Being a star on social platforms such as YouTube doesn’t actually require you to reveal your identity. The idea of remaining faceless in a faceless YouTube niche while hosting a show is becoming more popular. With a genre out there for everyone, one of the more attractive ideas is talking about cars. We’ve comprised a list of faceless car YouTube channel ideas to inspire you.

faceless car YouTube channel ideas

Car YouTube Channel Ideas And Examples


We start with listicles because this is a general topic that can crossover into other categories as well. The great thing is everyone loves to see the top or even the worst lists regardless of what subsection you take it into. Whether you want to keep this channel broad or hyperfocus on something like auto detailing, this is a great opportunity.

Consider things like the top trending vehicles worldwide or reviewing the worst cars on the market. Another area that most audiences can get into is whether a car is worth the money or not. Top cars worth your buck are just one of many examples.

Omni Rider

Omni Rider falls more into fandom trends as they work with listicles mainly. They have over 93,200 subscribers because of videos they feature like, “5 Things Every Teenage Driver Does.” These conversation starters predict that the YouTube channel brings in $2,900 and growing annually. They also have videos that groups can identify with such as “Things Camaro v6 Owners Say.”

Viral Vehicles

Viral Vehicles has over 249,000 subscribers that enjoy their listicles. With videos such as, “6 Forgotten Coupes of the 90’s” and “7 Awesome Cars for Broke Car Guys” they provide a little something for everyone. Because of this, they are climbing the YouTube ranks with the possibility of earning more each year. With a handful of their videos reaching around 3 million views, they have the ability to increase earning potential.

Modern Muscle

Modern Muscle has a lot of activity and user engagement which is why they are estimated to make $22,300 a year. They spend a lot of time focusing on the deadliest cars on earth reporting on accidents and why they happen. These videos get millions of views with a focus on monster trucks. They also take an interesting approach to fatal car crash statistics with sports cars.

Engines and Auto Parts Niche

Part of the thrill of cars is the small things that make them unique. There is always a lot of talk concerning what engine the car has and what model it is. There is also excitement for special auto-detailing depending on what type of car it is. Focusing on a niche aspect of unique cars can go a long way.

Consider if you have detailing experience providing tutorials on how to properly detail a car inside and out. If you are a mechanic you could break down different engines and the upgrades they get yearly model to model.

Visio Racer

Vision Racer falls into a few different categories but one of their most popular sections of videos has to do with engine analysis. Their Best Sounding Engines have millions of views which is why this channel has over 485,000 subscribers. This falls under YouTube channel ideas for cars because it’s very successful earning potentially $71,200 per year.

Supercharged Petrolhead

Supercharged Petrolhead is one of the most unique faceless car YouTube channel ideas on our list. The reason being is that it takes you inside the production line of the most beloved car makers such as Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, etc. They have over 230,000 subscribers with many of their videos reaching over 5 million views.

Car Tours

A category that has become increasingly more popular is to take tours with cars. This saves the potential buyer from going in until they are really sure about which car they want to buy. You could focus on a specific make or keep it general as new models of cars come out every single year.

Car tours can also go beyond the actual car. Driving tours become an unlimited option considering how many places there are to explore in this world.

Visual Car Reviews

Visual Car Reviews

Visual Car Reviews is one of our stronger examples within the car YouTube channel ideas. They provide their 259,000 subscribers with videos of different kinds of tours of popular cars on the market. They have videos on BMW, VW, Dodge, and more companies from a POV perspective. Because of how great their user engagement is they have the earning potential of up to $144,000 a year. They make this money using videos that never show their face.

Dash Cam Tours

Users love to experience things without having to put the actual effort in. More great car YouTube channel ideas can center around driving tours. Dash Cam Tours has more than dozens of thousands of views on their scenic driving tours around California! With over 16,100 subscribers they are estimated to make over $4,800 a year and are growing fast.

Winding Road Magazine

Winding Road Magazine falls under this category because they give you firsthand experience during test drives of the most popular cars on the market. With over 993,000 subscribers they are knocking on the door of over a million. Because of their success, they are estimated to be one of the top earners on the list. In fact, they could make over $384,100 annually.



