Becoming a popular YouTube sensation can replace the salary of a full-time job. What many don’t know is that you don’t need to show your face to cash in. According to StatSmash, Nonstop Sports has an estimated net worth of $902,000. With a new outlook on the market, you’re probably wondering where to start? That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of faceless YouTube channel ideas.

faceless YouTube channel ideas

1. Create A Faceless Story Channel

Many people love reading but just don’t have the time of day to do so. Faceless YouTube Channels dedicated to telling stories in any genre can be a big hit. If you are a news junkie you can provide weekly recaps for those who are busy.

For those who are creative either in writing or video animation, children’s stories are a great idea too. Bonus if they are educational or add life-lesson advice. Animated Children’s Books is a fantastic example of this. Taking things in a completely opposite direction Direct Weather focuses on weather storms using weather charts and voice overs.

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2. Create A Faceless YouTube Sports Channel

Sports have a lot of different avenues when it comes to creating faceless content. You can make compilation videos of the best sporting moments or focus on one particular sport such as football, basketball, or something that is lesser-known like Olympic canoe sprinting.

Or you could cover interesting perspectives like Nonstop Sports does. In one of their latest videos, they break down the rise and fall of John Wall.

3. Create A Comedy Channel

Sometimes being a stand-up comedian is difficult for those who enjoy making others laugh. If you take the stand-up in front of others away you can be left with a creative and funny YouTube Channel without showing your face. It can be as simple as telling jokes or putting together something similar to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Don’t let the creativity stop there. Some of the most loved and laughed at videos are the Bad Lip Reading channel. While the NFL section certainty gets a lot of love it can be applied to almost anything.

4. Create A Cooking Channel

This couldn’t be a faceless YouTube channel ideas list unless we included one dedicated to cooking. While sharing recipes and how-to cooking tips certainly hit big, there’s room for some terrible cooks as well. Blending comedy and cooking is one of many ideas. You can also go into nitty-gritty details like cooking tools, how to organize your fridge and many other sectors that fall outside of recipes.

But if you are looking for inspiration, Tasty Recipes is certainly a great example of how to make a successful cooking show without showing your face.

5. Create A Faceless YouTube Tours Channel

While creating tours has always been popular, showing people around became a creative path inspired by the pandemic. All of a sudden home tours were virtual walkthroughs and seeing a museum in Paris was available from your couch in Boston. Of course, this is a niche that can be scaled down or up.

Touring your local cities landmarks, best eateries, and more are just a few ideas. Touring the world’s best cities is a grander gesture. Studio GTA Real Estate Media in Toronto is a great example of home walkthroughs considering they have nearly 30k subscribers!

6. Create A Mindfulness Channel

Another area that has become quite trendy is pausing during life’s busiest moments to be mindful. But this can be difficult for some which is why a YouTube channel dedicated to providing different mindful tips can be such a hit.

Whether it is mindfulness during eating or mindfulness during driving there are tons of times to apply. All it requires is speaking and some pleasant background pictures or animation. Headspace offers many different videos on this and can be a great inspiration.

7. Create A Tutoring Channel

Tutoring is one of those ideas that can be done both with or without showing your face. In some cases for visual learners, it is a lot easier to provide infographics, diagrams, or charts to understand a concept. This is especially true in math or even in English when going over grammar. There are so many areas to cover from grade school to college or even something specialized like test prep.

While Khan Academy certainly has videos showing the faces of professors, they also have quite a lot of videos that just show examples in order to understand the concept. This can give you an idea of the types of faceless videos that can be created in this YouTube niche.

8. Create A Mental Health Channel

Understanding the reason behind people’s actions, belief systems, and thought process is an interesting concept. Helping others through offering advice on mental health and well-being are some of the best faceless YouTube channel ideas. You could focus more on today’s current issues (COVID effects) or explain mental health concepts and diagnosis through an educational approach.

Psych Hub does exactly that by offering a few different genres to their channel. You could also take a women’s focus or even a certain community that you relate to.

9. Create A Faceless YouTube Art Channel

Whether you are offering your opinion on the best paintings of all time or showcasing your own watercolor portfolio, art has a variety of options in the faceless YouTube sector. One of the biggest sections of this may be “How To’s” by showing your audience how you made a particular painting or drawing.

Art could also be exploring art concepts or going through art history. Whether you keep it general or find a niche this is a very lucrative sector. Great Art Explained is one of the go-to faceless YouTube channels for famous artwork broken down.

10. Create A Music Channel

Music is a worldwide passion and there are so many ways to share it. Without showing your face you can showcase your musical talents whether it be piano, songwriting, or something else. Some popular YouTube searches in the music sector include close-ups of the keys of the piano being played in order to teach a song.

