In this case study we take an in-depth look at the faceless YouTube channel 4 Ever Green and see what they do, how they make videos and how they make close to $1600 per day.

4 Ever Green YouTube Channel Case Study

What Does 4 Ever Green Do?

 4 Ever Green case study

4 Ever Green is a faceless YouTube channel that creates a variety of videos related to animals and other weird topics. Their channel features top 10 lists of beautiful animals and birds as well. While most of their channel revolves around animals, they have an occasional video on other topics too.

Their most popular video is called “People With The Longest Body Parts In The World” and this video has well over 34 million views. So as you can see, they do have some videos not related to animals.

The 4 Ever Green channel is mainly in the animal niche but is also in the lists niche as well because they have many top 10 list videos in their collection.

How 4 Ever Green Makes Their Videos

The videos that 4 Ever Green uploads to YouTube are created using video clips, voice over and background music. They are very easy to create using stock video footage, stock photos, voice over and a video editor.

How Much Does 4 Ever Green Make?

faceless youtube channel case study

The 4 Ever Green YouTube channel was started on August 7, 2015. Their first video was uploaded on May 20, 2016. Since that time they have uploaded 463 videos. This means that over the years that 4 Ever Green has been on YouTube they have uploaded approximately 2 videos per week.

This channel has accumulated over 539 million video views and has more than 2.4 million subscribers so they do have a massive subscriber base.

The 4 Ever Green YouTube channel has 109 videos with over 1 million views and all of the rest have views well over 200,000. This means that this niche has many viral videos. Remember, when choosing a niche, you need to make sure that there are videos with over 100,000 views and it’s clear that in this niche, it easily meets this criteria.

Now how much does this faceless YouTube channel make? According to Social Blade, the 4 Ever Green YouTube channel is making up to $48,100 per month and this is in ad revenue alone. This is $1,600 per day! All this from easy to create videos that anyone can make.

What Can 4 Ever Green Do Better?

The 4 Ever Green YouTube channel is doing quite well and when making the kind of income this channel creates, there is very little to criticize or correct. Let’s first look at what they’re doing right:

  • They have very interesting and creative topics
  • Their thumbnails are very well done and most likely have high CTRs
  • They post videos on a regular schedule
  • Most of their videos are longer than 9 minutes which is great for increased ad revenue

With that being said and with the channel’s great income, there are just two things we think they could do to create even more revenue and that is to create some videos where they promote other people’s products and to look for possible brand sponsorships.

Promote Other People’s Products

affiliate marketing

Since this channel is more on the entertainment side of things, it’s viewers probably like videos that are interesting and entertaining rather than more informational. Even so, since they are mainly an animal related channel, they may want to try some videos on product related topics such as “best dog food for German Shepherds” or “the best Bird food for Parakeets”.

There are many product related topics in the animal niche and by joining animal related affiliate programs, they could place affiliate links in the description of their videos and get paid a commission whenever someone purchases through their links. This may not work well for their channel but it would be good to test it.

Sponsorships With Brands

There are many animal and pet related brands that may want to partner with the 4 Ever Green YouTube channel since they have a huge audience. There are brands that will pay YouTube channels and influencers to promote their products and this is a possibility for this channel.

How To Create A Channel Like 4 Ever Green

Anyone can create the types of videos that 4 Ever Green uploads to YouTube. All you need to do is know where to get stock video footage and how to take that footage and make a video from it. The next steps are what it would take to create a YouTube channel like the 4 Ever Green channel.

Pick A Channel Name

The first step to creating a faceless YouTube channel like 4 Ever Green is that you will need to create your channel.

This means you need to think of a channel name. Pick a name that reflects what your channel will be about. Since you want a channel like 4 Ever Green and this is in the animal niche, you would want to choose a name that reflects that topic.

Create Channel

Once you have a name chosen, it’s time to create your YouTube channel from your YouTube account. Just login to YouTube, click view channels, and click create channel.

Be sure to optimize your channel properly so that YouTube knows what your channel is about. To learn about this process, see our complete guide to how to make money on YouTube without showing your face.

Define Initial Topics

If you’re going to create a faceless YouTube channel like 4 Ever Green, you will need to come up with your initial video topics.

To do this you will need to identify what we call “seed keywords” for your channel and videos. These are the main topics of your channel and what people would be searching for on YouTube. So if your channel is about wild animals in general, you might identify your main seed keyword as “wild animals” and drill down from there.

youtube case study tubebuddy

Enter these seed keywords into TubeBuddy which will help you come up with a whole set of keywords you can use to think of initial videos. Use this to find 15 or so video topics.

The next thing you need to do is to go to the 4 Ever Green YouTube channel and look at their most popular videos. You can see their most popular video just by sorting by “most popular”. Use this to find the most popular videos on their channel. Since these videos have worked so well, it is safe to assume they will work well for you. Using this technique, find approximately 18 video topic ideas.

Watch each 4 Ever Green video that you wish to emulate and take notes. Also do additional research to make the video even better. The goal here is not to copy what they have done but to use it for ideas and then to make a better video.

Write Script

Once you have your initial video ideas, it’s time to write the scripts. For each video topic you have identified, write an 1,800 word script. The goal is to have a video that’s around 10 minutes or more in length and 1,800 words is the number of words to achieve this.

If you are not comfortable writing scripts, head over to Fiverr and hire a script writer. There are many great script writers on Fiverr.

Record Voiceover

After your script is written for a video, you will need to record a voice over by reading the script that you will use in the video. You can do this yourself or hire a voice over artist on Fiverr. You can get voice over work done on Fiverr for $30 to $40 for an 1,800 word script.

Get Stock Footage And Images

Next, you will gather all of your stock video footage and stock images. You can find free stock videos and images at or

For even more choices and better footage and images we would suggest using a paid service like Shutterstock. They have over 370 million stock videos, images and more you can use in your videos. Paid services make it easier to find exactly the footage or images you want.

Get Background Music

If you wish to use background music in your videos, you can get all of your background music for free from the YouTube audio library.

We prefer using music from YouTube’s audio library to be 100% certain there will be no copyright issues.

Be sure to choose “attribution not required” when looking for background music.

Create Videos

Take your voice over, stock footage and stock images, as well as background music and use them to create a video using a video editor. These videos are very easy to create using video editors such as Camtasia or WeVideo. These are the editors we would recommend. You can use free video editors such as OpenShot but we prefer Camtasia or WeVideo.

Upload Videos

Once you have created your videos, it’s time to upload them to YouTube. Now you don’t have to have multiple videos to upload to YouTube. Actually you should upload them as you create them.

When you upload videos, be sure that they are optimized with proper title, description, keywords and a great thumbnail image.

You will want to use a tool like TubeBuddy to help you find this information.

To learn about this whole process so that it’s done properly be sure to take the free YouTube training we promote here on our site.


Lastly you will want to make sure that you monetize your YouTube channel so you can actually make money.

You will need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours before you can join the YouTube partnership program and make money with ad revenue.

However, you can still make money by promoting other people’s products and receive a commission whenever one of your viewers purchases from your referral. This is called affiliate marketing. For a channel like 4 Ever Green, you would want to join animal related affiliate programs or even’s affiliate program.

Once you sign up for these affiliate offers, you can then place your affiliate link in the description of the appropriate videos. When someone clicks your affiliate links and purchases through your referral, you get paid.


It’s quite clear that creating a faceless YouTube channel like 4 Ever Green is not that hard. It will take a bit of work and patience but the rewards can be enormous.

If you want to learn the complete process to create a YouTube channel like 4 Ever Green, please take our YouTube training by clicking the button below.

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