YouTube is a go-to for many people to watch creativity and produce creative videos. Especially with YouTube shorts, there is no shortage of opportunities to create interesting content. That’s why we have put together a list of creative YouTube channel ideas. You’ll see there are so many interesting subtopics to explore.

creative YouTube channel ideas

Creative YouTube Channel Ideas: Culinary

The art of cooking is a creative process, especially when you are coming up with your own recipes. This is a great sector for YouTube channel ideas for creative people because there are so many different directions you can take this in.

For some creators, they focus solely on the recipe and how they make it with their own hands. Other creative channels may focus on traveling and finding food and restaurants to try all over the world.

It’s the perfect YouTube niche that attracts a lot of viewers. That’s why there is tremendous opportunity here. Let’s check out a few YouTube channel ideas for creative people that love food.

Babish Culinary Universe

creative YouTube channel ideas

Babish Culinary Universe is an incredibly successful faceless YouTube channel that centers its page around food and fun. This channel has attracted more than 9.94 million subscribers thanks to easy-to-watch videos that teach you how to do things like making juicy meatballs.

Their most-watched video, “Binging with Babish: Ratatouille”, has accumulated more than 29 million views. Their second most-watched video is also notable, with 24 million views.

With successful numbers like these, it is estimated that they make $890,500 annually. Their most successful video was posted five years ago so it shows the following that they have built over the years.

Dancing Bacons

Dancing Bacons

Dancing Bacons is a really interesting example because it takes the lucrative niche of food and hyper-focuses on a specific culture. Dancing Bacons focuses on videos that feature Japanese culture and food.

They have more than 2.7 million subscribers that check out their videos. One of their top videos “Originally Chocolate Jiggly Cake Cutting” has more than 73 million views.

This kind of viewership can produce some successful payouts. For instance, they are estimated to make more than $668,100 each year.

Creative YouTube Channel Ideas: How To Videos

How much easier is it to learn everything when you have someone to show you how to do it? That’s why YouTube channels that demonstrate tutorials on how to do different things are added to the list of faceless creative YouTube channel ideas.

That’s because you can explain the process with audio and even add closed captioning while also doing it. There is no need to have your entire face in it.

There are so many different sections to do this in. Anything that requires an explanation can fall under this category. Home improvement, cooking, house hacks, fixing a car, and so on are just a few out of hundreds of examples.

Here are some channels for inspiration from our list of creative YouTube channel ideas.



HowToBasic doesn’t get any more explanatory for this category than its title. It’s perfect for our list of faceless YouTube channel ideas for creative people because it provides aerial views of interesting how-to’s.

They don’t stick to one category as they have how-to-cook videos and even interesting things like how to fix a zipper. For this type of content, they have more than 17.1 million subscribers.

How To Quickly Get A Six-Pack” is their most viewed video with more than 149 million views. Their next most popular video has more than 100 million views and is about “How To Feed a Baby.”

This just goes to show you how diverse the content is. Because of this kind of success, they are estimated to make more than $538,800 annually.

Skip The Tutorial

Skip The Tutorial

If you are looking for faceless YouTube channel ideas for creative people, check out Skip The tutorial. They are a more focused niche and still have a lot of success in this category.

Skip The Tutorial focuses on how to show interested viewers how to play Minecraft. Many of their top videos are compilations of tops ticks and tricks to play the game.

Because of this they have more than 6.07 million views. But it’s their consistent viewership that brings in the numbers.

Their top video has more than 23 million views. That’s why it made our list of creative YouTube channel ideas. Their second most popular video has more than 18 million views.

With this kind of viewership, they are estimated to make more than $1 million annually. This is one of the top earners and with some creative gaming YouTube tutorials, it certainly is an inspiration.

Keep in mind that you can do this with a number of popular games. Minecraft and Fortnite are just two of the most popular examples with many gamers providing tips and help.

Creative YouTube Channel Ideas: Educational Videos

Teaching educational content is different from “How To’s” because it provides you with knowledge rather than a quick tutorial.

There is always a lot of demand to learn information, and when that knowledge can be used for a career or in day-to-day life.

If you have a particular skill that you can teach, then this subject will come naturally.

Here are some interesting examples of creative YouTube channel ideas that take an educational spin.

