YouTube was named the second most popular social platform in 2022. 2.56 billion people were using the platform to watch all sorts of videos. As a content creator, there is ample opportunity to earn money, even anonymously. This is especially true in the entertainment sector. That’s why we have composed a list of entertainment YouTube channel ideas to check out.

entertainment YouTube channel ideas

Entertainment YouTube Channel Ideas: Food Entertainment

The faceless YouTube niche of food is very profitable. There is a reason why the Food Network on TV is so popular. People love eating food, and they love learning to cook food.

But there is something that is incredibly fascinating watching other chefs bring inspiration to the table. You’ll also notice how this is one way to approach faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas.

Since you want to focus on good close-ups of the food, there is no real need to show your face. It doesn’t all have to be recipes, either.

Food entertainment can consist of going to restaurants and reviewing them or cross-sectioning with travel because what is a better combo than food and travel?

Let’s look at faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas in this category.

Food Network

Food Network

The Food Network is an interesting example because their shorts are faceless, but their videos are not entirely. However, what they do is host a number of chefs so that not one identity host is revealed.

Technically speaking, if you wanted to have a food channel featuring different chefs, you would still remain anonymous, and it’s not a bad idea!

The Food Network has more than 2.19 million subscribers, with their most popular video, “Most Shocking Moments, Worst Cooks In America” reaching over 12 million views.

This also demonstrates that there is some room for cooking comedy, as not everything has to be pretty.

Their second most popular video, “Hedgehog Cake”has more than 9.5 million views.

For these numbers, they are expected to roll in at least $431,300 per year. Not bad for some of their channel being faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas

Dancing Bacons

Dancing Bacons is a great example of entertainment YouTube channel ideas in the food industry because they take a focus on Asian food culture.

With Asian food being so prevalent around the world, they have been able to accumulate an audience of more than 2.78 million subscribers. Their videos cover a variety of topics from recipes to exploring street food in Asia.

Their most popular video, “Original Jiggly Cake Cutting” is the ultimate form of entertainment. It has more than 115 million views.

And to prove the concept wasn’t a fluke. Their second most popular video, “Original Chocolate Jiggly Cake Cutting” has more than 73 million views.

So, what does the payout from these numbers look like? Dancing Bacons are estimated to make more than $646,300 in annual earnings according to Social Blade.

There is a lot of room for this type of content in other food cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, American, and so on.

Walk With Me

For an example of a channel that has a smaller following, we will take a look at “Walk With Me.” They have more than 29,300 subscribers that love to watch their walking food tour videos.

This is a great section of food that has tons of different avenues to approach. Street food seems to be one of the most popular sectors which is why their top video, “Delicious Turkish Street Food Tour In Istanbul” has more than 2.8 million views.

Their second most popular video echoes the same thing, introducing another Turkish street food tour. This video has more than 2.3 million views.

For a YouTube channel that has this kind of viewership and following they are estimated to earn more than $11,000 a year. This is good for those who are starting out to see what it takes to start earning something through the platform.

Entertainment YouTube Channel Ideas: Comedy Entertainment

Who doesn’t love a funny show? Comedy is usually known as stand up, which is not usually done anonymously. However, there are a number of tricks and tips you can do to approach this sector.

For instance, you may make compilation videos of funny moments, whether it be with animals or other comedians. Compilation videos are also a big hit.

Comedy can expand into many areas which is why you can take it in any creative direction you want. As long as it resonates with your audience it is for sure one of the best faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas you can pursue.

Bad Lip Reading

faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas

Chances are at some point or another, you have come across Bad Lip Reading. This is a hilarious approach to comedy by putting voice overs on different movies, athletes, and other scenes that fit with the voiceover.

NFL Bad Lip Readings are some of the most popular. They have more than 8.03 million subscribers that watch their content.

Their most popular video, “SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)” has more than 129 million views. The video that comes in second is “The NFL – A Bad Lip Reading” has more than 72 million views.

For this creative approach, they are estimated to earn more than $179,600 a year. This is something that can be repeated or have slight variations for inspiration and faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas.

Daily Dose of Internet

Daily Dose of Internet

Daily Dose of the Internet dips into a lot of different categories. All of them are entertainment. One of their sections and some videos definitely fall under comedy and funny.

This YouTube channel has seen a lot of success, with 14.8 million subscribers. Within hours of uploading videos, some of their content can reach hundreds of thousands of views.

Their most popular video, “The Best of The Internet 2019” has more than 49 million views. This is a compilation video mocking funny videos that have surfaced on the internet.

A lot of their videos are silly, funny, and meant to be lighthearted. They are not complex ideas which is why anyone could start a channel like this.

They are estimated to make more than $3.3 million a year for this kind of success. We love this example for our YouTube channel ideas for entertainment.

