There are so many different ways to approach doing a faceless YouTube channel. But one that everyone can get behind is showing off some dogs. There are a few successful channels that already exist but there is a ton of room for opportunity in this niche. That’s why we have come up with a list of faceless dog YouTube channel ideas.

dog YouTube channel ideas

Dog Information Dog YouTube Channel Ideas

There is a big need for dog information because there are so many breeds out there to choose from when picking out your furry friend. So this niche in particular is a big hit amongst dog YouTube channel ideas.

You can go in a few directions from focusing your channel on a particular breed or covering them all and what their differences are.

Other channels have focused on important things to know about dogs such as their veterinary information. Some channels come from actual vets while others focus on the information passed down from vets to dog owners.

As long as you are providing an education to readers on dogs, the channel is likely to have some good success.

Let’s look at some of the best faceless dog YouTube channel ideas for this section.


Dogumentary is a great example for dog YouTube channel ideas that don’t show your face. They cover a wide variety of topics such as their popular series, “All About Living with Dog Breeds.”

This section covers different dog breeds and important information that a dog owner should know before getting one. They are one of the most popular dog YouTube channels with more than 735,000 subscribers.

Their most popular video about dogs is called, “Vegas Super Bully Show” and has had more than 6.5 million views. With numbers like these, it’s estimated that they make between $3,100 and $49,100 annually. If you break this down monthly the numbers come in at $256 to $4,100 in earnings.

Veterinary Network

Veterinary Network

This YouTube dog channel is an amazing source of info for dog owners that have common questions about properly caring for their dog.

Great video examples include things like “7 Home Remedies for a Sick Dog” and sadly their most popular video, “5 Signs That Indicate That a Dog Is Going to Die.” The latter has more than 1.5 million views.

It’s no surprise given how valuable the information is. If you know a lot about dogs there are tons of questions that can be answered in this subject.

That’s why a channel like this makes an estimated $217 to $3,500 annually. It may not seem like much but with a few more popular videos this number quickly grows.

QBN Kennel

QBN Kennel is very niche when it comes to YouTube channel ideas for dogs. This is because this person talks about building muscle on your dogs. Particularly bulldogs and the different breeds they have.

They have a small loyal following of more than 101,000 subscribers. A few videos do feature the owner’s face but for the most part he focuses on the dogs themselves.

Their video “Dog Pack Confrontation” has amassed more than 1.1 million views. Their second most popular video which is “Building Muscle on Your Dog Fast and Easy” has just over 994,000 views.

With content like this they are estimated to earn somewhere between $1,100 and $18,000 in earnings annually. It shows that even in niche settings you can make good money from this.

Funny Dog Videos Dog YouTube Channel Ideas

OK, who doesn’t love scrolling and watching videos of dogs that make you laugh? Everybody! Which is why accumulating funny dog moments is a great idea.

It can be your own original videos with a dog or you can even make compilation videos from the internet. You will see that the most popular and successful accounts make videos from other popular platforms such as TikTok.

There are so many directions to take this. In fact, another great idea is to do voice overs and trendy memes with animals.

If you have some creative sense of humor, this can be a big hit. The good news is that this category never gets old because there is going to be new trendy content to work with and make jokes.

Look no further than these awesome dog accounts on YouTube that kill it showing funny dog clips and videos.


Fluppy is a whole lot of fun and uses humor to take advantage of dog YouTube channel ideas. Their most popular video numbers are astonishing.

Dogs Doing Funny Things – TikTok” is a TikTok compilation of cute dog videos and has over 9.7 million views.

It’s no secret to success considering their second most popular video is another rendition of that with more than 6.6 million views.

Their total following is more than 84,400 thousand subscribers. Fluppy is estimated to make minimally $1,300 per year. But on a high estimate it’s likely they could earn closer to $20,600 per year.

With so much dog content out there, you can continually make new videos to make people smile and laugh.

Pets Town

Pets Town

Pets Town also focuses on funny and silly dog videos for the viewers pleasure and good fun. As mentioned they bring in a creative humor side to add on to whatever the dogs do.

They have more than 916,000 subscribers because they also branch into other pets as well. But some of their dog videos are a big hit. “Top Funny Pet Videos” which features tons of hilarious pups has a whopping 80 million views.