Quick Support

channel ideas for creative people

One example of how to take a niche subject and teach it can easily be found in Quick Support. This channel focuses on how to teach its viewers how to work with software programs and information technologies.

Since this is super helpful information, the YouTube page has attracted more than 6.27 million subscribers.

Something that makes this channel even more unique is that they cater to a different crowd.

Almost all of their top videos are produced in the Hindi language. In fact, “How To Memorize”, which is their top video, is in Hindi and has more than 34 million views.

With these numbers, the channel is expected to make more than $363,600 annually. This example of creative YouTube channel ideas shows us that different languages can serve different cultures as well.

Modern MBA

Modern MBA is a cool YouTube channel that focuses on the business side of different concepts. Whether it’s analyzing relevant CEOs or talking about major companies like Airbnb or Casper.

They have more than 190,000 subscribers which makes them one of our smaller earners. But it’s worth taking a look since they are still growing their channel just like you will be.

Their top video has seen more than 1.8 million views in the last year. It analyzes why hotels aren’t fearful or threatened by Airbnb from an economic or business standpoint.

With numbers like these in the last year they are estimated to make $68,500 a year.

Creative YouTube Channel Ideas: Conversation Starters

Learning interesting facts has a place on our list of creative YouTube channel ideas. That’s because interesting facts and information is often easy to consume for viewers and often can lead to more questions and videos.

The cool thing about this category is that you don’t need talent to do this. All you have to do is research and find interesting information to tell in the form of a short video.

Something to keep in mind for this kind of channel is that it’s not a bad idea to keep it general. You can still look into sub-niches but the more focused the channel you have the more difficult it may be to produce content.

Be Inspired

Be Inspired

Be Inspired has more than 8.53 million subscribers because they consistently post engaging content that really gets you thinking. And you guessed it, you may often leave feeling inspired and wanting to know more.

Their most popular video has more than 34 million views. This video is called “It Goes Straight to Your Subconscious Mind”.

Most of their videos follow this theme of talking about success and how to work on your mind to set yourself up for a better future.

This kind of content rewards the YouTube channel with an estimated annual income of $265,400.

Daily Dose of Internet

channel daily dose

The Daily Dose of the Internet takes a slightly different approach than the aforementioned. In comparison, it may not be as motivational but it is interesting and sometimes funny.

Daily Dose of the Internet almost takes a more light-hearted approach to conversation starters which shows us how there’s room for growth in this category.

They have more than 14.4 million subscribers that tune into their content.

Their most popular video actually is a compilation of videos from the internet labeled “The Best of the Internet”. This video has amassed more than 49 million views.

And just to show that this kind of approach can be successful as well, they are estimated to make $3.1 million annually.


Riddle is another cool example because they are the perfect example of focusing on a genre but keeping it broad enough to continually have topics.

Riddle talks mostly about the planets and the solar system, dinosaurs, and interesting earth disasters or phenomena. Something they do to organize this is to showcase different playlists so users can find more content they like easier.

Some of their subchannels include animals, disasters, and space. But each topic has a unique and dark creative approach to their videos so the theme remains consistent.

Their top video is called “What If Titanoboa Snake Didn’t Go Extinct?” It has more than 36 million views.

With this kind of success, they are estimated to make $443,700 each year. When we look at it as monthly income this number breaks down to $37,000.

Creative YouTube Channel Ideas: Brand Videos

Sometimes all you need is to have a brand and image to have users be interested in your content. There are a few good examples of this but what makes this category different on our list of creative YouTube channel ideas, is that there doesn’t need to be consistency. The content can always be different because the user base is interested in the content creator.

Brand videos can register more with the type of viewer and their personality. It’s more about being relatable. So you could have a girl power brand or a punk rock. We have an interesting example of this below.

Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband is the perfect example of how a brand can be the reason for a big following rather than a niche of videos.

For instance, if you look on Corpse Husband’s YouTube page you will notice a handful of their popular videos surround the theme of telling scary stories that are on the internet.

Some of these videos get more than 5.4 million views.

Another top video, “How I Admitted I Was An Imposter And STILL Won Against The BEST Among Us Players…666 IQ Plays” gets more than 7.59 million views.

They have more than 7.59 million subscribers which predict them to make $65,700 annually. This is why they are a great example of a brand that people want to follow regardless of what kind of videos they are posting.

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