In this case study we are going to take a look at ASMR SOAP and see how this faceless YouTube channel makes over $860 per day creating sounds.

ASMR SOAP case study

What Does ASMR SOAP Do?

What Does ASMR SOAP Do

ASMR is a word for a tingling, static-like, or goosebumps feeling caused by specific auditory or visual inputs.

These sensations can go over the brain, neck, spine, or limbs. ASMR can induce relaxation, tranquility, drowsiness, and well-being.

That’s what the faceless YouTube channel called ASMR SOAP does. They create videos in the ASMR faceless YouTube niche. You can find this channel on YouTube here.

Their videos help people relax and feel better simply by creating ASMR sounds.

The channel’s most popular video has over 22 million views and they have 35 videos over 1 million views. They have been able to create quite a few viral videos.

Channel Info

The ASMR SOAP channel has been uploading videos since 2018. Over that time period they have uploaded over 680 videos and had close to 175 million video views. This grows every day.

At the present time, this faceless YouTube channel has just over 770,000 subscribers but this climbs quickly as more people see the videos.

How ASMR SOAP Makes Their Videos

ASMR SOAP videos

This is a truly faceless YouTube channel. You never see the face or even hear the voice of the creator. There is no narration in these videos.

The video creator shows her hands and then the focus is on the sounds made by crunching, squeezing, or crushing various types of products.

To create ASMR videos like this requires some set up and a high quality ASMR microphone. A Blue Yeti microphone can make a great mic to get started.

A high quality camera is also important because ASMR is about sound and great visuals working together to help viewers get immersed in the video.

Set-up the products and items you will use to create sounds. Mount your camera and microphone so as to get the best overhead angle and the best sound.

Once the video has been captured it’s then edited in a video editor and uploaded to YouTube.

Once you have the right equipment these videos are easy to create.

How Much Does ASMR SOAP Make?


ASMR has become quite popular across the world and especially on YouTube. There are quite a few ASMR channels that are making huge money without even showing their face in videos.

ASMR SOAP has created a channel that is doing very well in a relatively short period of time.

According to Social Blade, ASMR SOAP is earning in the neighborhood of $314,700 per year which equates to over $860 per day in ad revenue alone!

This is all from videos that only showcase sounds and never have faces or voices.

Other Ways They Make Money

It’s clear that ASMR SOAP makes the majority of their revenue through ads displayed on their videos.

However, they are also using another revenue stream that seems to be in the testing stages with YouTube.

If you look in the description of many ASMR SOAP videos, you will see a section that states “Products in current video”.

ASMR SOAP income

If you click that it will open up window with a way for you to shop for products that are actually in the video.

shop products on YouTube

Click a product and you are taken to a page on YouTube with a link to where you can find this product. This could be on Ebay or some other shopping site.

It seems that the video creator, in this case ASMR SOAP gets some type of compensation.

If you click the info icon next to this area YouTube states:

“The creator has been compensated by Google/YouTube for adding products displayed below as part of the testing of product features.”

We are not sure what type of compensation is given but this appears to be another way a video creator can create revenue outside of regular affiliate marketing. See below in the next section to see what ASMR SOAP can do better to make more revenue.

What Can ASMR SOAP Do Better?

With the type of income being created by this channel, it’s very hard to say that they could do anything better.

Their videos are done extremely well and they understand how to optimize and get their channel seen on YouTube.

Even so, there are a few things that ASMR SOAP can do build their channel and brand as well as creating more revenue.

Traditional Affiliate Programs

While we don’t know the exact income of this channel or what they are being paid by YouTube to add product shopping.

We still think they could make much more by signing up for traditional affiliate programs and make money by featuring each product with their own affiliate link in the video descriptions.

There are many affiliate programs that will pay quite well for the types of products used for ASMR.


ASMR SOAP sponsor

Another thing that ASMR SOAP may do is to create brand sponsorships or partnerships where they might feature specific soaps from companies and get paid to feature them.

These types of partnerships can be very lucrative for YouTube channels.

The site noxinfluencer shows that ASMR Soap may be able to make up to $2,286 per video for a sponsorship.

