Can you make over $10,000 per month on YouTube making faceless videos? See how this YouTube channel does just that in this in-depth AnimalWised case study. Learn what they do, how they make videos, and how you can create a channel like this as well.

AnimalWised case study

What Does AnimalWised Do?

AnimalWised YouTube Channel Case Study

If you’re someone who likes to learn more about your pet or the animal kingdom in general, this is a YouTube channel that would be good for you.

The AnimalWised YouTube channel creates videos that offer helpful hints, photos, and videos about a variety of animals. They provide their viewers with a wide range of reliable information, including beauty suggestions, training guidance, encyclopedic knowledge, veterinarian health, images, and videos.

AnimalWised creates videos of topics from best videos of kittens playing, ways to make a nervous dog relax, facts about dogs, breeds and anything animal related.

How AnimalWised Makes Their Videos

The videos shown on the AnimalWised YouTube channel are very easy to create. Most of their videos use stock video clips, stock photos and voice over. Of course they need to use some type of video editor to produce them.

There really is not much to create these types of videos. Anyone can do it which we will cover in more detail later in this case study.

How Much Does AnimalWised Make?


AnimalWised has been posting videos since 2016. Over that time they have accrued more than 108 million views and over 477,000 subscribers. This has been done with 608 videos which means they have posted around 10 videos per month.

They have 27 videos over 1 million views and several over 5 million which means they have many viral videos in the YouTube niche. What this means to you is that this is a niche that people love to watch. One of the criteria when choosing a niche is to make sure there are videos in the niche that have over 100,000 views so this checks off that criteria.

So how much do they make? According to Social Blade, AnimalWised makes $10,700 per month and this is ad revenue alone. This is at a CPM of $4.00.

We know that this channel gets approximately 2.6 million views per month, so with an average CPM of $4.00 that would come up with the figure of $10,700 per month.

It’s possible that they make more than this with other types of monetization, but that’s not clear from looking at their videos.

What Can AnimalWised Do Better?

Just by looking at a few videos on AnimalWised, it doesn’t take long to see that they’re missing out on several opportunities to make a lot more money than they currently make. While we know they have ad revenue from the YouTube partnership program, it seems that they miss out on other forms of monetization from what we can tell.

Promote Other People’s Products

affiliate marketing

The easiest way for this YouTube channel to increase their revenue is to start promoting other people’s products where they get a commission on the sale. This is called affiliate marketing.

A great example of how they could do this is with their video about the best types of dog food for dogs. They could easily place affiliate links in the description of the video so when someone purchases through their links, they make a commission.

Another example is their video on Christmas gifts ideas for dogs and cats. This is the perfect place to add affiliate links to these gifts in the video description.

They could also do pet product reviews because they have the perfect audience for this.

Sponsorships With Brands

Another way they could monetize their channel is through sponsorship with pet brands. There are many sites that will help creators find brand sponsorships and this allows the creator to make money on YouTube from these partnerships.

Longer Videos

Probably the easiest way AnimalWised could increase revenue instantly is to make longer videos. Most of their videos are between 2 minutes 30 seconds to around 6 minutes. Most of them fall between 3 minutes and 4 minutes.

Videos should be between 8 to 12 minutes which allows for more ad placement which then increases revenue. Their audience may not like longer videos but it would at least make sense to test it to see what happens.

How To Create A Channel Like AnimalWised

You might be a bit overwhelmed to think that you could ever create a channel like AnimalWised. However, there is nothing hard about creating a channel like this.

Create Channel

First, you would need to come up with a name for your channel, set up your channel, and get things ready to publish videos.

Define Initial Topics

Next, you would need to come up with topics for your videos. This is easy to do. Start by going to the AnimalWised YouTube channel and look at their most popular videos. If these topics worked for them they will probably work for you as well.

Watch each video on the topics you want to reproduce yourself. Take notes on each video so you can use this to write your script.

You will also want to go through the process of using a tool like VidIQ or TubeBuddy to find a set of keywords for your channel but also for topics.

Write Script

From here, take your notes from the videos you want to reproduce and do further research into the topic to try to add even more information. Your goal is to make a better video than AnimalWised. Once you have this information, write an 1,800 word script. If you are not comfortable doing this, you can hire a writer to write your script from Fiverr.

Get Stock Footage

You will need to get pictures and any video clips you need. These can be found for free at or as well as other sites.

We love using Canva PRO because they have an amazing library of stock videos and stock photos that can all be used in videos.

Create Videos

Once you have your voice over and the media you will use in the videos, you can now create them using a video editor like Camtasia or WeVideo.

There are many video editors on the market but these are the two we would suggest.

Upload Videos

Once you have the videos completed, it’s time to upload them to YouTube. Be sure that when you upload that you understand how to optimize your videos which includes adding a great thumbnail image.

Monetize with Affiliate Marketing

Once you start uploading videos, you will need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers before you can start making ad revenue.

That’s ok, you can start making money on your YouTube channel by using affiliate marketing.

Just sign up for the many pet related affiliate marketing programs and then, place your affiliate links in the descriptions of your videos. When someone purchases after clicking your links, you get a percentage of the sale.


The AnimalWised channel has done quite well but they have not optimized their monetization strategy. With some hard work, it’s very possible to create a channel that competes with them.

In this case study we have summarized what it would take to create a channel in this niche. If you would like to learn every step of the process, we encourage you to take our training. Just click the button below to get access.

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