A great example is BRIGHT SIDE which has tons of original riddles to keep followers on their toes. Interestingly enough they are one of the most followed channels we have on this list of YouTube niches with over 42.5 million subscribers.

Roller Coaster Povs

Having an experience without acutely having to go and physically experience it is becoming increasingly popular. Riding roller coasters is one of those popular niches that is widely followed on YouTube. It’s always a good idea to keep it general so you can keep making new POVS with no limitations.

Theme Park Review has over 1.75 million subscribers and they essentially give a rider experience on popular roller coasters throughout major theme parks.

Scary Niche

Scary, spooky, or horror, all fall along the same lines of category. You could showcase scary videos and talk about the top scary moments in different categories. You could focus on ghost categories or talk about haunted houses. You could even dedicate it to Halloween. There is surprisingly a lot of room in this category.

The 3K is a scary video page that has over 47,000 subscribers. They showcase top scary videos to get a thrill from their audience. The channels Chills is another example you can use for inspiration.

Scary Story

Scary stories can take a creative spin if you decide to approach this category with originals. You can also rehash and break down the scariest stories of all time. Scary stories have been around forever so you could keep classics alive by talking about them and reading them to your audience.

Horror Shorts Party has nearly a half of a million subscribers and they recount true horror stories. They even have a special Christmas edition around the holiday.

On a larger scale, Mr. Nightmare is dedicated to scary stories and has amassed a subscriber base of over 5.6 million subscribers and is growing strong.


Next up is the Science genre because it may have been boring for some in school but many are interested in everyday science once graduated. You could apply it to real life situations or talk about certain science experiments that are popular. You could even offer a tutor class on science subjects.

Power Vision is actually a channel that is dedicated to trying different experiments out and showers their audience the end result. They have more than 9.2 million subscribers and their live videos can get a few thousand views at any given point.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the next on our faceless YouTube niches because not only is it a cool concept but is super cool to see on video. You can offer POV scuba exhibitions or make compilations of the top scuba diving spots all over the world. You could also offer tips and tricks for beginners.

Our Coral Reef offers beautiful dive footage of reefs from all over the world. They have just over 13,000 subscribers but their videos get a lot of views, sometimes in the millions!

The video Top 10 Most Awesome Scuba Diving Spots Ever by MojoTravels is a good example of how to be in this niche with faceless videos.

Ship And Boat

Life at sea and the boats that people travel on is a big category that can take a lot of different angles. From cruise ships to the Navy these are just two examples. You could dedicate an entire channel just to breaking down the different parts of a ship from an educational standpoint.

Mustard is a channel that has a section dedicated to ships that are used in combat for military purposes. These videos have over six million views!

A better example is Casual Navigation that features everything related to ships and boats and with over 382,000 subscribers, is doing this niche quite well.


Next up on our list of faceless YouTube niches is space. Technically speaking you could have a YouTube channel just for SpaceX and Elon Musk’s adventures. But you could keep it general by having a channel that talks about space and our solar system. You could make it as complicated as you want or keep it at a kids level educational show.

The YouTube channel Voyager is a newer YouTube channel but is already showing great success. They have videos posted from three days ago that are already getting thousands of views for their news on discoveries from space.


Spirituality and faith has become increasingly popular when we talk about therapy, mindfulness, mediation, and other similar genres. But understanding spirituality can be something more difficult to comprehend then. Teaching this concept through a YouTube channel can bring in a lot of viewers.

Sports Video Game

The gaming industry is huge so anything that can be done there can certainly be applied to the sports video game world. Reviewing the top games in just the football sections or FIFA can gain quite the following. Or if you take a POV approach you can get paid for playing games.

TVF Gaming | Rohan Trehan has over 950,000 subscribers and puts together great videos on FIFA like top goals scored among many others. A lot of their videos get millions of views from fans.

Another great example is Sports Gamers Online which has faceless videos related to sports video games.


Stoicism is next up on our list of faceless YouTube niches because it is such an interesting topic that many would love to know more about. Whether you are talking about your own stoic way of life or teaching the philosophies of stoicism to your audience, this is a great way to enter the faceless YouTube niches genre.

The YouTube channel Philosophies for Life has videos dedicated to the art of stoicism and what the entire concept is about.

Street Food

When we think of street good we may automatically assume New York but taking this genre online for a YouTube channel could mean limitless cities. Showcasing the best street food around the world is certainly one idea or you could just stick to the streets of New York City. You could even show your viewers how to make the best street food.

Travel Thirsty is a really interesting YouTube channel that showcases street food from around the world. And you won’t believe some of their numbers. Their Japanese Street Food video has over 94 million views.


Super cars were once something that not many could understand because they were so expensive. Now thanks to great YouTube channels we get to see them up close. You may want to just dedicate your channel to one car but you could also keep it general. Blending categories supercar sightings are also popular.

All Cars is one of the vlogs that dedicates its channel to supercar sightings all over the world. They have more than 236,000 subscribers and their videos get hundreds and thousands of views.

