Almost everyone, at one point or another, has heard the term “couples goals.” That’s because social media and online platforms have made it easy to follow other people’s relationships. Interestingly enough, an incredibly profitable niche in YouTube is, in fact, following along with couples. So we have come up with a list of couples YouTube channel ideas for inspiration.

couples YouTube channel ideas

Couples YouTube Channel Ideas: Cooking Show

Couples who cook together stay together, right? Well, it’s no surprise to see that there are so many cooking channels that have taken off and have become lucrative YouTube channels.

With cooking and culinary interests in general, there is a lot of ground that can be covered. As a couple, you could choose to focus on a certain food type and provide recipes, or you could visit restaurants as a couple for others to try.

Here we give a few couples YouTube channel ideas to try out with your significant other. While they are faceless, keep in mind that some people enjoy a first-hand look into your relationship.

Communication with your audience as a couple is often what makes or breaks the idea. Anything we list below can be done as a couple!

So Yummy (Great Example of Couples YouTube Channel Ideas)


So Yummy is exactly how the channel sounds. It’s a yummy cooking channel that provides tutorials on good recipes. You can easily do this with your significant other; two helping hands are better than one.

They have more than 9.29 million subscribers for their content. Their top video has amazing numbers. “10 Amazing Unicorn-Themed Dessert Recipes” has more than 170 million views.

Everything’s Better with Sprinkles” has more than 147 million views. With numbers like these, they are estimated to earn $3.4 million a year. That’s quite some earnings to split between you and your partner.

Walk With Me

Ever seen any of those walking food tours that each city has to offer? Well, YouTube videos allow couples to record those. That’s why Walk With Me has more than 29,200 subscribers.

The idea offers tons of room for opportunity, and growth. But their video gets a lot of traction with their most popular video, “Delicious Turkish Street Food Tour 2021.” which has more than 2.8 million views.

In fact, most of their popular videos revolve around Turkish street food tours. This is a hyper-niche subject that gains lots of interested viewers.

That means there could be a number of different cultures and food niches that are also of interest to viewers. Walk With Me is estimated to make more than $15,500 a year.

Couples YouTube Channel Ideas: Traveling Show

Wanderlust is something that we all have. And something that has become more popular is drooling over luxury couples trips. It makes sense since one person should be holding the camera while the other poses!

While luxury travels are definitely popular, there is more than just one approach. Road trips, local travel, or around the world are just a few ideas to consider.


couples youtube channel ideas

If you ever had any interest in seeing the “best of” or the best views in different areas around the world, then this is the channel to follow for inspiration. This channel can be done through the lens of a traveling couple and shows the best sites to all the destinations they go to.

Touropia shows videos from all over the world and gets more than 18 million views on their top video, “25 Greatest Natural Wonders of the World”.

This video shows beautiful aerial footage of natural wonders around the world. Because of quality videos like this and “25 Best Places to Visit in Europe,” they have a dedicated following. In fact, they have more than 1.11 million subscribers.

Touropia is estimated to make $200,300 annually from their video viewership. .

World According To Briggs

World According To Briggs

The World According to Briggs takes a really different approach to the travel niche and while he is a solo bird, it is easy to see how this makes our list of couples YouTube channel ideas.

Briggs travels the world while stirring up interesting conversations and fun things to think about. For instance, his top video, “Top 10 Most Secluded Towns in the US,” has more than 5.3 million views.

It’s useful information that makes this channel super relevant. The World, According to Briggs, has more than 899,000 subscribers that watch his channel.

Part of the reason why Briggs has had some success is that he posts three times a week of great content. It’s estimated that this YouTube channel makes $287,900 a year.


CoolVision is another great example of how to tour a city and show others. If you have a drone this can be one approach to a travel channel with your significant other while you narrate it.

CoolVision has more than 582,000 subscribers and their top videos such as “Dubai 4K: From Desert to Skyscrapers in 50 Years” has more than 16 million views.

Couples YouTube Channel Ideas: Gaming Show

One of the most popular YouTube niches amongst YouTube videos, in general, is watching people play their video games. Particularly games like Fortnite and Minecraft.

Since we love seeing strangers play against each other or even friends trash talk, it would be incredibly binge-worthy to watch a couple do the same thing.

So if you love your significant other challenging each other in the online world, try picking up WII, XBOX, Nintendo, or whatever your favorite video gaming consoles are.