How To Create A Channel Like ASMR SOAP

To create a faceless YouTube channel like this is really not hard but it will take time and consistency. Here we will look at what you can do to create a channel like ASMR SOAP.

Channel Creation

Prior to uploading videos, you would need to name your channel, set it up, and get everything ready.

Part of this set up is to make sure your channel is properly optimized.

To learn the secrets to properly start and optimize a YouTube channel, consider signing up for our in-depth course. It will give you everything you need to know to set up and optimize your channel for optimum results.

Get Proper Equipment

Unlike creating videos for other types of channels, ASMR content will require a very good microphone and a high quality camera.

You can start with a microphone such as the Blue Yeti USB Microphone and upgrade as your channel grows.

If you have a high quality phone you can use that to shoot the videos. However, you will eventually want to upgrade to a better camera.

You’re also going to need items that make sound such as soap used by the ASMR SOAP channel.

ASMR Ideas to Start With

After that, you would need to come up with ideas for your videos. This method is straightforward.

Start by browsing the most well-liked videos on the ASMR SOAP YouTube channel. If these topics were effective for them, they will likely be effective for you as well.

See what has worked well for them and then work on creating videos that emulate them but also make improvements.

Watch each video related to the topics you want to create. Make notes as you watch each video so you can use them to put your video together.

You should also utilize a tool like TubeBuddy to compile a list of keywords for your channel and videos.

Create Videos

Once you have ideas for your videos, it’s now time to create them.

Buy and Gather Items

For ASMR videos, you will need to have items that you will use to create the sounds. It doesn’t have to be soap it can be almost anything.

Look at other ASMR channels to see the types of products they use.

If you’re going to be just like ASMR SOAP, you will need to focus on soap but you don’t need to limit yourself to just that.

Whatever items you are using in the video, make sure to have them set up so they look beautiful. That’s part of what this channel does so well is that the scene set up looks amazing.

Shoot the Video

When everything is set up, now you can shoot the video. The thing to remember here is that videos should be more than 8 minutes long with 10 minutes being the sweet spot.

Don’t create videos less than 8 minutes long as it reduces ad revenue.

Edit Video

Once you shoot the video it’s time to edit them. There are many video editors on the market but our favorites are Camtasia and wevideo. You can even use a free editor like OpenShot to get started but should upgrade to a better editor later.

Upload Videos

Once you’ve finished the videos, it’s time to upload them to YouTube. Make sure you are aware of the best practices for optimizing your videos for uploading, which include using a top-notch thumbnail.

Currently, ASMR SOAP uploads nearly 12 videos per month. Since starting their channel, they have uploaded over 680 videos which is about 12 to 14 videos per month.

You don’t need to worry about setting this same schedule to start. Just focus on creating your first 30 videos and see what works.

As you get more analytics from YouTube from your first set if videos you can make adjustments from that.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

You’re not going to make money off of ads when you first start your channel.

After starting to upload videos to YouTube, you must have 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers before you can start making money from adverts.

That’s fine; you can begin monetizing your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing as soon as you start uploading content.

To add your affiliate links to the descriptions of your videos, simply sign up for one of the many affiliate marketing programs that are available. There are thousands of them.

When a customer makes a purchase after clicking one of your links, you get a share of the proceeds.


There is not much that you need to worry about when creating an ASMR YouTube channel.

However, you will need to remember that for each video, you’re going to need products or items that will allow you to make sounds. This may require you to purchase these for videos.

As your channel grows, you may be approached by companies that will offer to give you products for free for these to be used in the videos. It’s a way of brand promotion for them and free products for you.

You can even approach companies to see if they would be willing to give you free products in exchange for the advertising it will give them.

Also, be creative and think of new ways to create soothing sounds people will love to watch and listen to.


It’s easy to see why so many people are getting into ASMR on YouTube. It can be very lucrative.

ASMR SOAP is a great example of what can be done with some simple videos and consistent and persistent effort.

To see more about this channel, visit YouTube and their Instagram page.

Take our YouTube course to discover how to build a channel like ASMR SOAP and make money on YouTube. This offers everything you require to build successful faceless YouTube channels.