Faceless YouTube channels are becoming a profitable industry that many want to get involved in. There is the benefit of remaining anonymous and making a profit. But knowing where to get started can be tricky. One of the most profitable niches is animation YouTube channel ideas. That’s why we have put together a lengthy list for inspiration. Let’s check it out.

animation YouTube channel ideas

Animation YouTube Channel Ideas: Miscellaneous Sections

There are a lot of different directions that animation can go in from catering to family-friendly, kids only, or adult content. That’s why there is a lot of wiggle room and miscellaneous sections that one can dip into.

This could be comedy, dark satire, romance, and much more. Depending on wherever your artistic side lies you can create valuable content that your audience will love.

My Story Animated

My Story Animated

Animation is not just for kids. It’s a way to tell stories and MSA or My Story Animated does just that. They have a ton of different categories from relatable stories to creepy stories all using animation.

For this they have more than 15.4 million subscribers. But it’s their viewership that’s even more amazing. “No One Knew I Was a Famous Singer” has more than 44 million views. Their second most popular video, “I Don’t Care About Anyone” has more than 36 million views.

For this kind of viewership they are estimated to make more than $15.8 million per year. Their YouTube is currently ranked 128th in the U.S. making it one of the most successful faceless animation YouTube channel ideas we have.

The room for opportunity lies within this category because they don’t over produce. There are tons of storylines and sub niches that can be told within this adult/animated comic section.

Animated Cartoons For Children

animation YouTube channel ideas

Animated Cartoons For Children does a great job of producing kid loving content and remaining anonymous. They tell fun and creative stories with their most popular video, “Frosty The Snowman” getting more than 49 million views.

Their second most popular video, “Chicken Woody” has more than 35 million views. They also have more than 836,000 subscribers following their content.

What they do particularly well is use already well-known stories and characters to gain attraction to their videos.

For this kind of notability, they are estimated to earn more than $1 million a year from their videos.

This is a great idea for anyone looking to break into the kids market, just be sure to not have any copyright issues.

The Fixies (Animation YouTube Channel Ideas)

The Fixies

The Fixies are their own brand and TV show on YouTube and have had some incredible success. In fact, they have more than 1.6 million subscribers and get a lot of views for their content.

Their most popular video, “The Colorful Fixie Construction Ride” has more than 98 million views! Their other videos don’t fall short behind that number. Most of them fall between 20 to 30 million views per episode.

This requires a level of production talent such as creating a real cartoon or animation series for kids. If you have the skill then you could be making just as much as The Fixies does.

The Fixies is estimated to make more than $1.9 million a year because of their viewership.

These last two examples show that the kids animation industry can be a big hit if you have expertise in this area.

Family Central

Family Central

Family Central is a mix channel that has some animation on it but also branches out into other sections which is why it made the list of faceless animation YouTube channel ideas. You don’t have to limit yourself to just animation. You can do crossovers.

In this channel, it is focused on family friendly TV and has more than 502,000 subscribers. One of their most popular videos with animation has racked in more than 2 million views and is called, “A Turtle’s Tale”.

For this kind of viewership the channel is estimated to make more than $309,100 a year for their crossover channel. Their most popular video is not animation but it is a short story that uses actors instead of revealing the creators identity. It’s still a faceless channel.

Animation YouTube Channel Ideas: The Gaming Animation Sector

Animation brings in tons of profit and it’s one of the best ways to go when it comes to remaining anonymous and faceless animation YouTube channel ideas.

And one of the most successful parts of the industry time and time again points to gaming. People love to watch content on gaming which is why video channels are dedicated to games like Minecraft.

In this type of sector you can either show yourself playing the game or even analyzing other people playing games. Or you can make up an entire skit or game yourself with animation and make episodes and shows based on this.

There are tons of opportunities for different storylines and content. Here are some successful examples below.



GameToons is an interesting spin on the animation world because it creates a series that centers around some of the gaming world trends. This channel is currently owned by NewScape Studio and has more than 4.82 million subscribers.

They made the YouTube channel ideas for the animation list because of the unique approach but also because it’s another example that may cater to a slightly older audience.

They also own a second channel called GameToons Espanol that we will get into. The original channel is estimated to make more than $3.6 million a year because of their popular videos.

Their most popular video is called, “Among Us Logic 2” which has more than 49 million views. Their second most popular video, “Among Us Logic Movie” has more than 29 million views.

