We examine the faceless YouTube channel ColdFusion in-depth in this case study to learn how they earn $2,100 every day.

What Does ColdFusion Do?

what does cold fusion do

ColdFusion is a faceless YouTube channel that creates all types of video documentaries with a focus on business, science and tech topics. So it’ safe to say that this channel is in the business and tech YouTube niches.

This faceless YouTube channel has been creating videos since 2009 and has over 443 uploads to date. This averages to around 34 videos per year since the start of their channel.

Currently the channel has over 3.8 million subscribers and is growing everyday.

Their videos range in topic from The Apollo 13 disaster to videos on business fraud such as the story of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

While this is a faceless YouTube channel, it’s not completely without a face. Yes, the videos never show the creator but he does reveal his name as Dagogo Altraide.

The ColdFusion videos are also all narrated by Dagogo. You can see who he is on Twitter, Instagram and on Linkedin.

You can even find Could Fusion on Discord.

How ColdFusion Makes Their Videos

The videos that you will see on the ColdFusion YouTube channel are all very easily created.

Most of their videos are put together using stock video footage, stock photos, news clips, background music and narration.

The creator will write the video script and collect the images and footage that will make up the video.

Then using a video editor, they compile the complete video getting it ready for upload to YouTube.

The narration is done by the creator himself.

Their most popular video with over 12 million views, is a great example of how they use stock footage, new clips, and easy narration.

How Much Does ColdFusion Make?

ColdFusion income

While we will not be able to accurately discover exactly what the ColdFusion YouTube channel makes, we do know that from ad revenue alone it can be over $2,100 per day!

This amount is an approximate ad revenue as reported by Social Blade.

It’s clear that this is just part of the revenue generated by this channel. A close look at the ColdFusion channel and videos show that they also use other monetization methods.

Other Monetization Methods Used By This Channel

On top of ad revenue, ColdFusion also uses other ways to create income.

Affiliate Revenue

If you watch any of their videos you will see that they promote different affiliate programs such as Skillshare.

By promoting other people’s products and services as an affiliate, they open another revenue stream.

Anytime someone clicks their affiliate links and makes a purchase, they get a percentage of the commission.


This channel has really done it right because not only do they have ad revenue and affiliate revenue, they also have their own ColdFusion Merch. This is merchandise with the ColdFusion brand imprinted on it.


Another revenue stream used by this channel is Patreon. This is a service that allows people to support creators by signing up to a subscription to help the creator make more videos.

Selling a Book

The creator of ColdFusion also wrote a book called New Thinking so he is able to promote the book through this channel as well.

Overall Income of ColdFusion

As stated above, this YouTube channel can easily be making over $2,100 per day ($768,000 per year) in ad revenue.

Add to that the other revenue streams that this creator uses to monetize his channel and it’s clear that the actual amount may be even more!

What Can ColdFusion Do Better?

There are many YouTube channels like AnimalWised (see study) that leave a lot of money on the table by not monetizing their videos correctly. This channel is not one of them.

ColdFusion has really nothing that we can see that they should do better.

The creator, Dagogo Altraide, has been creating videos for many years and has learned how to make money on YouTube without showing his face.

He has learned to use as many monetization methods as possible and it has created a very successful business.

How To Create A Channel Like ColdFusion

ColdFusion has a large and profitable channel. It took them many years to get to this level so don’t feel that it’s too much for you. You can get there but you must take the first steps.

Channel Creation

You would need to first think of a name for your channel, set it up, and prepare everything for publishing videos.

Initial Topics Defining

You would then need to think of topics for your videos. This process is simple. Look through the most popular videos on the ColdFusion YouTube channel to get started. These subjects will probably work for you as well if they did for them.

Watch every video on the subjects you wish to learn more about. When watching each video, make notes so you may use them to create your script.

Additionally, you should use a service like TubeBuddy to find a list of keywords for your channel. You should also use this to find specific topics for your videos.

Script Writing

Take notes from the videos you want to duplicate and continue researching the subject to see if you can add any further information.

Your objective is to create a video that surpasses ColdFusion’s video and makes it better with more information.

Write an 1,800 word script after you have this information. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can use Fiverr to hire a writer to create your script.

Your goal is to create videos that are at a minimum of 10 minutes in length. You can go longer but 10 minutes is the sweet spot.

Obtain Stock Video

You’ll need to gather any necessary images and video clips. These are available for free on a variety of websites, including Pixabay.com and Pexels.com.

Canva PRO has a fantastic selection of stock movies and stock photographs that can all be used in videos, which is why we love using it.

Produce Videos

You may now construct the videos using a video editor like WeVideo or even Camtasia once you have your voiceover and the media you’ll be including in them.

Although there are many video editors available, we recommend these two.

Publish Videos

It’s time to publish the videos to YouTube once you’ve finished them. Make sure you understand how to optimize your movies for uploading, which includes including a fantastic thumbnail image.

ColdFusion uploads around 3 to 4 videos per month right now. They have a certain schedule now. But over their history they have averaged around 34 videos per year.

You will need to work up to getting on a publishing schedule so that you can produce videos on a regular basis.

Utilize Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

Before you can begin earning money from ads after you begin posting videos on YouTube, you must have 4,000 view hours and 1,000 subscribers.

That’s okay; you may start using affiliate marketing to monetize your YouTube channel even from the very first day you upload.

Simply enroll in one of the many business affiliate marketing programs, and then add your affiliate links to the descriptions of your videos. You receive a cut of sales when someone makes a purchase after clicking one of your links.

To find hundreds of affiliate programs, you should take our YouTube course which will give you access to all of the affiliate programs you will ever need.


It’s very apparent that the ColdFusion TV channel has built an incredibly powerful presence on YouTube.

With over a 13 year history, this is an amazing case study of producing videos over the long-term and staying consistent.

Listen to an interview with the founder of this channel and you will see that he started as a hobby and by consistent growth, it turned into a full time income.

What could you do if you could create a faceless YouTube channel that makes over $2,100 per day! To learn how to create a channel like ColdFusion and profit from YouTube, take our YouTube course. This has everything you need to create profitable faceless channels using the YouTube platform.