Entertainment YouTube Channel Ideas: Kids Entertainment

Kids entertainment is a big hit considering many kids and families are turning to YouTube for content rather than cable television.

Kids’ content can crossover into many different sections from animated content to sock puppet shows.

Some production companies have moved full-time to YouTube producing shows and series uploading to YouTube because of how well it can pay per view.

Let’s look at faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas with this idea.

Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids

Fairy Tales and Stories For Kids

Fairy Tales and Stories For Kids is the ultimate animation channel for kids’ entertainment. We love this example of an entertainment YouTube channel idea.

They focus on their own spin on popular content and stories that parents and kids can watch before bed or really anytime. They have more than 1.9 million subscribers.

To gain some insight on the type of stories they tell, their most popular video is called “Rapunzel Story”. Here they take their slight variation with their own animations. They have more than 73 million views.

Their second most popular video is “Three Little Pigs” and this has more than 54 million views.

For this kind of dedicated viewership, they are estimated to make more than $440,500 per year. This just goes to show that kids entertainment on YouTube can be incredibly profitable.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids

PBS Kids has crossed over into YouTube as well. So this is an example of how a production company is also taking advantage of YouTube and its platform.

PBS Kids dips into a wide variety of categories but they certainly use a lot of animation to talk about different stories and educational content.

Their top three videos come from a series that they produce called, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”. Their first video has more than 190 million views. Their second has more than 82 million views.

The channel itself has more than 1.91 million subscribers. Besides their popular TV series “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” they also produce tons of other series and old-time favorites like Arthur.

With this kind of content and numbers, they are estimated to make more than $1.2 million a year. Not bad for faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas.

Entertainment YouTube Channel Ideas: Adult Entertainment

Not all content is made for kids. Some videos are more geared toward an older audience. Anime sometimes can be geared toward teens or adults.

But it also doesn’t have to be just animation. There are tons of channels out there that may be conversation starters, thought blogs, or funny material that is meant for 18 and up.

There is no real limit on where you can take this sector which is why there are a few entertainment YouTube channel ideas we have listed below.

Binge Society

entertainment YouTube channel ideas

Binge Society is a unique YouTube channel example because it takes clips from popular movies and replays them to binge-watch on.

Most of these movies fall under the adult content such as White Chicks or Jackie. It’s a great idea that has accumulated more than 6.74 million subscribers.

Their most popular video is called, “Minions: The Ultimate Weapon Clip” and has more than 104 million views.

While this may not be adult content the second clip comes from the King Kong movie. This has more than 74 million views.

Because of their grand following and the clips they share from movies, they are estimated to make $5.3 million in annual earnings. This is amazing for faceless entertainment YouTube channel ideas.

Company Man

company man

An interesting take on businesses comes from Company Man. This YouTube channel sparks conversations about companies and their financial success or failures.

Their content has awarded them more than 1.61 million subscribers. For instance, their top video “The Decline of Chuck E. Cheese…What happened?” has more than 5.8 million views.

A lot of their videos take a close look at big brands which is why the second most popular video, “The Decline of K. Mart…What happened?” has more than 5 million views.

With successful numbers like these, Company Man is expected to make more than $258,600 a year in salary.

Entertainment YouTube Channel Ideas: DIY Craft Entertainment

Similar to cooking, watching someone do crafts and provide life hacks is just as entertaining. Plus its useful information.

There are a lot of different categories that you can explore with this kind of content. It can be hacked for the home, kitchen, car, or whatever you think your audience will find useful. A lot of adults enjoy holiday decorating hacks as well.


Miguelito’sDIY is something worth taking a look at because it gives us start-up inspiration. They aren’t a major production company but instead, Miguelito is providing real DIY crafts right from his home.

The best part of his channel is that he provides multiple hacks in one episode to make our home’s look beautiful and catalog-like. He has a modest following of more than 78,600 subscribers.

His most popular video, “150 DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS + HACKS you Actually Want To MAKE” gives his fans plenty to stay busy with. This video has more than 1.8 million views.

His second most popular video has more than 572,000 views and gives you 60 more DIY hacks.

For this kind of viewership, it’s estimated that he makes more than $15,000 a year which is nothing to knock at.

5-Minute Crafts

This channel is great because it can keep your whole family busy. They have expanded into so many areas that they branch out from kids crafts to home hacks.

They have gathered more than 78.4 million subscribers for their content.

With this amount of success, some of their top videos have earned more than 284 million views. In fact, their second most popular video, “15 Funny Hacks That Work Magic” has more than 180 million views.

So, at the ultimate success numbers what kind of money do they get paid? Well, they are estimated to earn more than $11.3 million a year from their YouTube channel. They are the best YouTube channel ideas for entertainment.

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