Starting a YouTube channel can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. You need to find the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners.

If you don’t want to show your face on camera, it can be even more unnerving. But don’t worry, there are plenty of successful faceless YouTubers out there who have built thriving channels without ever revealing their identity.

Here are five faceless YouTube channel ideas for beginners. Check out our sample channels on each idea where you can get some inspiration!

YouTube channel ideas for beginners

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners #1: Focus on Gaming videos

Creating videos in the faceless YouTube niche of gaming is an excellent way to share your love of games with others and build a community of like-minded individuals on YouTube.

One of the most popular formats for gaming videos is the “Let’s Play” style, where you record yourself playing a game while providing commentary or reactions.

This format can be highly entertaining, especially if you have a unique personality or sense of humor.

Another popular type of gaming video is the walkthrough, where you provide a detailed guide to help viewers navigate a game’s levels and challenges. This type of video can be especially helpful for games that are known to be challenging or have complex mechanics.

Game reviews are another popular format, where you offer your thoughts and opinions on a game’s graphics, gameplay, storyline, and overall experience.

Reviews can help viewers decide whether or not to buy a particular game, and can also generate discussion and engagement in the comments.

Whatever type of gaming video you choose to create, it’s important to focus on providing value and entertainment to your audience.

With dedication and hard work, you can build a successful channel and share your love of games with others.

Here are some faceless YouTube channels that do gaming videos:



GameGrumps is a popular faceless YouTube channel that features Let’s Play videos.

The channel was created in 2012 and is run by two friends, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan.

This YouTube channel has grown in popularity over the years and now has more than 5.3 million subscribers.

GameGrumps is known for its humor and relatable content. The Let’s Play videos feature Arin and Dan playing games together and providing commentary and reactions.

They often joke around and engage in playful banter, making the videos entertaining and engaging for viewers.

In addition to Let’s Play videos, GameGrumps also features other types of content, such as “Steam Train” and “Grumpcade,” which feature different combinations of hosts playing games.

The channel also occasionally features animated shorts and other types of content related to gaming.

Since its inception in 2012, the channel has uploaded over 8300 videos, with a total view count of over 6.5 billion.

One of the channel’s most popular videos is “Good Game – OFFICIAL TRAILER!,” which has been viewed over 17 million times and gives them an ad revenue of up to $60,000.

Based on, the channel’s annual revenue can go up to $1.1 million yearly.


GamingWithJen is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on gaming content. The channel is hosted by Jennifer Flagg, who is also known as Jen.

Jen’s channel focuses mainly on Minecraft, but she also plays other games such as Roblox, The Sims, and Among Us.

She started the GamingWithJen channel in 2012, and since then, the channel has grown rapidly in popularity.

As of this writing, GamingWithJen has over 5.12 million subscribers and over 1.28 billion total views.

Jen’s videos typically receive hundreds of thousands of views, with some of her most popular videos receiving millions of views.

One of the reasons for GamingWithJen’s popularity is Jen’s bubbly and upbeat personality. Her videos are known for their entertaining and humorous commentary, which appeals to a wide audience of viewers.

Additionally, Jen often collaborates with other popular Minecraft YouTubers, which helps to broaden her audience even further.

The creators of this channel promote their books that can be found on HarperCollins Publishers which means they monetize their channel in multiple ways.


Kotaku is a popular gaming and geek culture website and YouTube channel. The website debuted in 2004 and immediately gained popularity for its in-depth coverage of gaming news, reviews, and features.

Since then, the website has expanded to cover other aspects of geek culture, such as anime, comic books, and movies.

Kotaku’s YouTube channel, on the other hand, debuted in 2012 and included a variety of gaming-related videos, including reviews, news, and features.

The channel is well-known for its high-quality production standards and engaging hosts that deliver informed analysis on the most recent gaming trends and news.

One of the reasons for Kotaku’s success is its emphasis on high-quality content. The website and YouTube channel are noted for their in-depth reporting and intelligent analysis, which has contributed to the website’s loyal and dedicated following.

Kotaku’s YouTube channel has over 368,000 subscribers and has received over 213 million total views.

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YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners #2: Create Top 10 videos

Top 10 videos are a popular format on YouTube, where creators compile a list of the top 10 things related to a particular topic.

For example, a gaming channel might create a video ranking the top 10 games of the year, or a beauty channel might rank the top 10 makeup products of the month.

One benefit of creating top 10 videos is that they can be highly engaging and shareable. Viewers often enjoy watching and sharing these videos with friends, especially if they’re interested in the topic being covered.

Additionally, top 10 videos can generate discussion and debate in the comments section, as viewers share their own opinions and rankings.

When creating a top 10 video, it’s important to put thought and research into the ranking.

Consider factors such as popularity, quality, and uniqueness when compiling your list.

On top of this, make sure to present your rankings in an engaging and entertaining way, such as by adding graphics, music, or commentary.