An interesting and very popular music channel is done by Tim Janis. His spin is pairing peaceful music with aesthetically pleasing backdrops. Recently all of his releases have been holiday-themed. These are just a few of many inspirational ideas.

11. Create A 3D or 360 Experience Channel

While this type of YouTube channel may require some extra spending it is a very booming category. You’ll need a 360-degree camera but once you have that you can provide experiences such as riding roller coasters or virtual walk-throughs to your audience.

Faceless YouTube channels that already occupy this space are ones like 3D VR 360 Videos which hits a number of inspirational niches in this category. From Squid Game animation to a number of other categories, virtual reality seems limitless.

12. Create A Faceless YouTube ASMR Channel

This is a unique category because there is a huge emphasis on sound. ASMR revolves around making certain sounds that create a tingling feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The technique includes a variety of methods like tapping a microphone, whispering, among many more. In order to do this, you’ll likely need a great microphone that can pick up the sounds clearly.

One of the most successful YouTube channels that showcase this is “Coroma Sara. ASMR” which shows a zoomed-in focus so you can see what is producing the noise.

13. Create A Faceless YouTube DIY Tutorial Channel

Learning how to do something is a huge category when it comes to videos. The great thing is when it comes to faceless YouTube channel ideas DIY tutorials fit right in. Whether you want to make holiday crafts or a cheaper version of a product you love, all of it can be done without anyone having to see you smile. Or frown if it’s not going too well.

Girl Crafts focuses on one particular angle providing fun DIY crafts like pimping out your back-to-school gear and making unicorn key chains all with a close-up on their hands POV.

14. Create A Gardening Channel

Not all faceless YouTube Channel ideas have to gear towards a specific age group. A gardening channel can appeal to a wide variety of people which is why it can be so lucrative. There are a number of ways to approach this. You can give guides and tips on the best plants for specific seasons or show your audience the proper way to plant.

You may just want to show beautiful gardens around the world. Plant Abundance, although not a totally faceless channel, has a number of videos dedicated to a close-up view of their hands hard at work. They also have videos dedicated just to the plants themselves.

15. Create A Faceless YouTube Drone Channel

Drone flying has become both a recreational and commercial buzz in the last decade. The best part about the drone industry is that people both love watching drone footage and want to learn more about how to operate a drone and the requirements that the FAA issues. You could have YouTube workshop videos or simply show the types of footage you’re capturing over the weekend.

Drone Camp RC offers some faceless YouTube videos from instructional videos to reviews on some of the latest drone technology. Not a totally faceless channel, we included it to show you the types of videos that can be created in this niche.

16. Create A Faceless YouTube Technology Channel

Technology is rapidly changing and let’s be honest it’s hard for all of us to keep up. That’s why technology reviews, tech company news, and tech how-to’s, are all great faceless YouTube channel ideas. Within these categories, there is a constant revolving door of information that needs to be assessed in order for us to move along with society. You could do a whole channel dedicated to operating an IPhone.

Techzone is one of the more popular channels with more than 3 million subscribers. Most of their show revolves around discussing cool gadgets in a wide variety of areas.

17. Create A Faceless YouTube Product Review Channel

Product reviews on video is a popular market because customers actually want to see how a product works before buying it. This is something that wasn’t an option before which is why there are so many opportunities in this space. You can focus on a genre of products like beauty products or you can do something along the lines of the best products of the year.

A great example is FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review channel. They give a real close-up view along with their first impressions and review. They have over 11 million subscribers and that’s just for Disney toys!

18. Create A Faceless YouTube Life Hack Channel

Life hacks is an interesting category that requires a bit of creativity for faceless YouTube channel ideas. While you can review whether other people’s popular life hacks work, the most popular category is showing people how to do life hacks. This could be something from the home section or branching out into travel hacks. Anything that makes something easier can be thrown into this category.

5-Minute Crafts has a bunch of sub-channels that share a lot of different hacks. One of their more interesting ones is 5-Minute Crafts Recycle. Some of their recent videos feature holiday hacks around recycling.

19. Create A Faceless YouTube Beauty Channel

Beauty is an incredible marketing industry and despite what one may originally think, there are many great faceless YouTube channels. Whether you want to show tutorials with hair, makeup, or nails, or you want to review makeup products there are a lot of options. Share your own tricks or teach the basics, either way this is a great sector to gain a following

Cutepolish is a YouTube Channel that gets up and close to demonstrate the best nail art trends. You can go for a particular look or try them all but since nail art is endless there’s tons of room for ideas.

20. Create A Faceless YouTube Business Video Channel

Personal finance is just one example of the business sector that could be talked about on a faceless YouTube channel. You could also cover stocks, talk about Wall Street, or give budgeting advice. Business also falls into the entrepreneur category where a lot of people tune in.