Let’s take a look at how their Spanish channel does. Head over to “animation in other languages.”

Swit Dom

swit dom

Another great example of animation YouTube channel ideas that focuses in the YouTube niche of gaming is the channel Swit Dom. Swit Dom produces content and videos that feature a series called, “Among Us Zombies.”

Their most popular video has reached more than 131 million views and is called, “Among Us Zombie Season 1 Episode 1 – 6”.

Their second most popular episode or video is,”Among Us Zombie Season 2 Episode 7 – 14” with more than 17 million views.

With this kind of dedication to a series and its viewership they are estimated to make more than $110,600 a year. They also have more than 773,000 subscribers and are constantly growing as they continue to bring out new content.

This example shows what it looks like to produce a series emulating a show like concept in animation on YouTube.



We couldn’t make a list of animation YouTube channel ideas in the gaming niche without including something from Minecraft.

MineCube offers YouTube videos and shorts showing a user’s perspective for minecraft. They have accumulated more than 390,000 subscribers over the last few years and because of that some of their top videos have reached millions of views. For instance, “Monster School Episode 1” has earned more than 6.8 million views.

Their second most popular video, “Monster School: Army Siren” has more than 5.7 million views. Interestingly enough, despite many lower numbers than some other channels they are estimated to make more than $3.7 million a year for their dedicated audience.

Minecraft in general is a big hit within the YouTube industry and if you can do a show right, this is an area for tons of profit.

Animation YouTube Channel Ideas: Animation in Other Languages

If you are able to speak or translate into a secondary language you may have an upper hand in this market. When it comes to animation YouTube channel ideas there is no shortage of languages or opportunities for a new channel to start up.

You can branch out into any animation genre you like as long as there is enough interest in what you are making. Here are some great examples of this.

GameToons Espanol

GameToons Espanol shows that there is a strong market for doing animation in other languages. It makes sense considering the whole world can access YouTube. This YouTube channel in particular has more than 1.64 million subscribers.

Their most popular video is the same as the other channel just in Spanish. It is called, “Among Us Lógico Película Dibujos Animación”. It has more than 21 million views.

So in addition to the $3.4 million from its mainstream channel, what do they earn on this one? They are estimated to earn $1.4 million annually.

What is great about this example for animation YouTube channel ideas is that there are so many other languages that can be done for these kinds of shows. French, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, you name it.

ESMA Movies

ESMA Movies is a YouTube channel dedicated to making animated short movies and films with cartoons and storylines for both younger and older audiences. They cover a lot of different topics without focusing on one particular category.

Their most popular video, “Jungle Jail” has more than a whopping 136 million views! Their second most watched video, “Indice 50” has more than 69 million views.

The entire YouTube channel has more than 1.36 million subscribers. For this kind of following they are estimated to make $41,900 a year. This is lower than some may expect because their most popular videos were produced tons of years ago. If they were more consistent, they would make a lot more.


Chalu Media produces comedy adult animation videos for everyone to laugh along with. Some of them do dip into dark humor so this is a channel mostly geared towards adults.

Their number one watched video, “Minnal Dikru Malayalam Animated Comedy Video” has more than 1.5 million views. Their second most popular video, “Oru Pwoli Veedu” has more than 750,000 views.

The second video is a great example because it is a compilation video of their episodes. Their total number of subscribers reaches more than 169,000. So with this kind of reach they are estimated to make more than $31,200 annually.

Animation YouTube Channel Ideas: Production Company and CGI Films

More and more production companies have brought their attention to YouTube because of how profitable it is. Something that more people are starting to play with is CGI.

We have a great example of this and one that is arguably the most followed channel of everything on this list. Just keep in mind, production companies can be led and run by a single person too! That’s the beauty of animation. Let’s take a look.



CGI has taken over the Hollywood industry and that’s why this channel is dedicated to making animation films and short films from CHI and sharing them here. This may be one of the most followed animation YouTube channel ideas we have on the list.

CG Meet up has more than 6.04 million subscribers. A lot of their videos do very well with viewership. Their top video, “Watermelon a Cautionary Tale” has more than 107 million views. Their second most popular video, “Dust Buddies” has more than 105 million views.

So with this much success how much do they make annually? They make more than $714,600 per year according to Social Blade. This is because most of their top earning videos were posted in the last few years rather than most recent.

If you want to start a YouTube channel in the animation niche it can be done but you should learn what it takes to make it all profitable. Learn about the best YouTube training you can take to get started properly.