The great thing about this niche is that there is always a ton of content even with just one video game let alone dedicating yourself to a console. And if you are good at it, it’s an easy way to gain a following and earn money.

Top 10 Gaming

Top 10 Gaming

This is an interesting approach on our list of couples YouTube channel ideas because it doesn’t actually require any video game playing at all.

It’s an idea that’s perfect for couples who don’t find themselves interested in taping their video games but still want to get into the niche.

This channel brings tons of top 10 videos, such as “Top 10 Fortnite Creepypastas,” which has more than 2.4 million views.

The channel itself has more than 672,000 subscribers. While they predominantly focus on Fortnite it leaves plenty of room for couples to do the same thing with other games ) or even Fortnite) with a slightly different approach.

Top 10 Gaming is estimated to make annual earnings of more than $208,500.

Sports Gamers Online

Sports Gamers Online is a great example for our list of couples YouTube channel ideas because it takes a niche such as sports and combines it with gaming.

There are so many popular games in the sports gaming world such as Madden NFL, NBA, NHL, and so on. Sports Gamers Online provides reviews, tips, and news on all sports games. It’s a great idea because they have more than 268,000 subscribers.

Their most popular video, “NBA Players React to their NBA 2K Ratings” has more than 1.3 million views. For numbers like these, it is estimated that they make more than $12,200 a year. And there are plenty of chances for couples to get in this space as well.

TVF Gaming

YouTube channel ideas for couples

Our final example for our list of YouTube channel ideas for couples in the gaming niche focuses on a hyper-focused section of FIFA. And interestingly enough, it’s one of our most successful YouTube channels.

TVF Gaming focuses on everything that has to do with FIFA. Their most popular video has amassed more than 15 million views. This video is “FIFA 18: Who is the Fastest Player in the World.”

They have more than 1.08 million subscribers. When YouTube channels do as well as this one, they are estimated to make $620,800 a year.

Couples YouTube Channel Ideas: Sports Show

Many viewers love watching sports analysts break down sports and big events. So there is no reason that this can’t be added to the list of YouTube channel ideas for couples.

It offers a really different approach to a normal sports show and there is a lot of room for other channels and opportunities here, especially if comedy is added to the mix.

Here are a few channels of different types of faceless couples YouTube channel ideas that are in the sports sector.

Austin Sweatt

Austin Sweatt has all the information regarding the NBA. Some of their most popular videos revolve around “The Worst” subjects.

However, their most popular video is “6 Insane Games After the Death of a Loved One”. This video has more than 11 million views.

The second most popular video has more than 5.8 million views, is called “The 9 Greatest Sons of Legendary Players”.

They also have a very loyal fan base with more than 451,000 subscribers. For this kind of loyalty, they are estimated to earn $22,700.

NBA Funny

There is no better combination than sports and comedy. If you like both then this can be a very profitable area as NBA Funny proves. Going back and forth with your significant other is incredibly entertaining.

For example, NBA Funny’s most popular video has more than 21 million views. This video is called “NBA Players Kids Funny Moments.”

They also have more than 1.05 million subscribers which usually leads to some big numbers in revenue.

Ronnie 7M

Ronnie 7M

For any Ronaldo fans in the building this is a prime example of couples focusing on an athlete superstar.

Ronnie 7M has all their videos focused on Ronaldo with their top video focusing on his 50 legendary goals. This top video has more than 31 million views. It also has 1.47 million subscribers making it one of the most popular shows on this list.

What does a channel like this get for these numbers? Well, it is estimated that Ronnie 7M makes $354,300 annually.This number breaks down to $29,000 a month, making it a very successful idea for inspiration.

Couples YouTube Channel Ideas: Hacks

House hacks life hacks, whatever you are interested in showing your audiences, the hacks niche is a big hit. This is especially true for YouTube shorts.

You can even branch out and talk about relationship hacks like saving money on a date night and how to keep your relationship healthy and happy.

Home Talk


Home Talk is one of the best examples in this section. This is great for couples because it also inspires other couples to try DIY projects.

Their most popular video has more than 24 million views and is called “13 Clever Ways to Fake High-End Looks in Your Home”.

They are the top earner on this list with 1.09 subscribers and the number of views per video. They are estimated to make $696,500 annually.

This kind of YouTube niche can go far beyond home hacks which is why this is on our list of faceless couples YouTube channel ideas.

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