Tech Tutorial

Technology is something that is evolving so quickly it can feel like it is tough to keep up. That’s why tech tutorials on how to use everyday tech can be super useful. A channel just focused on teaching how to use the IPhone and all their updates is just one idea. You could also do Android or other smart devices.

TechZone does this and has over three million subscribers! Most of their videos are breaking down cool tech gadgets for their users.

Unboxing Videos

You have probably seen on YouTube that unboxing or deboxing certain products is becoming increasingly popular. This is similar to a review but slightly different as it’s usually a quick show of a product and the general features or first impressions about the product. This can be dedicated to a specific genre like toys or beauty.

Dr. Debox is a fantastic example of this. They have more than 608,000 subscribers. You can also see social media influencers doing this all the time.

US Travel

US travel certainly can take its own niche when it comes to travel because the country is as big as Europe! You could focus on a particular state or even on a genre such as traveling the national parks. There are many different crowds that this niche can appeal to which is why there are so many different approaches.

An amazing example of this is The World According to Brigg’s as he talks about different cities and towns throughout the U.S. He has more than 708,000 subscribers.

V Tuber Niche

A VTuber is a virtual YouTuber that makes content with a virtual identity. This is normally going to take the presence of an avatar and the content circles around this. This is a relatively new niche and has so much room to grow which is why it’s a good space to get into.

VTubers is a very popular YouTube channel giving a great example of what this is. They have over 2.1 million subscribers. They also get millions of views on their content.


The vehicle niche is a popular one of faceless YouTube niches. Guides to operating a vehicle are actually some of the best ideas as most people don’t want to read through the operator’s manual. Since there are so many different makes and models of cars on the market, this particular niche offers a lot of content.

Mercedes Benz has their own YouTube page that has so many videos covering their cars from operating them to news about their line.

Another example is a channel called Mustard. This amazing YouTube channel has faceless videos about any type of vehicle. Their content is stock photos, video clips and voice over. These simple videos have helped them amass a subscriber base of over 1.2 million subscribers.

Viral Quizzes

Quizzes are something that most people love to take because they enjoy learning about themselves. Dedicating a channel to viral quizzes is great because it stays up-to-date with current times. You could make your own aspiring them to go viral or already work from ones that have gone viral

The YouTube channel 1 Million Tests creates faceless videos in this niche and some have millions of views.

Viral Stories

Viral stories is next on our list because there is a reason why people stay up late scrolling through viral videos and stories on their phone. Viral stories are a great way to keep your audience up-to-date on everything that is going on and can be a fun way to provide commentary.

The channel Viral Story is the go to YouTube channel example of this as they have more than 613,000 subscribers.

Voice Dubbing

Sometimes voice dubbing gets mistaken for voice over. Voice dubbing is incredibly valued because you mute the original audio from a clip, show, or movie and replace it with a target language so an audience can understand this. You could do this to make tons of content understandable in other languages.

Gronzly gets tons of video viewership on his videos demonstrating how he had his friends try voice dubbing on certain anime. Some of these videos get close to a million views!

Probably the best example of this that has had the best results is the channel called Bad Lip Reading. This channel has over 8 million subscribers and grows daily.

War Documentary

Next on our list is the war documentary genre. This can crossover into history but takes its own space because of demand. You can provide recaps or breakdowns of popular documentaries if you can even put together your own.

One popular channel in this section is Military History which has over 42,0000 subscribers. Some of their videos get over 2 million views!

Another is War Stories. This channel uses video clips, voice over, and music.

Wild Animal

Learning about wild animals in school was always an exciting subject. YouTube channels that talk about wildlife and animals in their natural habitat are certainly interesting. You could focus on a certain section of their world like the jungle or the desert. But you can also keep it general to keep your options open.

BBC Earth has more than10.5 million followers and offers very cool views of wild animals during the day and night.

Another great channel for inspiration is 4 Ever Green. This channel creates videos in the wild animal YouTube niche and has more than 2.4 million subscribers.


Working out from home has been a popular search for everyone this year. If you offer a specialty type of workout to keep things interesting this can be a great way to gain viewers. Another popular approach to this is to share your journey on a fitness challenge for others to follow along with.

Popsugar Fitness is an example of this offering tons of workout classes. They hire instructors so while it is not your face it is theirs. They have 5.8 million followers and are growing daily.


Yoga is a loved sub-genre from working out. There can be a focus on relaxation and stretching or more of a mindful approach. You can either do this by showing a view from the back or by hiring a trainer to do it for you. You could also show poses with animation tutorials.

Popsugar Fitness also does this with hiring different instructors. Their yoga videos get nearly six million views per session!

YouTube Growth

Finally, YouTube Growth is last on our list but certainly not least. Understanding how to grow your page is very important which is why it makes for a good channel. Providing stats and easy how to videos is high in demand.

Learn to take these ideas and create a profitable YouTube channel.