One of these channels is called the Young Entrepreneurs Forum and it uses interesting animation and infographics to teach valuable content in this space. From popular ideas to creating business plans, there is a lot of ground that can be covered.

21. Create A Faceless YouTube Motivational Video Channel

Motivational speeches are something that everyone can get behind. You can write your own script to background music or you may want to put together a compilation of motivational quotes. It doesn’t always have to revolve around speeches either. It could be important sports moments with motivational music.

With over a million subscribers, Mateusz M demonstrates that anyone with video editing talent can make motivational videos too.

Mateusz M used his video editing talent and creativity to make motivational videos. With over one million subscribers he is a great inspiration to anyone who wants to do the same thing. While he does show his face on his main channel page, his videos are faceless and we added this to let you see how this might be done.

22. Create A Faceless YouTube Health and Fitness Video Channel

When it comes to teaching cardio classes it can be a little more difficult to not show your face. You can however hire different trainers to show their faces for your channel. It also is not limited to just yoga, strength, or cardio how-tos.

Health tips on healthy lifestyles is something that can be done without having to do the above. However, to show how it’s done PopSugar Fitness hires a bunch of trained professionals that specialize in certain exercises.

23. Create A Faceless YouTube Planner Video Channel

When New Year’s resolutions get a little closer most people feel that urge of motivation. Then they feel down because they don’t know where to start. Offering life coaching tips when it comes to planners and sorting your schedules out are great and useful faceless YouTube channel ideas.

For those who like to spark a little creativity Bullet Journal has its own YouTube page with how-tos on planning and creative ideas. This is just one type of journaling and creating your own method could also be a great idea.

24. Create A Faceless YouTube Experiments Video Channel

When we were kids in science class and finally got an interesting experience it was pure joy. There is a general draw to seeing how something is going to play out and why. That’s the reason why doing faceless YouTube video ideas circling around trying experiments out are so popular.

Power Vision dedicates its videos to fun at-home experiments that you can try on your own. If you didn’t think that this category could get a lot of subscribers, this channel alone is at just under 10 million subscribers today.

25. Create A Faceless YouTube Psychology Video Channel

Psychology plays a slightly different role than mental health. While they have certain crossovers psychology is more of an outsider’s view of concepts while mental health focuses on helping people. From explaining concepts to breaking down interesting experiments done throughout history, there is actually a lot of room for this category.

Brainy Dose is an interesting example of successful faceless YouTube channel ideas within psychology. They break down things like personality types, how to read someone, and more fun psychology concepts.

26. Create A Faceless YouTube History Video Channel

History is something that is taught in our educational system but is also something that people care about long after graduating. History as a subject can take a lot of different angles where it concerns faceless YouTube channel ideas. Fun facts, history about a specific place, or covering history as a whole are all doable.

A popular channel dedicated to archeology is Amazing Stock. They cover everything from recent discoveries to interesting finds. Putting a spin on history is what makes this channel well-liked.

27. Create A Faceless YouTube Literature Video Channel

If you aren’t a history nerd, no worries because those who love literature can share it from reviewing important pieces of literature throughout our history. Another idea is comparing how literature has changed to the present day and what concepts remain the same verse outdated. These are a few examples of covering this genre that can be a huge hit for faceless YouTube video ideas.

The School of Life covers a wide variety of educational topics but has a particular curriculum dedicated to Literature and analyzing important works through faceless YouTube channel ideas.

28. Create A Faceless YouTube Geography Video Channel

Wanderlust is a real concept which is why there are many different YouTube channels dedicated to exploring areas and shedding light on specific geographic locations. Geography could be done in an educational way or more of a fun fact and storytelling concept. If learning about the world is your passion this is a great area to consider.

WonderWhy blends all the above by offering videos with insight into certain country’s political systems based on geographic location and quick fun fact videos. You can zone in and be hyper-specific to an area or cover it in broad for faceless YouTube channel ideas.

29. Create A Faceless YouTube Future Video Channel

Faceless YouTube video channels have been popping up that talk about future technologies. One such channel is Venture City. This channel has many types of videos but devotes much of their time to creating faceless videos about future tech.

30. Create A Faceless YouTube Luxury Video Channel

Even if we try to hide it, it’s hard not to admit there is a certain appeal to binge-watching videos dedicated to a luxury lifestyle. Whether it’s staying in lux hotels around the world, checking out souped-up cars, or showing off million-dollar mansions, there is a draw.

Mr. Luxury offers a mix of the above by talking about the famous and rich while also checking out and reviewing their cars (see other car YouTube channel ideas). It can be even considered as inspiration when you go through the million-dollar home section.

31. Create A Faceless YouTube Language Video Channel

Learning a language definitely deserves its own category in faceless YouTube channel ideas. While you can certainly teach different languages it doesn’t just have to be class-like. You can talk about different cultures or focus on the universal language. Emotion. To take it a little more outside the box body language is also technically a language.