MilesPerHr shows off pretty cars while driving offering the first-person point of view. Their 262,000 YouTube subscribers probably land them around $257,000 annually making it a great addition to our car YouTube channel ideas list. Some of their most popular videos include BMW test driving among other luxury cars. This can be a great crossover adding more audience potential to the channel.

Sports Cars

Who doesn’t love a good fast roaring sports car? Dedicating a channel to breaking down sports cars or talking about the newest trends within this genre can be huge. There is such a large market for Mustangs, Lambos, Corvettes, among other sports cars, that you could focus on one model in particular or keep it general and do very well.

Another great idea in this category is doing comparisons from one sports car to another. Sports cars are meant to wow so when one muffler roars louder than another this is a topic of discussion among enthusiasts as you will see below.

Bladed Angel

Bladed Angel has more than 554,000 subscribers which is why they make an estimated $50,400 a year. They focus on all things super sports cars. From analyzing exhaust sounds to talking about cliche things sports car guys say they bring in an audience upwards of a million nearly every time. Some of their most popular segments also fall under listicles showcasing cars that look rich but really aren’t.

PD Evolution

PD Evolution makes the list for car YouTube channel ideas because it is a great example within the supercar sports car niche. They have amassed more than 245,000 subscribers. Because of this, it is estimated that they make $50,000 a year. Some of their more popular videos include talking about the newest supercars on the market worldwide and the craziest concept cars in the world.

Luxury/Celebrity Cars

Celebrity anything always makes for good conversation but celebrity cars definitely fall under-car YouTube channel ideas. You could focus on specific celebrity cars or just in general celebrity sightings with their cars in various locations. This crosses into two genres that maximize potential viewership.

Luxury falls under this category as well because technically you don’t need to be famous to have money and afford the luxury. Whether you cross over into luxury tours or just focus on spotting this is a huge opportunity.

The Celebrity Cars

The Celebrity Cars YouTube page is a different kind of example for YouTube channel ideas for cars. The reason being is that not only does it not show the creator’s face but it also autotunes the voice to have a monotone sound. And the page is still successful with over 55,000 subscribers! Some of their videos have over 1 million views and many of them have reached over 500,000 views.


Effspot is the go-to for all things luxury. This verified YouTube account has over 755,000 subscribers and produces videos that get up to 19 million views. Because of these fast-growing numbers, it’s estimated that they make around $98,000 annually from viewership. Some of their most popular videos are about cops pulling over mega supercars.

Racing and F1

F1 racing is like the FIFA of racing and gets a lot of attention. When you focus on things like NASCAR or news about your favorite drivers you can get a lot of attention from fans. This type of genre can go in many directions from following event schedules and providing updates to talking about the kinds of cars NASCAR drivers have.

Something that can also be discussed is betting on races and this goes into the analysis and breakdown of certain events. With so much going on here this is a channel genre worth exploring for car YouTube channel ideas.



Driver61 has amassed a great following. With over 803,000 subscribers Driver61 is expected to make up to $148,000 a year! This is one of the biggest players on our list and the reason why is because some of the YouTube page’s videos reach over 10 million views. This page in particular focuses on a lot of different facts and interesting topics surrounding F1.

Full NASCAR Races

Not everyone can be home when their favorite NASCAR race is set to go off. That’s why this YouTube page was onto something by providing NASCAR races on their page. You could do this or provide highlights as they get more than 20,000 views per video. They have over 13,300 subscribers showing there is demand for this niche.

Cars News and Trends

The news section of any genre is always going to be a big one. When it comes to cars there is a ton to report on. For instance, we just spoke about NASCAR events and F1 racing kinds of news. Well, you can also do car company news and cross over into the financial section to see how manufacturers are faring. You can also just talk about general car trends and updates as things are constantly changing within the automotive industry.

Automotive Territory

Automotive Territory does a great job of breaking down news for its subscribers. With news on electric cars and SUVs, they stay up to date with trends and amass thousands of views on their videos. Currently, they have over 269,000 subscribers and earn an estimated $36,400 a year! Some of their most popular videos are about the cheapest pickup trucks on the market. This crosses over into a listicle which broadens their audience.

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