Here are a few YouTube channels that are popular for making “top 10” videos:

WatchMojo (YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners Top Pick)


WatchMojo is a Canadian-based YouTube channel that focuses on producing top 10 videos on a variety of topics, including movies, TV shows, video games, music, and more.

The channel was founded in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular channels on YouTube, with over 25 million subscribers and more than 16 billion video views.

WatchMojo’s videos are well-researched and presented in an engaging format, with clear and concise commentary and a countdown format that builds anticipation for each entry.

The channel’s videos cover a wide range of topics, from the best movies of all time to the worst celebrity tattoos.

In addition to top 10 videos, WatchMojo also produces other types of videos, including “Vs” videos that pit two similar things against each other, and “Quickie” videos that provide quick and informative overviews of a topic.

WatchMojo’s success has earned it several accolades, including being named one of the top 50 YouTube channels by The Guardian in 2019.

The channel’s commitment to quality content and engaging presentation has helped it build a loyal following and establish itself as a leader in the online video space.

In a day, the channel gets an average of 2.2 million views across its thousands of videos and this will in turn generate an estimated ad revenue of around $7,000 per day!


TheRichest is a faceless YouTube channel that produces top 10 videos related to wealth, luxury, and extravagance.

They launched the channel in 2014 and have since amassed over 15 million subscribers and more than 2 billion video views.

This YouTube channel’s content is focused on topics such as celebrities, expensive cars, luxury yachts, and high-end real estate, among others.

Their videos are typically presented in a fast-paced and entertaining format, featuring engaging commentary and high-quality visuals.

TheRichest’s success can be attributed to its ability to tap into people’s fascination with wealth and luxury.

This destination on YouTube has become a go-to source for people looking to indulge in some aspirational content and escape from the mundane realities of everyday life.

Despite some controversy surrounding the channel’s content, including criticism for glorifying excessive wealth and materialism, TheRichest continues to be a popular destination for viewers seeking entertaining and informative content related to the world of luxury and extravagance.

ScreenRant (YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners Top Idea)

YouTube channel ideas for beginners

Screen Rant specializes in creating top ten lists for movies, TV shows, and video games.

Since its launch in 2008, the channel has amassed over 8.6 million subscribers and over 4 billion video views.

The channel’s content revolves around lists and rankings of prominent media franchises such as Marvel and DC films, popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, and iconic video game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Halo.

Screen Rant’s videos are presented in an interesting and fast-paced fashion, with high-quality pictures and educational commentary.

The popularity of Screen Rant can be linked to its ability to tap into people’s enthusiasm for popular culture and fandoms.

It has become a go-to source for fans looking to go further into their favorite movies, TV shows, and video games by giving insightful commentary and analysis of iconic media franchises.

Despite some criticism for its use of clickbait titles and contentious ideas, Screen Rant remains a popular site for visitors looking for amusing and instructive content about pop culture.

The ad revenue for this channel is nearly $1.5 million yearly and this seems to be growing.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners #3: Do Product Reviews

Product reviews are a popular type of video on YouTube, where creators provide their thoughts and opinions on a particular product.

These reviews can cover a wide range of products, from beauty and fashion to electronics and household items.

One benefit of creating product reviews is that they can provide value to viewers who are considering purchasing a particular product.

By offering an honest and detailed review, you can help viewers make informed decisions about their purchases, and can also build trust and credibility with your audience.

When creating a product review, it’s important to focus on providing an honest and unbiased opinion.

Share both the pros and cons of the product, and provide specific details about its features, performance, and value for money.

Additionally, consider adding visuals to your review, such as product shots or video footage, to help viewers better understand the product.

Overall, product reviews can be a great way to build a loyal following on YouTube by providing value and trust to your viewers.

Just make sure to be authentic and honest in your reviews, and to always prioritize the needs of your audience over any potential sponsorships or partnerships.

Here are some faceless YouTube channels that do product reviews:

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy primarily focuses on unboxing and reviewing consumer electronics and technology products.

The channel was created in 2010 by Lewis Hilsenteger, a Canadian tech enthusiast, and has since grown to become one of the most popular tech review channels on YouTube.

With over 18 million subscribers and 4.4 billion total views, the channel can generate up to $18,000 per month just from ad revenue.

The Unbox Therapy channel features a variety of content, including product reviews, hands-on demos, and unboxing of the latest gadgets and tech products.

Unbox Therapy’s reviews are known for their high production value, with a focus on showcasing the features and capabilities of each product in a visually appealing and informative manner.

In addition to product reviews, the channel also covers news and trends in the tech industry, and occasionally features collaborations with other popular YouTube creators and tech experts.

Unbox Therapy has won several awards for its content, including the Shorty Award for Best in Tech and the Webby Award for Best Unboxing Video.


MrMobile specializes in product reviews, primarily of smartphones and smartwatches. The channel is run by Michael Fisher, a veteran tech journalist, and reviewer with over a decade of experience covering the industry.