A more classic example of this is Duolingo. They use animation in their videos to help tell stories and teach concepts in a particular language. They also bring in elements of culture through their stories.

32. Create A Faceless YouTube Science Video Channel

Science doesn’t always have to be boring. And for those who love it will realize science can take faceless YouTube channels in a whole lot of different directions. While experiments would definitely be across there are specific science experiments you could demonstrate on your channel.

Or you could be like Smart Banana and cover interesting science concepts through interesting ideas. For instance, did you know Jupiter is protecting you from asteroids? This is just one fun idea of many YouTube concepts within this category.

33. Create A Faceless YouTube Horror Video Channel

While being scared may not be everyone’s thing it definitely appeals to a certain community. Sharing real horror stories or writing your own are just two main faceless YouTube video ideas that come to mind. You could also act out your own short film or create animation in this category for faceless YouTube channel ideas.

Nukes Top 5 offers an array of top scary stories in every category from ghosts to unsolved scary mysteries. While horror is specific it still covers many possibilities within the category.

34. Create A Faceless YouTube Quiz Video Channel

Taking quizzes is something that never seems to age. That’s how the videos feel as new users come across them all the time. Whether you become the encyclopedia of quizzes or you gear them towards a certain group of people, there is a lot of material to be discovered.

1 Million Tests gears a little more towards the feminine and fantasy side with quizzes like “Which celebrity are you?” and “what’s your magical name?” There are plenty of other genres such as career, sports, life path, and more.

35. Create A Faceless YouTube Travel Video Channel

Slightly different to geography but with crossovers is a faceless YouTube channel idea regarding travel. This is such a whole industry where you could focus on a continent, hotels, restaurants, or even airlines. Most people don’t get the chance to travel all around the world so seeing someone else take them there is always a lucrative idea.

The World According to Brigg’s is one of those accounts. From room tours to breaking down affordable towns to live in across the country, Brigg’s offers it all. Of course, he can’t cover it all so this is where there is room to enter.

36. Create A Faceless YouTube Self Help Video Channel

Ever notice how Barnes and Noble has a huge self-help book section? Well, as popular as that is there it is also popular in video form. While motivation and mental health could have some crossover there are also a lot of different approaches to self-help whether it be a specific area or general life guidance.

Practical Wisdom offers unique ideas on everyday life concepts to think about and possibly incorporate into your life. Some of this is reciting other’s work and some of it is totally original.

37. Create A Faceless YouTube Mystery Video Channel

Breaking down the greatest mysteries of the world is not something new. But it is something still relevant. Hello Bermuda Triangle anyone? Whether it’s dissecting these yourself or creating your own mystery puzzles for others to solve there are quite a few options on the table.

Origin Finds talks about some of these greatest mysteries and mysterious concepts in general that go unexplained for thought-provoking conversations. This is a sector that is not overly saturated and could be fun to get into.

38. Create A Faceless YouTube Cryptocurrency Video Channel

Cryptocurrency does in fact go under business but it is such a big concept and talked about phenomenon that it deserves its own section. Whether you want to break down specific crypto or help many understand the new concept of cryptocurrencies and even NFT’s.

Satoshi Stacker recognized this space and offers conversation starters, company overviews, and crypto investing advice. Since this is such a new market there is plenty of room to grow.

39. Create A Faceless YouTube Animal Video Channel

Who doesn’t love staring at cute puppy compilation videos? Animals can be a great way to zone out and brighten someone’s day or it can be very educational. You can cover dogs, cats, or obscure animals around the world. Offering pet advice is never a bad idea and one of many faceless YouTube channel ideas surrounding animals.

Funny Pet’s Life combines comedy and animals by showing the best laughable pet moments to put a smile on your face.

40. Create A Transportation Video Channel

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there that have a general interest in information regarding transportation. The history of the airplane, most advanced cruise ships or interesting train rides throughout Europe could all be great ideas and inspiration for a faceless YouTube channel.

Mustard is an entire channel dedicated to aviation enthusiasts, train lovers, and those interested in ships. With over 1 million followers these are lucrative faceless YouTube channel ideas and topics.

41. Create An Unboxing Video Channel

A more recent trend that is slightly different than offering comprehensive reviews is the theme of unboxing. This is just showing how a product looks out of the box and maybe the initial observations or general features. It sort of reminds people of opening presents on Christmas and interestingly has a great audience.

A good example of this is Dr. Debox, who has more than half a million subscribers for his faceless YouTube video ideas! Focusing on a particular audience would work for faceless YouTube channel ideas that focus on unboxing.


As you can see, there are endless possibilities to create profitable faceless YouTube channels.

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