In this case study, we’re going to take a look at a very fun and unique faceless YouTube channel called Dancing Bacons. We will look at how Dancing Bacons makes money and learn how you can create a successful channel like this.

Dancing Bacons case study

What Does Dancing Bacons Do?

what they do

The channel Dancing Bacons on YouTube is a unique and fun food channel. You can take a look at this channel here.

This is an entertainment channel but since their focus is on food, the faceless YouTube niche would be considered food.

The whole concept and idea of this faceless YouTube channel is to highlight and showcase how food is prepared mainly in Asian countries.

The videos simply focus on the person preparing the food and it’s rare to even see or hear the creator.

There are times you will see the face of the channel’s creator but she does not speak so it is still a great example of how to make money with a YouTube channel without showing your face.

Dancing Bacons Facts

This is a very popular channel and at the time of this writing it has over 2.7 million subscribers.

It started in 2014 and since that time has garnered over 1 billion video views.

They have uploaded 536 videos at the time of this writing which means that on average, they are uploading 5 videos each month.

The most popular video on this channel is “Original Jiggly Cake Cutting” with just over 115 million views and growing daily.

Who Is The Founder of Dancing Bacons?

Dancing Bacons founder

While there is no mention of the creator or founder of this channel in the actual videos themselves, many people wonder who started this channel.

The founder and creator of Dancing Bacons is Shander Teo who is located in Singapore.

How Dancing Bacons Makes Their Videos

The videos you will find on this channel are not hard to make. In fact, they are very simple.

All that is needed is a good camera to record video and then a high quality mic to pick up sound.

The creator simply records people making various foods. The majority seem to be Asian foods in several Asian countries.

Once the recording is done the creator will then edit the video and get it ready for upload to YouTube.

There is no narration in these videos and in fact, there is no speaking at all. The only sounds are of the person preparing food and the surrounding area making these very easy to create.

How Much Does Dancing Bacons Make?

revenue figures

What’s so great about this channel is that they are making great income with easy to produce videos.

At the time of this study, Dancing Bacons is making around $646,300 per year and that’s from ad revenue.

From what we can tell they are not monetizing their videos in any other way expect through ads shown on the videos.

They could be doing much better than this and we will cover than in the next section.

What Can Dancing Bacons Do Better?

As stated above, the revenue being created by this channel is quite good but this is just the tip of the iceberg as to what they could be making.

A channel that’s making over $640,000 per year in ad revenue is hard to critique but the fact is, with their subscriber base, they could take that to a completely new level!

Affiliate Income Monetization

The first thing the creator of this channel could do to dramatically increase revenue is to sign up for affiliate programs. They could then promote them within the video and in the video descriptions.

Each time someone would buy something through their recommendation, they would get a commission.

This could be quite large with the amount of views that this channel gets.

At present, this channel has over 1 billion video views. Let’s say that only 2% of those video views converted to someone purchasing from their affiliate links. This would equate to over 20 million affiliate sales they could have made!

Sponsorships for Monetization

brand sponsorships

Another monetization method this channel could use would be partnering with brands and brand sponsorships.

According to noxinfluencer this channel could get as much as $10,548 per video from sponsors. This again is a lot of money they leave on the table.

How To Create A Channel Like Dancing Bacons

The great thing about looking at this channel is that creating something similar is not hard at all.

It will take time to get to the levels that they are at, but starting and making the videos and really quite an easy task.

Create and Name Your Channel

Your first step to creating a YouTube channel is that you will need to choose a name for your channel.

Since this is a channel that will revolve around food make sure your name reflects that to your viewers. Make sure the name is memorable and easy to pronounce.

Once you have the name you can then create your channel.

Optimize Your Channel for Views

Now that your channel is set up, you will need to focus on optimizing the channel to be sure that it gets seen when people search and browse.

It’s also important that you understand how to optimize your YouTube channel so that your videos are recommended alongside other similar videos.

If you do not learn these techniques you will be wasting your time and money. Like many, you may end up frustrated and wonder why your channel fails.

To learn how to properly optimize your YouTube videos and channel consider enrolling in a YouTube course. The courses we recommend will train you in every aspect of optimization so you can be sure that your channel grows.

Get Equipment and Tools

Before you can actually start producing video content you will need to secure the right tools to do the job.

For this type of content you will need a good camera that will allow you to record the video.

Next, make sure you have a high quality microphone. Sound is crucial in videos and people do not like to watch videos with bad sound quality.

The Canon PowerShot is a good camera, and for mics, you might consider the Audio-Technica or the Sennheiser Professional models.

You can see our recommended YouTube tools to help you decide.

Choose Initial Video Topics

You’ll want to initially come up with at least 30 to 40 video topics for your first set of videos.

You can find these topics by looking and Dancing Bacons most popular videos and then do something similar.

Since these are basically videos of people preparing and working with various foods think of unique twists about subjects people would like to watch.

Maybe find interesting and unique foods and then record people preparing them.

Record First Set of Videos

Once you have your set of initial topics to cover, you can begin shooting your videos.

Depending on your subjects, you may need to travel to the location will you will film each video.

If you’re area happens to have great locations for making videos, you may be able to just do all of this locally.

Edit Videos

You don’t need to have all of your videos created to start editing. Start the editing process as soon as you finish your first video and then edit each one as you complete them.

You may easily hire a video editor on Fiverr if you don’t know how to do it yourself. They have independent contractors who will do this for incredibly low costs.

If you can complete the editing on your own, we suggest using Camtasia or wevideo which are great video editing tools.

Upload Videos to YouTube

After you complete the editing of each video, upload them as you complete them. Be sure to optimize each video and this includes using a great thumbnail image.

To learn all about optimizing videos for YouTube take one of our suggested courses. You can see how to access these courses at the end of this case study.

Start Over

When you have completed your first 30 to 40 videos and there on YouTube, analyze your results and see what is working for your channel.

Take that information and then start the process of choosing more topics for your nest set of videos.


This is an exciting case study to learn about. Why? Because here is a channel that has easy to create videos and is making close to $646,000 a year! If they can do it, you can too.

To learn how to create a channel like Dancing Bacons and profit from YouTube, take one of the best YouTube courses. These have everything you need to create profitable faceless channels using the YouTube platform.

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