MrMobile’s videos are known for their high production values and engaging style, with Fisher providing in-depth analysis of the latest products, along with insights into the broader tech landscape.

He also produces video essays and opinion pieces on topics like the future of smartphones, the state of wearables, and the impact of emerging technologies like 5G.

With over 1.2 million subscribers and over 215 million views, MrMobile has established itself as one of the most popular and respected tech channels on YouTube.

Fisher’s expertise and engaging on-camera presence have earned him a loyal following, and his reviews and analysis are highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and casual consumers alike.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is a YouTuber and tech reviewer who has become one of the most well-known faces in the technology industry.

He started his YouTube channel in 2008 while he was still in high school and initially focused on producing tech videos from his home in New Jersey.

His early videos included product reviews, smartphone unboxings, and software tutorials. Over time, Brownlee’s channel has grown in popularity, and he has become one of the most influential voices in the tech industry.

He has interviewed top tech CEOs, including Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, and Bill Gates, and has been featured in various media outlets, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Verge.

In addition to his tech reviews and analysis, Brownlee has also used his platform to advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

He has spoken out about the need for more representation of people of color and women in tech and has launched programs to help promote and support underrepresented groups in the industry.

Currently, the channel already has 16.7 million subscribers and 3.3 billion total video views. Marques Brownlee is estimated to be earning around $1.9 million every year just from ad revenue.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners #4: Make Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are a popular type of content on YouTube, where creators share their expertise and knowledge on a particular topic or skill.

These videos can cover a wide range of topics, from cooking and crafting to software and programming.

One benefit of creating tutorial videos is that they can provide value and help to viewers who are looking to learn a new skill or improve their existing knowledge.

By offering a clear and detailed tutorial, you can help viewers to achieve their goals and build trust and credibility with your audience.

When creating a tutorial video, it’s important to focus on providing clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

Break down complex processes into smaller steps, and provide visual examples or demonstrations to help viewers better understand the topic.

In addition, consider using graphics or animations to enhance the overall learning experience.

Here are some sample faceless YouTube channels that focus on creating tutorial videos:


YouTube channel ideas for beginners

HowToBasic is a popular channel that specializes in creating tutorial videos with a twist.

Instead of straightforward and informative tutorials, the videos on this channel are often absurd, comedic, and filled with bizarre and unexpected actions.

The channel was created in 2011 by an Australian YouTuber who remains anonymous and has never shown his face on camera.

Their channel’s tagline is “Teaching the world how to do things,” and the videos cover a wide range of topics, from cooking and cleaning to DIY projects and life hacks.

What sets HowToBasic apart from other tutorial channels is its unconventional approach.

Instead of providing clear instructions and tips, the videos often feature the creator breaking eggs, smashing objects, and making a mess, all while providing humorous commentary.

Despite the unconventional format, the channel has amassed a large following, with over 17 million subscribers and over 3 billion views.

As the stats show, the revenue for this channel is quite large at $451,700 per year.

5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts offers viewers quick and easy DIY tutorials on a wide range of topics. This channel was launched in 2016 and has since amassed almost 80 million subscribers and more than 6,000 YouTube uploads.

Their videos cover a variety of topics, including life hacks, cooking and food, home decor, beauty and fashion, and crafting.

The tutorials are usually presented in a step-by-step format and are designed to be easy to follow, making them accessible to a wide range of viewers.

One of the key factors in 5-Minute Crafts’ success is the sheer volume of content it produces. They upload multiple videos per day, which keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more.

What’s more, many of the videos feature creative and innovative ideas that are not commonly found in other DIY channels, which sets the channel apart from its competitors.

Despite some criticism for some of its video content being misleading or impractical, 5-Minute Crafts remains one of the most popular tutorial channels on YouTube, and continues to attract a huge following.

Due to the channel’s extreme popularity, estimates that 5-Minute Crafts can earn nearly $1 million per month just from its ad revenue.

Household Hacker

Household Hacker is a popular faceless YouTube channel that focuses on creating tutorial videos related to everyday life hacks and DIY projects.

The channel was created in 2007 and has since amassed over 4.8 million subscribers and over 900 million views.

Their content ranges from simple and practical tips like how to keep your food fresh longer, to more complex projects such as building a solar-powered phone charger.

The videos produced by the creators are often accompanied by upbeat background music and fast-paced editing to keep viewers engaged.

Household Hacker’s most viewed video is “7 Genius Cleaning Tricks For Your Bathroom” with over 27 million views and an estimated ad revenue of $109,000, so far.

They’re not only active on YouTube but on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where they share additional content and engage with their followers.

The channel’s success can be attributed to their ability to create useful and entertaining content that is accessible to a wide audience.

Their tutorial videos are easy to follow and provide practical solutions to everyday problems.


There you have it, faceless YouTube channel ideas for beginners. Pick one that interests you, and start creating content today. Who knows, you might just become the next big thing on YouTube.

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