For this kind of notoriety the big bucks start to roll in. Minimally they may bring in $10,500 a year. But on a bigger earnings estimate they may make $168,100 per year. This goes to show there is a ton of room for some serious earnings in funny dog videos.

You will also notice that a lot of these accounts combine dogs and cats. This is because they are the most popular home pets and are easy to relate to.

If you have a dog channel you can also add a playlist or series section for cats to generate more audience to your dog videos.

The Dog Squad

Showing enough successful examples of funny dog videos should give people inspiration for dog YouTube channel ideas.

The Dog Squad is another channel that is a success story in this faceless YouTube niche. They have more than 74,700 subscribers and have popular videos with over 3.1 million views.

Their most popular is a TikTok compilation of funny dog videos. And it’s no shock that their second and third most popular videos are too.

For a quality following like this they earn somewhere between $1,400 and $22,900 in earnings annually.

All of their videos revolve around TikTok compilations which goes to show that you can outsource content and don’t need to necessarily make it yourself.

Cross Category Dog YouTube Channel Ideas

Sometimes information on dogs and funny dog videos can work together. You can have a channel that does a little of everything which makes it the go to for dog owners.

Sometimes viewers may feel like a niche is better in terms of focused content but some YouTube channel ideas for dogs have proven a mix can truly work.

Consider all the categories brought together on this list. Technically speaking they could all go under one channel with the niche focus being dogs. See this channel for example.

Dog Playground Stories

Dog Playground Stories is truly a great example of both educational content and feel good dog videos that make you smile.

They have a modest following of more than 6,300 subscribers but are continually growing. For instance they have videos like “Dogs Playing Episode 30” which has more than 429,000 views.

This YouTube channel simply film dogs playing together which people love to watch in person so it makes sense they would love to see the interaction online too.

They also have videos showing the difference between good dog play and rough play. This is helpful for owners to know when it turns into a bad situation. This channel showcases many other dog behavioral videos which are big hits.

The channel earns an estimated $2,300 to $36,300. This again shows that the video content matters more than the following as long as you are getting loyal views for your dog ideas.

Dog Relaxation Channels Dog YouTube Channel Ideas

This is a new idea when it comes to dog YouTube channel ideas. But it’s a hit for good reason. Dogs are like humans and have anxiety and fears as well.

And as any experienced owner knows, a dog with anxiety can cause a lot of problems in the household. Plus we don’t love it when our furry friends panic. That’s why channels have been created to help dogs through this time.

If you have the right content these YouTube channels can turn out a big following and be very profitable. Think Headspace for dogs. It may sound silly but it certainly doesn’t feel that way when you are making a faceless dog YouTube channel and cashing in. Let’s look at some of the successful channels now.

Calm Your Dog – Relaxing Music and TV for Dogs

Calm Your Dog is a genius for providing entertainment for dogs. They have more than 44,500 subscribers with some of their most popular videos getting more than 3.1 million views.

Now that’s funny to think about when you imagine 3.1 million dogs watching a video. That video in particular is called “15 Hour Dog TV – All New Adventure Experience for Dogs.” It’s 15 hours and walks through an experience for dogs to watch and envision themselves.

Their second most popular video “15 Hours of Soothing Dog Therapy Music” is exactly as the title reads. And this video has more than 2.4 million views.

It makes sense because dogs should have something going on while their owners are at work. And for this creative YouTube channel idea, the channel earns somewhere between $3,900 and $61,800.

Relax My Dog – Relaxing Music For Dogs

Relax My Dog - Relaxing Music For Dogs

To understand that this genre is absolutely no fluke. We found another channel very similar to Calm Your Dog and this one has more than 641,000 subscribers. It is a sister channel for the above mentioned.

The craziest numbers here is that their most popular video has more than 39 million views. This video is “15 Hours of Deep Separation Anxiety Music for Dog Relaxation.”

It makes perfect sense because there is a huge need for this content. Their second most popular video is “15 Hours Deep Sleep Dog Relaxing Music” and has more than 13 million views.

So far a channel with this kind of success with YouTube channel ideas for dogs earn between $12,300 and $196,700. While these two channels are dominant there is still plenty of room to make videos like this.

To start a dog based YouTube channel like those shown here you will need to learn each of the steps to make it profitable. To help, get our Faceless Channels course to start, grow, and succeed with faceless channels on YouTube.